So they are not complicated. Mercury is a new generation leader. Although it was born very special, it doesn’t have many special abilities.

The strange thing about environmental organizations is that the concept of their cultivation and gathering technology has never changed. It seems that something has influenced them to implement this concept all the time. However, from the data, it seems that the members of the organization are not controlled, because they are normal in all aspects […]

Around to protect the emperor one by one bash elbows calendar eye guards are shocked intoxicated with Yang night release worship eyes.

Tang Xuanzong adjusted his mood but still couldn’t restrain his excitement. He looked at Yang Ye approvingly and said, "Love Qing! I’ve never heard poetry with such a rhythm. It’s really extreme! And every sentence and paragraph in that word doesn’t tell me about the center of the earth! " Yang Ye bowed deeply with […]

"boom! Boom … "

The black light of the 100-meter riot is like a large dragon and tiger millstone rapidly turning to resist the blue giant wood blade falling from the sky. You can’t ripple and spread in circles. Ten meters away, the rocks are crushed. Thirty meters away, the trees are broken. Fifty meters away, the branches and […]

Because this Zijin darksteel is placed in the forbidden area, that is, the place where it is said that twenty fairy swords flew out in those years, no one can enter except the children of this clan, and even the disciples of this clan can only enter once in their lives, and no one will give the only Zijin darksteel to others.

… ———— Chapter 037 Swear on God’s honor In a grand and luxurious villa in a manor in the southeast corner of Manhattan, the classical and elegant music makes the whole banquet hall in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and people with good relationships form a small group and talk easily. Holding a crystal-clear glass, […]


Lin Yu found that a person gasped at the top of his head. "Lin Yu, are you okay? !” "TaiDian are you okay? !” Two people call out almost at the same time! What a tacit understanding! Chunyu Tianyou laughed happily. Lin Yu didn’t good the spirit stare at him. Why don’t you laugh? "Lin […]