At present, her age, 75% chance of practicing small Peiyuan Dan is close to reaching the limit. If she thinks about it with high probability, repeated mechanical tempering will become weaker and weaker. However, she is extremely skilled in mastering various techniques in alchemy. In the eyes of willy, these are the foundations. Only by laying the strongest foundation can she go further and further in the road of alchemy.

Then in the next two years, we should focus on raising spirits and collecting all kinds of materials, which consumes the monk’s battle, not only in terms of physical strength, but also in terms of Huangfuce’s world war I, which pays great attention to killing him and then quickly. …… (To be continued) Chapter one […]

So they are not complicated. Mercury is a new generation leader. Although it was born very special, it doesn’t have many special abilities.

The strange thing about environmental organizations is that the concept of their cultivation and gathering technology has never changed. It seems that something has influenced them to implement this concept all the time. However, from the data, it seems that the members of the organization are not controlled, because they are normal in all aspects […]

Boss Ye smiled mysteriously and then got up.

In fact, boss Ye is also skeptical about this thing. After all, science and technology are developing with each passing day, and the first few ghost stories have been exposed. His grandfather has told many stories, but this story is the most true. He has always been called Ye Crazy and has a long life. […]

Tang Jinfeng looked at Cai Qing with a face of anger, but there was no way to speak. The smile on her mouth grew bigger and bigger. He approached Cai Qing, and her face-to-face eyes counseled and poked directly into Cai Qing’s heart, which made people feel chilly.

"Miss Cai Qing, why don’t we play a game? I’ll help you to see if the third prince is all right with you?" Tang Jinfeng laughed in a low voice, and his eyes were calculated, even when he saw the poison feather, he retreated three points. Cai Qing was cold all over. She knew something […]

The mighty dozens of people walked into the original Nuo courtyard of Pangui Building, which seemed a little crowded at the moment. At the moment, the courtyard was so swaying that there was no contact. To the front, the doors and windows are closed on both floors of the attic.

Take a few more steps. Sue home two old bedroom unexpectedly came out of some kind of like depression, pain and like * sound. Most of the fields are men, especially Gu Huai. Gu An invited witnesses to the full moon ceremony, regardless of their status, they are detached and naturally older. There are children […]

Qinchuan smile undiminished.

The words sound just fell and suddenly, the body suddenly became popular, but it was popular towards Ye Qiuqi’s disease. The sword town was full of mountains and rivers, and the sword was really yuan, and a burst of white light shone out, and suddenly the gas was sharply compressed as if it were tearing, […]

"Do you think I’m so private?" Jun Moying suddenly interrupted her coldly. "Is it impossible for him to be a general since the South China Sea war?" Black eyes are as rich and colorful as spilled ink. "Or are you reluctant to part with it?"

"No!" Phoenix shallow breathing a lag suddenly grabbed his hand "jun ink shadow I didn’t mean that if it weren’t for this matter, he didn’t go to the South China Sea with me! I’m afraid you misunderstand me. I’m afraid … " Not that she is afraid, but that he is also afraid. It’s not […]