However, a few people have analyzed the market trend with the help of Korea.

"The birth of fake purple equipment will greatly affect the price of rare equipment," explained the ghost prodigy to Xiaowen.
"What?" Xiaowen replied by typing
"What did the Ministry staff say to you?"
"He said that the explosion rate of many materials and equipment will be adjusted."
"If the country takes the Korean route, it is inevitable that fake purple will be flooded."
"Will the explosion rate increase?" Small cloud patterns some consternation typing asked
When was the old horse so kind? Thank god for not turning down the explosion rate of equipment and materials, so Xiaowen can’t believe it.
"Well, you can imagine the situation where the abyss bursts with purple."
"…" Small cloud patterns he is a little afraid to think.
"If purple clothes are everywhere, wouldn’t it be a big fall in price for that level of element to be a level of element crystal?" Xiaowen suddenly thought that decomposing purple’ color’ equipment can get many levels of elemental crystals, and then it can be synthesized by alchemists. Therefore, if you play a variety of purple clothes in the abyss, you can’t decompose the later level elemental crystals.
"No, when the game developers are more considerate than we are, the amount of materials will be adjusted after decomposition," replied Tong Typing.
"Well, what exactly are we going to do when we change this time?" Xiaowen continued to type and asked
"Don’t’ get’ anything, just’ get’ fake purple equipment after it is changed."
Xiaowen looked at Tong Fa’s words with a tight eyebrows and fake purple equipment.
The unlucky bear should also look for this business opportunity. It seems that this time, maybe Tong Hui will fuck the unlucky bear.
But there’s no way for Xiao Wen. Who told two blazing with anger discerning eyes to look at the fake purple equipment?
As time goes by, players in the game become more and more crazy, and most of them are looking for shadow swords.
In the last few days, all kinds of challenges have increased in price, which is inseparable from the madness of ghost swordsman players.
The proportion of game coins finally began to pick up and rose to 1:3 because the game coins were processed before the gale’ chaos’ dance was added in the third season.
After the college entrance examination day, another group got rid of the shackles of "madness" and sank into "fans" and said in the game that they were naturally high school seniors.
Izumo is still in Haixiao night at this time, and there is still less than a month before the holiday. Bones are having a good life, but they are just married and married to Lu Yao.
In the game, Tianyu and Erxiu began to put away the evil and’ mixed’ the magic stone fragments at the first time, which led to the original price difference between the two materials.
The original price of the former is less than 3 gold coins, but now the price has increased ten times, breaking through 3 gold coins and about to reach the height of 4 gold coins.
The price of’ mixed’ magic stone fragments has risen from 5 gold coins to 1 gold coin.
Of course, except Tianyu, they are collecting these two materials, and others are also collecting them.
However, these people are not professional businessmen, but the "remaining party" of the previously disintegrated business alliance.
Without the discipline of the business alliance, these scattered merchants began to transport themselves, and they were responsible for their own profits and losses.
Compared with before, there is no stable sex, but there is a possibility of high return.
After all, there is no need to deal with it according to the price stipulated by the consortium.
Day by day, I came to the update day.
Today is Monday, June 18th, 1 year.
"The game actually needs to be updated for two days …" Erxiu was surprised to see official website’s announcement.
Looking at the course of dnf for several years, it is really rare for the game to be maintained for more than one day because of the update, but once it is updated for more than one day, it must be a big change.
It seems that this is really a big change.
Official website has given the specific details of the change at this time.
Compared with the previous Tianyu, they wandered around the game and explored it. official website gave the updated details, which is of course more comprehensive and persuasive.
This game is updated in the third season! Undead teenager
The updates in the game are divided into five blocks, namely
The first innovation;
The second male mage;
Third skill adaptation;
The fourth tower of despair;
Fifth city adjustment
Then there are various activities.
There are many updates in innovation.
First of all, the resolution has been expanded from 64*48 to 8*6. After the change, the picture can be more clear than the original display.
The interface has been changed, and some "through train" shortcuts have been added in the main interface, such as battlefield, businessman, duel field and so on.
A small map also appears in the right corner of the interface.
The skill interface has been changed and the pre-skill wake-up has been added.
Then there will be a buff display on the shortcut key of the screen, and up to 18 buffs can be displayed at the same time.
The auction house adapted to check the wearing effect mainly for weapons.
It also adds the function of auction house recommending equipment.
Due to the addition of magic seal equipment, the searchable seal release details are added.
The mall has also appeared the try-on function and so on.
The right corner map can be enlarged and reduced freely.
The overall background picture of the town will be changed according to the regional atmosphere.
The window for setting shortcut keys has changed greatly, and it is more intuitive to view the whole keyboard keys. You can also see that the keyboard keys are not used through the’ color’ dial.
The information column of props for extending the term includes devil’s contract and other preferential props.