Boss Ye smiled mysteriously and then got up.

In fact, boss Ye is also skeptical about this thing. After all, science and technology are developing with each passing day, and the first few ghost stories have been exposed. His grandfather has told many stories, but this story is the most true. He has always been called Ye Crazy and has a long life. […]

The mighty dozens of people walked into the original Nuo courtyard of Pangui Building, which seemed a little crowded at the moment. At the moment, the courtyard was so swaying that there was no contact. To the front, the doors and windows are closed on both floors of the attic.

Take a few more steps. Sue home two old bedroom unexpectedly came out of some kind of like depression, pain and like * sound. Most of the fields are men, especially Gu Huai. Gu An invited witnesses to the full moon ceremony, regardless of their status, they are detached and naturally older. There are children […]

Miss Liner shook her head. Nowadays, all kinds of people think about money, but there are many people who are crazy. She immediately put the teenager’s words aside as a joke and cleaned up the booth.

In front of this booth, many people are bargaining with the boss, because there are many valuable things on the shelf of this boss. The materials of the fourth-order and fifth-order alchemists are quite a few, and there are many mysterious folk remedies of the alchemists. She just saw a lot of the fifth-order dark […]