Slaughtering the third-class rare beast will gain twelve effective spiritual sources from Su Li at one time.

Then another energy appeared in Su Li’s chest, and another message came to his mind.
"Name of mechanical glove (right) Rare attribute increases by 1 strength and 5 defense"
This is a duplicate piece of equipment. His right hand is wearing a death glove, but this death glove is ordinary, which adds 7 strength and 3 defense. This mechanical glove is rare, which adds 3 strength and 2 defense compared with the death glove.
Su Li immediately peeled off the right hand gloves of death for the newly acquired mechanical gloves.
This is also the fourth piece of rare equipment he has obtained.
Successfully integrated mechanical gloves, Su Li’s strength reached 17 kg, and the defense rose to 17 kg.
Su Li successfully killed these three-level rare mechanical soldiers, and on the other side, more than 30 leaders joined forces to besiege the twelve rare pterosaurs and double-headed pterosaurs.
The strength of the secondary pterosaur is just slightly stronger than that of the leader. Two leaders and the strong can join hands to kill it. Worse, now we have to face a group of leaders and the strong.
The strength of the double-headed pterosaur is very strong, and it takes several leaders and the strong to jointly display their skills before they can be killed.
Ding Longyun, Jiang Shuijue and Gu Mingfeng surrounded a double-headed winged scaly dragon.
Ding Longyun waved the magic knife in his hand and launched the "magic eye Light Wave" to hit this pair of cephalopterosaurs. It’s a pity that he could have succeeded. He didn’t have the "peep symbol pattern". He didn’t know that this pair of cephalopterosaurs was so powerful that the third-class rare beast would come back or not, so he was immediately beaten by this pair of cephalopterosaurs.
A scream mouth blood kuangpen directly rolled and flew out, and all the magic knives in his hand flew out to sell.
Jiang Shuijue was surprised to see his eyes and immediately attacked him in two places.
Gu Mingfeng showed that the spirit source weapon, the King Kong Boxing Set, launched the skill "King Kong Boxing" and turned two huge King Kong giant fists into a double-headed winged scallion.
The double-headed pterosaur flew out with a big mouth and a dragon’s breath, and hit Gu Mingfeng at close range.
Gu Mingfeng has cast his "rock skin", even his rock skin can’t resist this powerful dragon’s breath bomb.
But now this rocky skin seems a bit odd.
There is a heart-like substance on the chest of this skin.
It’s like a heart made of magma, beating with thick magma-like substances flowing in all directions along his chest, and soon he looks like he’s covered with a layer of magma armor.
He let out a roar and took a step toward the dragon’s breath bomb.
"Boom" to the ground, this magma armor was hard to carry the dragon’s breath bomb, and his body shook hard to carry it to his right hand and launched a "rock shell". It hit a double-headed scallion with a bang, and a head exploded.
Gu Mingfeng’s performance made Jiang Shuijue’s eyes wide open to reveal an incredible look.
When Gu Mingfeng was so powerful, she also felt surprised.
Gu Mingfeng has just exerted his strength. It is he who got the treasure "magma heart" from a mirage.
This "magma heart" is very powerful, and the fusion needs a process. These days, he has been in the state of fusion.
Until today, he has finally succeeded in fusing the magma heart. At this moment, it is the first time that it has been exerted in a real battle, and its power is beyond his imagination.
The "magma heart" made him gain the power of magma, covering his body and combining with rock skin to form a strong specific defense.
This power merged into his arms, and the combination of rock cannon boxing turned into a more powerful magma cannon boxing. When it was punched out, it seemed to be hit by magma. Even the powerful double-headed scallion was instantly blown off by him.
Jiang Shuijue seized the opportunity and two fog avatars merged into one to launch a skill attack in the "Thunder Glove".
"Thunder and lightning" hit the other head of the double-headed pterosaur.
Then she showed a ring to start the ring skill "corpse call"
This pair of cephalopterosaurs were successfully killed to obtain a spiritual source, and a rare spiritual source armor was obtained.
Another double-headed pterosaur was killed by Ge An.
Gean’s strength is terrible.
He has a double god eye that can see through the monster’s weakness, and he can catch the monster’s attack trajectory faintly. Although he is not as fate as Gao Shengyi’s predictive ability, he is generally hurt by attacking the root method.
Holding the Yan Shura fork in both hands, the head of the double-headed pterosaur exploded and then launched a more powerful "extreme high temperature" terrible high temperature flame, which immediately swallowed up the double-headed pterosaur.
And its pterodactyl scales have been beheaded by major leaders to harvest spiritual sources and equipment.
The situation became more and more fierce. After all the mechanical soldiers and the twelve rare beasts were killed, there were no rare beasts for more than ten minutes, but groups of monsters were still endless.
Su Li shuttled through all kinds of monsters, and one monster after another was killed by him, and he kept harvesting the spiritual source.
Soon, he has an effective spiritual source, breaking through to 65, with a difference of more than 300 spiritual sources, and he will be promoted. According to the situation tonight, he is expected to hit level 3.
Thought of tonight’s hope to hit the advanced level 3. Su Li immediately stepped up the speed again and tried to kill more monsters and gain more spiritual sources. He wanted to break through early and be promoted to level 3.
"Seven hundred pieces are good, but three hundred pieces are poor."
Su Li successively killed a group of monsters and harvested spiritual sources. The information in his mind kept waking up. He harvested spiritual sources and the number of effective spiritual sources was increasing.
There is no need to enter the "devil muscle" state with Su Li’s realistic power to deal with these ordinary monsters.
After all, the "devil’s muscle" is too depleted and physically stronger than he has been fighting until now, and he has to save his physical strength. However, if he wants to quickly slay the elite or class beast, he will still gain combat power with the help of the "devil’s muscle"
"A hundred!" Su Li sensed the change in the number of spiritual sources in his mind, and suddenly the number of spiritual sources broke through a hundred pieces.
Chapter 347 Evolution of water scale beast
At the moment, Su Li has already felt the serious physical loss, and his fighting power is declining. He resolutely stopped and returned to the crowd to fight for a rest.
Besides him, many people who belong to the "Lion Brigade" have retreated to the rear to rest and handed over the main battlefield to the "Nanjiang Alliance".
Even if the strength reached Gean such strongman at the moment have retreated to one side to have a rest.
After all, no matter how strong they are, they feel exhausted and need to rest and recover their strength.
Although some people in the crowd have powerful auxiliary spirit source skills, which can restore the physical fitness of the surrounding companions to a certain extent, even if they have this spirit source skill, it has not worked and they must take a rest.
Good "Nanjiang Alliance" is in a state of energy and can still fight at present.
When they feel tired and have a rest, the people who belong to the "Lion Brigade" have just recovered their physical strength and can fight again.
Su Li’s physical exertion from time to time is the fastest among all people. After a short rest, he recovered some physical strength. He rushed again to continue to slay the monster and harvest the spiritual source.
Once again, he entered the "devil muscle" state. Su Li stepped on the "spider walk" and "shark king ghost step" and disappeared like smoke. When he reappeared, he came to a group of monsters. Behind him, three fire-breathing beasts, two-tongued beasts and two-bladed beasts lost their heads from their necks.
It was almost a blink of an eye that killed seven monsters. His speed matched his strength and the red crescent dragon cut sharp. In this group of monsters, almost no monster could resist his blow.
He hardly needs to display his special abilities, and he can kill these monsters with one blow with the sharp cutting of the Red Crescent Dragon and his own speed and strength.
Gean rested for a while and waved his hand again. Yan shura fork struck the monster to get the spiritual source. Occasionally, his eyes fell on Su Li.
Among the crowd, Su Li deserves his attention.
"It’s really powerful …" Gean secretly nodded. "Even I’m afraid of him …"
Ge an has always believed that he is the enemy of mankind. At present, he has seen thousands of people who are lucky, and he firmly believes that he is born in response to robbery and is the man who wants the highest level of mankind.