After four years, she paid off the usury and changed a set of martial-law prosthetics-although it is not as high-grade as those big companies, the price of martial-law prosthetics is already beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Few people know the story of Bianca’s retirement and becoming a mercenary, but after she became a mercenary, she quickly became famous. Everyone knows that there was a seriously disabled retired soldier with high difficulty and high completion rate. The terrorist income also crushed most of her peers … In four years, she changed from a disabled person who was almost crushed by life to a rising star in the mercenary world, Ran Ran.
But Bianca knows that she can be where she is today only because she is not afraid of death and is lucky enough.
This time her luck seems to have run out.
Bianca’s mind flashed scene by scene, and the time line was from near to far, from the scene of a mercenary period to the time when she was the last to recall all kinds of things that happened in the dark day and then in the field army service … In the end, she recalled her childhood.
She once forgot all those things by herself.
He, she always remembers those memories, and she just doesn’t want to think about them in her head.
Is this the so-called lantern? Bianca mused in her heart … I heard that there will be a lantern in front of the dead, and this person’s life will be played scene by scene like a slide …
But when the battlefield was seriously injured and dying, I didn’t seem to have seen the lantern …
Don’t you really want to die this time?
Just when Bianca wanted to stop thinking, a strong sense of crisis suddenly gripped her heart-this sense of crisis was like giving her a shot in the arm. The original beating was already very slow, and Bianca suddenly took a deep breath and closed her eyes.
The lantern disappeared, and the residual limbs were stiff with cold, but she could still feel them.
"I’m alive," Bianca said to herself. "I’m not dead yet … I can’t die!"
The sense of crisis that woke her up was still approaching, and she struggled to get up from the ground. Only her left knee was bare and her right shoulder was against the wall, and she watched the situation outside through a gap on the edge of the low wall.
"Are those things … found again?" Bianca pulled out an army stab with a broken front end and several cracked blades. In the handshake, she tried her best to control her breathing frequency, and at the same time, she touched a Grenade out of her pocket and gently passed the left index finger through the tab.
This army thorn and this grenade are her last weapons. She has really run out of ammunition and food during the four-day escape … What happened just now is the illusion that she was hungry because she didn’t eat for more than 40 hours …
She found a very puzzled thing. These men in black who searched for themselves seemed to know themselves like the back of their hand. Whether it was a plan of action or some insignificant habits, such as choosing a route and choosing a hiding place, they were fond of being conscious when fighting.
For example, on the first night, those men in black found Bianca’s hiding place, but at that time Bianca was not as weak as she is now-or that place was the battlefield she chose, and she was waiting for these men in black to find the door.
She set up a lot of booby traps in the surrounding buildings, and at the same time buried four clay explosives in the bearing walls on both sides of the building. If those men in black entered the building, she would detonate the explosives and bury them in the ruins.
However, those men in black seemed to know her plan, but they didn’t enter this trap. Even those extremely hidden booby traps were not triggered … When they appeared in front of Bianca like ghosts, Bianca could choose to escape.
They don’t seem to be in contact with the enemy for the first time. Instead, they seem to be fighting against old rivals for many years … or close comrades who get along with each other day and night.
Don’t those who stay behind … Someone defected?
No, it’s impossible
Bianca shook her head vigorously. She didn’t believe those people would betray themselves … If they were like that, Gengen wouldn’t choose to stay.
Since they chose their lives for Bianca’s, they will never surrender, let alone help those men in black in turn.
Is it because someone can’t bear torture after being captured? That’s even more impossible … Bianca believes these comrades-in-arms as much as they believe her. People who can trust each other with their lives will never do such a thing because they can’t stand torture.
The key point is that these men in black know themselves in too much detail … This level of detail is no less than Bianca’s understanding of themselves. Even if someone really recruits something, it is impossible for these men in black to be so familiar with their tactical thinking and action mode.
Bianca has an illusion that chasing after herself seems to be not those men in black who killed their comrades-in-arms, but those killed by men in black … their comrades-in-arms!
Bianca couldn’t help shivering at the thought of this … She remembered one thing. When she was in the Field Corps, she heard that there was a device in the research institute that could read the memory of human brain. Even if the person was dead and dying, this device could also take out the memory from the brain of the dead.
Don’t … Those men in black have such equipment in their hands?
No matter whether this guess is true or not, the reality is in front of Bianca, which forces her to consciously change her thinking mode and be completely unfamiliar with the fighting methods to deal with those pursuers …
I have to say that it is a miracle that she can live to this day.
"Is this a kind of luck or another form of misfortune?" Bianca asked herself, "Maybe it would be better to die on the battlefield at that time?"
But since I’m not dead, I have to live and fight for it even for a second.