Volume 15 Insect robbery! The top seven get together Chapter 7 Interception

The blood shed laboratory is a place where the military conducts experiments. For safety reasons, the laboratory must be built in a wide fault. However, with the frequent research, the laboratory will become extremely unstable.
In history, there was a war between the military and the Shui family, and the Shui family was as famous as the log family. It was precisely because of the military’s last move that it accumulated years of blood and tears, and the laboratory created a chaotic plane interception, which led to the collapse of the Shui family.
At that time, the laboratory site where the military released blood tears was forbidden, and there were many cracks there. When the fleet sailed near the ancient battlefield, it had to detour, which later restricted the development of the blue gold artery of the optical Federation
Some wise men calculate that if the military can tolerate such extreme weapons, the galactic economy will be more stable, because the ancient battlefield just separated the rich planet with several blue and gold veins from the waterway
The traffic between the blue and gold arteries has greatly increased, and it is easy for star pirates to intervene in the optical Federation. This move is really a bit self-contained, but the power of the blood-weeping laboratory has been confirmed, and the interstellar convention prohibits this means
The abandoned laboratory can be said that the longer the experiment is carried out, the more frequent it is. Once the laboratory breaks out, it can cause hyperfission, which is very poisonous.
Lin momo found that the weeping of blood is an ancient charm treasured by the holy case jury, and tried his best to calculate the radiation radius of other areas, so he needed to start the kettle to resist and hope to play some roles.
It’s becoming more scarlet around. It seems that there is something hidden behind it. The 30,000-winged king worm holds up the source matrix. The Zerg can sense a pico pressure. The more it faces such a situation, the more it can’t avoid it.
The density of the golden-winged king worm’s rapid formation has risen to an alarming level. They must stop here. It is convenient for the mysterious building like a mountain. The insect robbery arrival is here.
Blood tears laboratory disorder plane interception officially Phantom of the Opera galloped in the direction of the fleet. Honestly, it can reach a certain level. Lin momo has no bottom in his heart. After all, it is a holy jury that can make some reference according to historical records. If it works or disappoints, it is also very likely to happen.
There seems to be something broken in the wave frequency, and even after several times of filtering, the received band is still a little harsh. Charming eyes flow through the gold and silver two-color data stream.
First it collapses, then it breaks into several pieces, and then you can’t see anything. Actually, you don’t need to see anything because it’s important to run for your life.
Lin momo finally put her heart to this blood-weeping laboratory, and it was as if she had gone against the sky as she remembered it, breaking up and returning to the early mode of the universe.
The so-called disorganized plane interception is just a scene created by cracks attacking each other and deriving from each other. I don’t know if 30 thousand golden-winged king worms can withstand it, but then again, even if the mysterious building behind 30 thousand golden-winged king worms is killed, it gives people a bad feeling that they can send golden-winged weevils, and maybe there are some powerful zerg who are alone.
Blood Cry Laboratory Disordered Plane Interception Slightly Stagnant Golden Winged King Worm Set Matrix with Strong Defense Force. After a short pause, it seems to have signs of recovery, but in less than half a second, it is more intense scarlet rendering.
"Crackling before BaBa …"
Strange sounds spread through the wave frequency, and the charm’s eyes showed a trace of confusion. The operation of the gold and silver two-color data stream was in a state of disorder, and the nature became unreasonable, which was beyond the human knowledge.
Suddenly, a golden-winged king worm’s body was cut off by a scarlet crack, and the cutting surface was neat and strange, followed by the second and third matrix defenses. No matter how overbearing it is, it will not help to encounter cracks everywhere.
Phantom of the Opera flies faster. Ten metal wings at the stern stretch out the propeller, and all the beams of light come together and blink to the area where the fleet is located. Marta hits the angle and immediately inserts into many insect shadows.
The Tianzhu fleet and the Serenade fleet are gathering together to resist the second wave of the Golden Winged King Bug’s crazy attack. The number of the first wave of the Golden Winged King Bug has been more than 2,000, and the third wave is the Phantom of the Opera, which is alone to face the 30,000 Golden Winged King Bug team. It is quite difficult for the Zerg Department to cope with the second wave of the mixed fleet.
Lin momo immediately sent a signal for Yunlu to prepare the top defense measures to prevent the disorder of blood weeping laboratory. The range of interception wave is too wide. The most troublesome attack means is to directly smash it into pieces.
Scarlet in the distance suddenly swelled at an extraordinary speed, and then both the distance and the distance were covered up. The bloody tears sealed by the Saint’s Jury are definitely the killer weapon. I am afraid it will be reserved for the moment when the organization is destroyed, so that the counterattack trick can be sealed. It is absolutely unexpected that St. Martin’s Cathedral will be breached before the organization one day.
The sudden movement of the spirit of the incarnate son belongs to the life emblem of the king of golden wings, and the hope of mass annihilation is soaring faster than killing Chiming.
"Rumble rumble rumble …"
Phantom of the Opera’s indiscriminate bombing finally squeezed into the second wave of golden wing king worm strangulation array. Behind it, there were insect shadows turning to the hull to attack, but a scarlet crack cover came and I don’t know how many insect shadows disappeared.
After many golden-winged king worms resisted the terrible scarlet on the back of Phantom Chaser’s ass, the little ghost could make a short buffer to calculate which direction was in danger and quickly formulate an avoidance strategy.
Cui Hetang quickly adjusted the direction of the hull according to the parameters, which just missed a crack and killed it.
In a blink of an eye, there were more than a hundred golden-winged king worms instead of Phantom of the Opera to take the attack. I didn’t expect to escape so far. The blood shed tears, and the laboratory was in a state of disorder, and there was such a power that it was not weakened by the distance.
Suddenly, Harley, according to the charm’s instructions, thundered and killed more golden-winged king worms to the most intense scarlet position.
Take this opportunity, Phantom of the Opera, who is being hard-hitting and slams hundreds of insect shadows behind her. Now Lin momo is no longer considering destroying the Zerg, but worrying about whether the fleet can live.
The blood weeping laboratory collected by the Holy Jury seems to be ten times more terrible than the historical record. In those days, the battle between the military and the Shuijia was vague, but the ancient battlefield silently told many clues.
Incarnate son and three sisters of wise men can’t make mistakes. The only mistake and omission should be that Shuijia used some means to reduce the power of interception in disordered plane. Lin momo couldn’t help blaming himself for his miscalculation in this respect.
There are many unknown factors in the battlefield, and no matter how amazing the brain power is, the wise man may not be able to calculate all the situations. Fortunately, the golden wing king worm has super hardness and the spread of the crack sequence has encountered many obstacles, and the Phantom Eye is still safe.
Phantom of the Opera finally arrived at the fleet position in the 35th second, and Yunlu released a three-layer twisted light curtain, which was taken out by Mu Wanhua as a powerful means with an offset attack.
In the fifty-fifth second, there are constantly golden-winged nettles around the fleet, and the scarlet is about to arrive.
Phantom of the Opera successfully returned to the fleet. If Mu Wanhua’s tricks are ignored, Lin momo will not hesitate to steer the boat to block it, even if the kettle is destroyed, he must hold on.
The tense moment came, and the scarlet crack broke down. Many golden-winged king worms cut Yunlu and propped up a twisted light curtain. As a result, the first light curtain flashed and then broke.
It’s too fast. I can’t see the resistance of the light curtain. Fortunately, the second light curtain intercepted for half a second, which slightly deflected hundreds of scarlet cracks.
Then the third layer of light curtain removed dozens of scarlet cracks, but there were still 50 cracks to cover up. Although the cracks, cracks and cracks, it was impossible for all star cruises to dodge past.
Mu Wanhua clenched her teeth in silver. She put another defensive skill in the closet into play. When Yunlu broadcast an extremely dazzling colorful light, the fleet suddenly seemed to be protected by a huge cover, and everything seemed to be still inside.
Scarlet cracks hit the colorful masks and suddenly stopped. They stayed there forever unless a stronger external force appeared.
"Well done, we have finally settled down." Lin Sisuo breathed a sigh of relief. Although it is a pity that Mu Wanhua lost all defense means, it is still worth looking at the surrounding situation. According to the information of Hengbo Shuren, it is worthwhile to judge the Golden Wing King’s insect row and the tenth place in the list to kill them.
Of the 50,000 golden-winged king worms, less than 1,000 escaped from the disaster, including the two golden-faced weevils who were killed in the disorganized plane interception of the laboratory.
When it becomes stable again, a large area is left with scarlet cracks in front of it. The Zerg set up black and white fog here and slowly spread out the stars far and near.
Those black-and-white fog insects are also affected by waves. They perceive that the fog is disappearing and rush to gather the adult tide to escape. After more than ten minutes, it becomes clear in the middle.
The Tianzhu fleet, together with the Serenade fleet, will eliminate the residual Phantom of the King of Golden Wings, while the number of the Phantom of the King of Golden Wings will stay where it is, and the blood clouds and Jingxue of the King of Golden Wings will definitely be a great supplement.
The scarlet rift has left this area permanently. This channel is either abolished or the star map is redrawn for large-scale correction. At present, the fleet should be extra careful when killing the residual Zerg, and it must be careful to avoid the rift.
Lin momo thought for a moment and called Muwanhua Phantom of the Opera and Yunlu to explore the mysterious architecture.
What will the Golden Winged King Worm do to defend this place and tell the truth? Lin momo called Yunlu because of the wood Wanhua, and there is still a trick. If it is too dangerous, the Phantom of the Opera will slip away as the case may be.
Volume 15 Insect robbery! Seven together Chapter 79 Surprise
When I got close to this building, I found that it was made of the huge bones of some creature, which was very gloomy.
After scanning, Charm concluded that the mysterious building was composed for a very long time, from the early days of human birth to the long history of the Zerg in earth times, which is incomparable to human beings.
Perhaps it is necessary for the universe to have a good development prospect and maintain the population base. The Zerg theory is rampant in high or low levels, and the human fertility rate is also among the best among all intelligent races in the Galaxy.
Morgan people have a long life cycle, and it is relatively difficult to have children. As a result, the dominant position was replaced by human beings, and the Milky Way was closed. I didn’t expect that an ancient wizard Xiao Han killed the ancient mother emperor.
How precious it is! In the past 3,000 years, the Milky Way has benefited a lot. Humans have plundered several resources from the Zerg. However, the first thing that the new Taikoo Empress wanted to liquidate was human culture.
There is no specific timetable for when the insect robbery will come. Lin momo wants to cross this place quickly to the paper blood cliff to absorb the hegemonic magnetic energy left by ancient races so that the Phantom of the Opera can make a key upgrade.
However, the mysterious building, the 50,000 Golden Winged King Worm Guard, has vanished. There is no reason not to enter the building and explore it. Athena, the wise zerg, will be willing to take over the torture work if she can catch it.
"Oh, my God, it’s a trap. There’s something around the ten golden-faced weevil that covers the emblem of life." The incarnate son is incredibly staring at the screen and has not yet entered the building. Ten huge insect shadows besieged and the Phantom of the Opera and Yunlu are in jeopardy.
"I can’t hide from them. They are too fast to make the Datura Devil spend flowers." Lin momo moves very fast, and his charm communicates. At the same time, he has played a beautiful screen and indexed a data stream
Tens of millions of flowers fly out from the Phantom of the Opera. This is the holy jury’s collection of evil plants. Every hundred years, it will attract ships too much. Once a creature enters the flower-rich area of Datura, the life energy will be quickly lost and trapped. Most of the creatures will lose their minds and attack everything around them
Datura flower is a kind of flower in earth times. Later, Datura was discovered in Taizhong, but it only borrowed a name. Its real name is Datura Lost Plant or it can be called Hunting Too Life Devil Flower.