The dragon quietly listened to Robin’s venting words at the door, but she couldn’t see the change of expression on her face. But Koala was in a bad mood with a sullen face. If Mr. Long hadn’t been here, she would have had a fight with the woman who caused Saab to lose her right hand.

She was forced to take care of Robin during this time, and she also saved a lot of anger.
Sabo has been in a daze these days, and she hasn’t fully woken up ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Miss Robin"
When Robin gradually recovered his composure after venting some pressure and kept his mouth shut, the dragon opened the window and another cane chair by the tea table just sat down. He looked directly at Robin opposite and said, "We’ve been looking for you for a long time."
Robin rubbed his fingers lightly on the cover and looked quite casual.
"You just said that there is nothing wrong. We are very interested in world history. What kind of secrets are hidden in the past 100 years? Is this secret related to those rubbish in Celestial Dragons ?…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Our revolutionary army’s ambition is to overthrow the tyranny of the world government and overturn the rubbish in Celestial Dragons from the throne. This requires enough strength. Miss Robin, the knowledge you have is also a kind of strength, and it is not inferior to violence, and it is even more destructive."
"But we are different from pirates and the world government. We don’t like forcing others to be our companions, or we prefer to advance with like-minded friends."
"I, Miss Robin, you don’t believe us. Maybe in your eyes, we are all birds of a feather with pirates … What is our revolutionary army like? Are we with pirates? You have enough time to observe and understand … The first conversation is over … We will have a new conversation when you have a deeper understanding of the revolutionary army, Miss Robin."
Let Robin be caught off guard.
What kind of conversation is this? From the beginning to the end, she only said a few words, which was a unilateral announcement by the dragon …
She looked at the dragon and strode towards the door. It didn’t seem like playing hard to get … When she reached the door, the dragon suddenly stopped. Robin’s eyebrows were lightly picked. Sure enough, it was another braggart …
"Koala took the key and helped Miss Robin untie the handcuffs."
Robin stared at the dragon disappearing behind the door.
In my heart, I looked at coming with the key with disdain and contempt. Koala was sullen, but he still removed Robin’s hand. The sea stone was not handcuffed to suppress the sense of weakness. Of course, it was silent for a long time, and the demon fruit power woke up
If she wants to finish at this time, she can try to see if she can break Koala’s neck.
She didn’t make such an attempt
This is the base of the revolutionary army. There are many experts in the revolutionary army sitting in the town, not to mention that others have just gone out. It is not what she can provoke monsters to catch and kill fierce people with Meng Qi D. Long Neng and Saakashi. It is different from an idiotic dream to escape by relying on her fruit ability.
Reckless action will put her in a more unfavorable situation.
It’s hard to get rid of the handcuffs on the sea stone. She doesn’t want to wear them anymore, and even if she escapes from the revolutionary base now, there is no other destination for her to pursue. On the contrary, staying in the revolutionary army seems to be the best choice from the current situation.
The revolutionary army seems to have no intention of getting anything from her by violence so far.
"Revolutionary army ….. so let me have a good look! Are you hypocrites or sincere good people? "Determined not to go to see an irate Koala, Miss Robin took it and went on reading.
Chapter 16 Club for the Elderly
The news of the failure of the Red Dog General spread like a hurricane in the sea. From the beginning of the failure, after several intentional processing, it became a rumor that the Red Dog was defeated by the revolutionary army. Of course, this rumor is widespread among some lower-level groups.
Real big shots have their own channels to receive first-hand information closest to the truth.
It’s true that Red Dog failed.
However, it is rumored that Red Dog was beaten by the revolutionary army and fled like a dog. This is pure nonsense. The leader of the revolutionary army, the most dangerous criminal in the world, has made a move, and it is not surprising that other cadres of the revolutionary army lacked support and Red Dog lost.
Among them, it is said that the leakage of technology from the naval scientific forces was also involved. The revolutionary army made the artificial dragon, and it is said that the technology developed by the naval scientific forces somehow turned into a revolutionary army, which in turn was beaten by the navy.
According to the red dog general, he was furious.
This is a true story among many rumors.
Back in Malinfando, Sakkaski was really furious. The revolutionary army made the artificial dragon technology break through the sea navigation restrictions, and the submarine made it easy to come and go. In addition, the navy actually fell out of the wind in conventional forces …………………………………………………………………………………………………..
The person in charge of the scientific unit was criticized as a dog’s blood spray, and even Rusali, who happened to be back in Marinvan Duobo, was caught by Sakaski, which was also a good spray.
The two generals began to break several training grounds.
It was not until the Marshal of the Warring States and Lieutenant General Karp joined hands to suppress the two talents and let this absurd farce come to an end. Although the Marshal of the Warring States reached the forbidden password as quickly as possible, the news of Naimalin Brahma’s many people and many eyes had already flowed out.
Marshal’s office of the Ministry building
It’s another small meeting of the old people’s department
"This incident … Sakaski was hit hard!"
"This is also his unlucky dragon boy Karp. Can you win the dragon?" Lieutenant General Crane looked at his old friend who was munching doughnuts/
"Ten years ago, I hanged that smelly boy. Five years ago, I could let him know what filial piety is … I’m not sure if I haven’t beaten him now, but that boy is best at not one-on-one combat but group warfare!" Karp, holding a doughnut, said carelessly that it was not like talking about his only child, but about people. "And that small ability to escape is also very convenient. Ten years ago, I could beat his head full of bags but I couldn’t catch the size of a dragon."
"It doesn’t make much sense to talk like this without limiting the dragon child’s means of escape even if he can win ….. alas! In those days, I didn’t think that the dragon child would come to this point today. "Crane will sigh with emotion."
"Who said not! Dragon ….. I have always believed that he can replace the Warring States into a Admiral of the fleet. "
Zephyr mechanical arm with a cup of hot tea looked at dark green tea with a faint sigh.
The Warring States, Zephyr, Karp, and Crane all said in the Marshal’s office that there was nothing wrong with the old people’s club. They were comrades-in-arms of the same era. Now they are really high-level in the navy. There are no older people with more qualifications than them in Malinfando.
"That bastard has been stubborn since he was a child. He didn’t know how to hit him … but I won’t fail Luffy for the third time. I will definitely make him a qualified marine." Karp clenched his fist and vowed.
"The third time?"
The crane frowned.
I wonder why it’s the third time.
"The revolutionary army is not in a hurry now. Even if the devil falls into the hands of the revolutionary army, it doesn’t mean that it will be different for a while … What are you going to do with this naval scientific force in the Warring States Period?"
"I just got back from Dr.Vegapunk. If you are going to severely punish the mismanagement of the scientific forces, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask for some favors." Zephyr finally explained the reasons for his heart.
He came back from Dr.Vegapunk a few days ago.
Now he is very different from before departure. A brand-new mechanical arm has filled the swinging side. This mechanical arm tailored by Dr.Vegapunk is not only full of strength and artistic beauty, but also quite resistant.
Not only is a sea stone installed to inhibit the ability of the capable person, but there are also many wonderful functions. It can be said that with such an arm, Zephyr’s strength may still not be comparable to that of himself at the peak, but now he can almost be said to have truly returned to the top ranks of the world.
This is the judgment given by the bystander Warring States after Karp and Zephyr had a private discussion.
"What else can I do? Knock, knock! In fact, you know that we have restrictions on the jurisdiction of the scientific forces, and we will hang our naval title just for the convenience of adjusting the general to protect Dr.Vegapunk … "