The giant dog of war made metal the most important metal in the exile era-it was called rusty gold because of its rusty appearance.

This kind of metal is like steel in human society. The hardness and toughness of steel are completely different. These war dogs can still see their terrible nature after so many years.
But this thing can bite off a giant dog of war?
After biting off a war dog, it bit another war dog.
These giant war dogs were dragged from all parts of the manor by Nasonia people with heavy machinery, mainly for the convenience of disassembly
But at this time, if it is not disassembled, it will become various pieces.
After biting off the giant dog of the Three Wars in a row, the blade suddenly found out that it was wrong.
It reached out a feeler doubtfully, touched and waved its huge jaw and stayed there.
Then again sent a loud roar.
Not far from Zhuang, I stared at it for a long time and then slowly walked past.
"Master Zhuang … Don’t go there!" Xu Jianfei turned white with fear and hurriedly pulled Zhuang not far away.
I’m afraid such a big monster can’t even deal with Zhuang.
Not far from Zhuang, he waved his hand to signal Xu Jianfei not to worry.
Because he heard another message in that huge roar.
"Indigo, where are you!"
"Lord indigo, I’m back!"
"Indigo adult …"
In that cry of blood, Zhuang didn’t go far away. He came out and looked up at the huge bug "Indigo is dead"
"Who is talking?"
"Who says indigo is dead! Who is it! "
The huge worm turned his head and suddenly hit the sharp jaws not far from Zhuang. A huge compound eye has stood in front of Zhuang.
"Er, it’s me. My name is Zhuang not far." Zhuang not far said hello to those huge eyes.
"Who is it? Who’s talking? Where are you? "
"Familiar with breath … indigo breath you are indigo adult heir? Where is Lord indigo? "
"I’m here …" Not far from Zhuang, he waved again.
Mom, can’t you see a man as big as me?
In a second, the blade’s head and tentacles fell down and swept around
Zhuang is not far away. So you are blind with such big eyes?
"Indigo adult is that you? No, you’re not Lord Indigo, although the smell is similar … Who the hell are you! What did you do to Lord indigo! Hide your head and shrink your tail bastard! "
Not far from Zhuang Nai took a deep breath and started the state of "the manor is me and I am the manor". His body swelled several times, and the blade finally saw him.
"Who are you? Little worm, are you a running dog of the industrial party … "
You’re the bug, okay?
Call me a bug!
Not far from Zhuang, it’s just a spit.
"I’m not a running dog of the industrial party … I didn’t do anything to Indigo. Indigo has been dead for hundreds of millions of years, and the industrial party has long since disappeared." Zhuang said not far away.
"How is it possible! You don’t want to lie to me! " Blade was very angry. "How could Lord Indigo die! My Lord, you will live forever! "
"That’s the truth. Take a closer look around you … er, I’m sorry to forget that you have poor eyesight …"
In fact, this bug can’t see anything too small.
Or consciously ignore too good things.
"This is indigo’s adult residence … no no indigo’s adult residence how can it be so small? There are war dogs. How can these war dogs be so small … "
The worm bowed its head and struggled again. It failed to struggle out of the ground.
"I think …" Not far from Zhuang, look at its location and look at this blade. "I think it’s probably not that it’s getting smaller here, but that you’re getting bigger."
"I’m getting bigger?" Worm finally realized what was wrong.
Zhuang is not far away. I don’t know where the worm was before, but obviously it was awakened by the blood force and turned it into a monster now.
But being able to communicate is not a problem.
It took a lot of temper for the blade to finally accept it. Hundreds of millions of years have passed. Reality shows that it is silent.
"I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am the owner of Neng Manor and now the owner of Lanshiye Manor. My name is Zhuang Not far. What’s your name?"
"I’m … I’m the leader of the stone ant in Lanshiye Manor. My name is Xiaoyao …"
Puzhuang laughed again not far away.
Are all the owners of the Shoujiae Manor in Xu Jianfei next to them named as useless?