After all, even the elders, Xu Yi, fought in the war.

As far as the frontal battlefield is concerned, there is no room for him to share a piece of the action.
But the wind industry is not reconciled.
The body is still adapting, but the mind of the wind industry is still agile.
I’ve been thinking about a question since I was recovering from my injuries these days-how can he benefit from the current situation?
Or get a piece of it and get what he wants.
In particular, the value of the technology or ability to send traffic to the channel of Tongtian Expeditionary Force is too great.
After thinking for a long time, Feng Ye didn’t think of a way, but it reminded him of another channel.
That’s the smoke field!
When he came back, he was sure that the Eldar traitor who was mixed with the Tongtian Expeditionary Force should be Yanzi, the granddaughter of the tobacco field.
On the other hand, he found two problems when he was fighting in the 421 asteroid Tongtian Expeditionary Force. These two problems he didn’t pay attention to at that time, but the more he thought about it when he came back, the more likely it was.
That is the position of Yanzi, a traitor, in the Tongtian Expeditionary Army.
Very free to move and fight freely. This is the basic feature.
The first of the two problems found by the wind industry is the position of Yanzi in the battle.
Being an old bird who has fought many battles is more experienced than being rich in wind industry, and you can judge a lot of things according to many details in a very short time.
For example, the enemy’s main attacker, enemy commander and so on, after the first contact, he tried to chase Xu tui because he realized that Xu tui was not only a commander but also a key figure to deal with him
Wind industry sees a lot of things.
For example, Yanzi, a traitor, is not only far away from the core war circle, but also has a traitor who is not good at attacking the enemy far away. He judged that someone was protecting Yanzi when he tried to get close to her.
This says that Yanzi, a traitor, is very important among this wave of enemies.
The second problem is that the wind industry guesses for itself.
What will Yanzi, an Eldar traitor, be important in the Blue Star Mouse Team?
In an instant, the wind industry is associated with the quantity delivery channel.
Who is Yanzi, the granddaughter of Yanzi?
Who is the tobacco field?
Head of the Eldar Cross-Star Array Core Development
The first generation of cross-satellite array cores was launched in the tobacco field, which made great contributions.
However, for some reason, Yanyu’s son and daughter-in-law died one after another in the process of hair loss, which should not have happened, and they didn’t get an explanation in the end.
If the tobacco field is disheartened, it will be more salted fish, and it will not be followed up directly.
Some people say that if the tobacco field continues to host the inter-satellite array core, the performance of the inter-satellite array core, including the ordinary array core, will be greatly improved compared with the current one.
Unfortunately, the Eldar Department is also very complicated.
The achievements of the tobacco field make the wind industry think that his granddaughter’s smoke posture will lead many people in the Blue Star Army to cross the delivery channel?
This is uncertain, but it cannot be denied.
It’s possible