There is still a chance to shake hands while our losses are tolerable.

If you wait until the dust settles and the two sides become sworn enemies, I’m afraid you won’t have to pay a little price then. "
"Hum! In that case, why don’t you wait until then to get more benefits? " Isabelle cold hum a rhetorical question.
"Well … you know that we are a consortium, and fighting is purely an interest war, which is an investment."
Cloros Kan Kan.
"investment, there is always a long-term and short-term existing two options before us.
First, establish settlements and military bases after occupying the Galent Star Zone, and slowly encroach on your territory to fight and support the war.
You need to deal with more and more refugees, and we will have more and more resources
It will give us a certain time to make changes, and the strength contrast between us will be further widened.
Although Locke consortium is a commercial organization, there is a huge empire behind it, and its industrial strength is beyond your imagination.
Even if this fleet is gone, it can buy a batch soon.
We won’t fail if the fund pool is not burned out.
Even if the money is burned out, the game can continue.
I believe you also know the wormhole expansion technology, and the wormhole natural barrier is also a smooth road for us.
According to my calculation, the binary star will be removed from the universe at the latest 3 years! "
Some analysis made the two-star officer turn pale.
This is a threat, but this is a targeted threat.
"For us, the advantage of this long-term plan is to gain more benefits, but the disadvantage is that it needs long-term huge capital investment and bears certain casualties and war risks."
"The second short-term investment is a mutual compromise between the two sides.
We don’t mind making a quick profit if you can agree to these three conditions and pay a price that will satisfy us so that the consortium will not lose its blood this time.
Actually, I prefer the second one because it is less risky and can see the return immediately. "
After listening to Cloross’s explanation, everyone understood each other’s meaning roughly.
Although I’m not used to it, shopping malls, such as battlefields, are not inconsistent with businessmen’s thinking battlefield
Yun Nie is disdain and the pie mouth.
Bullshit! You keep talking!
What short-term and long-term want to protect the income, you’d better buy Maotai!
The investment mode of war is to tailor the high-end game mode for "Stud players".
Blood or get rich overnight!
Crowe Ross is thinking about the rationality of finding peace talks for himself, but Nie Yun is 100% sure … The other party is just coming for the "vector engine"!
It seems to be short-term gains, but it’s still stud!
His bet … is that the two stars dare not follow!
Yun Nie couldn’t help looking at Isabel.
If the binary star is fooled by the other side, it will be a big loss for Yun Nie if it really doesn’t follow.
"oh! Your investment philosophy is very interesting, but it can make you give up long-term investment and have greater interests and prefer short-term return … I’m afraid it’s all because of the war star’ Death’? " Isar sneer at a way
Fortunately, Yun Nie’s choice of teammates is quite powerful. After all, Isabel found the real intention of the other party at a glance!
Although energy crystal is a strategic resource, the amount of 20,000 tons is also a huge wealth, but the most important thing for a consortium is money!
I’m afraid there is a cosmic wonder … "Vector Engine" that can really interest each other!
She believes that the other party does have the sincerity to negotiate, but it can make the other party give up the huge interests of an entire double star. I am afraid that the value of the "vector engine" in the eyes of the other party far exceeds its own expectations.