"Do you think I’m so private?" Jun Moying suddenly interrupted her coldly. "Is it impossible for him to be a general since the South China Sea war?" Black eyes are as rich and colorful as spilled ink. "Or are you reluctant to part with it?"

"No!" Phoenix shallow breathing a lag suddenly grabbed his hand "jun ink shadow I didn’t mean that if it weren’t for this matter, he didn’t go to the South China Sea with me! I’m afraid you misunderstand me. I’m afraid … " Not that she is afraid, but that he is also afraid. It’s not […]

And that’s not the real headwind of the Shadow Clan, but the headwind’s ability to summon a shadow humanoid who is exactly the same as himself. This is the higher the ability of the Shadow Clan, the more shadow humanoid can be summoned to fight side by side with ten enemies and one group of people.

It’s Li’s shadow against the wind. The Millennium Lord is a little scary. You should know that the strength of the Holy Family Floating Life and the Honghuadou Taihen Mercy Valley here has never been crossed by the lords before, and no one can tell the difference between high and low, so it is impossible […]