"boom! Boom … "

The black light of the 100-meter riot is like a large dragon and tiger millstone rapidly turning to resist the blue giant wood blade falling from the sky.
You can’t ripple and spread in circles. Ten meters away, the rocks are crushed. Thirty meters away, the trees are broken. Fifty meters away, the branches and leaves are crushed. It’s close to here. Some wild animals are also rushing through, whimpering and screaming, and dare not look back.
There is no semi-demon on the island, which is equivalent to the momentum of the high-ranking beast master, which makes most beasts unbearable.
"I haven’t seen such a fierce collision for a long time. The third brother is getting higher and higher, and the two of us can’t reach the understanding of martial arts!" Big Brother Ximenlan emerged pieces of blue wood chips on his body in the morning to resist the attack of diffusion energy.
"Zhang Yang constitution is really tough! Hard fight Aoki streamer sword still not fall into the wind to his card is very solid "Ximenlan DE rocking folding fan smiles to say.
Ximen Lanyu’s two brothers are under great pressure when they talk.
Ximen Lanyu cast more than ten meters of cyan wood blade falling from the sky, and the gravity was too strong. If it weren’t for Zhang’s two martial arts attacks, it was hard to resist, so he also fought hard.
The surface of the giant sword is vigorously smashed and suppressed, but it is actually an attack.
Zhang Yang’s tomahawk resisted the tip of the sword and felt that thick dark energy rushed into the body. The first blow was wiped out by him. The second dark energy suddenly appeared and consumed Zhang Yang’s energy again.
"Break it for me!" Zhang Yang’s roaring tiger head faucet has become more huge, which has exceeded his body size and changed to two meters. How powerful it is, it also shakes the cold breath of the mountain forest and covers 100 meters without covering it!
Dragon and Tiger’s double-headed double attack keeps entering the big sword, which makes Ximen Lanyu, who controls the big sword not far away, look rather pale.
The fight between the two sides is that the body has double dark energy, and whoever has stronger and more lasting dark energy will win the external energy. It’s all superficial.
"Bang …"
The impact continued, and the black mountain exploded from the sky to the blue wood blade from the sky to the ground.
The ripples spread constantly, and the surrounding environment has been damaged by the last move of the two men, which has become potholes and numerous ravines, that is, the surrounding area of the two men is still intact!
About ten waves of double dark energy fell on the meridians of Zhang Yang’s body, and he felt pain. His mouth could not help but overflow with blood.
Simon Lan Yu, who was also hit by Zhang’s ten waves of dark energy, felt bad. He was worse than Zhang’s natural injury, and his mouth was bleeding and pale.
When Zhang Yang roared, the tiger’s head was broken and messy, and the fire element of the Yin family could stir the surrounding elements, which could make the wooden sword shake and finally break into cyan wood elements, which could dissipate in the air.
After the black and blue elements can dissipate, the figure of Zhang Yang Ximen Lanyu is revealed.
At this time, Zhang’s face was slightly pale, and there was a trace of blood on the corners of his mouth, while Ximen Lanyu turned pale and could not control the outflow of blood!
However, Zhang feels the life breath of the other person and knows that the other person is short-term collision, which causes qi and blood to be bad. Is it serious enough?
Zhang put away the tomahawk and handed it to him. "Your wood blade attack is really tough. You are the strongest one-star martial artist I have ever fought against, and the speed of fast sword is fast enough to drive the Nangong strange."
Ximen Lanyu wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and smiled, "I’m flattered that you are stronger than today, and you realized the double dark strength at the sight of it. I really hope to fight with you again, but the situation is not allowed."
"Ha ha … three days later, when we meet in the Ministry, you will have a chance to kill Shi Tian!" Zhang grinned
At this time, Ximen Lanyu’s two brothers came over and introduced themselves respectively. Zhang’s strength is stronger than Ximen Lanyu’s and he is naturally respected by the three of them.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to prepare the domain name.
Zhang Yang and the three of them planned some details, and then the two sides waited for each other to arrive at the gathering department!
Zhang Yang, the seven great masters, couldn’t believe himself. Originally, a great master Lan Yao could kill himself at will, but now it’s different. He can learn martial arts as an equal.
After the points, he walked in one direction at will, and Zhang looked up at the sky and said to himself, "This is the world that the strong respect! Congenital condition won’t last long! "
The same words, the same beliefs, the same don’t give up!
Zhang Yang’s energy consumption was too large and he was not seriously injured. A cave swallowed the two-headed eagle Wolf King and repaired his own injury.
In the next three days, Zhang Yang searched for the southern region again, but he never found a master again.
However, he is not in a hurry, because seven masters are already very powerful, and so many masters can be found in a south, which is far beyond Zhang Yang’s expectation.
In the past three days, Zhang Yang has made rapid progress and collided with double dark energy hundreds of times on the same day, especially in the final battle against wood blade, which left a deep impression on Zhang Yang, and the injury of body meridians was also his deeper understanding of double dark energy.
In the next three days, a high-ranking beast, Zhang Yang, finally realized the triple dark strength during the war, and his combat effectiveness was improved again and it was of high quality!
Ten days in a blink of an eye, killing a desert island in these ten days has undergone earth-shaking changes, and the lone master has almost dispatched nine layers of troops to gather at the highest peak in the region!
Shi Tian’s arrogant and arrogant strength is of the earth. After knowing this, he naturally won’t escape and take the initiative to release words. "Nangong Qi and Zhang Yang are just small people, and they will meet in a duel of life and death."
Due to Shi Tian’s words, the island’s samurai and warriors also knew about it. At that time, the killing of the desert island was more intense, and many people felt a sense of wind and rain!
Both sides are ready to fight in ten days! Real strength reshuffle finally!
Zhang Yang has also undergone earth-shaking changes. I used to see two top martial artists have to escape, but now I can face the two-star martial artists head-on. The progress is beyond imagination!
Ten days later, Zhang Yang, who slaughtered the desert island region, was wearing a Hei Hu leather jacket and carrying a lux-mad tomahawk on his shoulder to reach the peak of 1000 meters!
Now he doesn’t hide from wild animals. Generally, there are too few high-level wild animals in Samsung, and Samsung won’t let his eyes go. Now he can swagger and press some wild animals to get close by relying on strong momentum!
When they reached the top of the mountain, Zhang Yangzheng went to Simon, where the three brothers sat in silence on a huge stone. Three people were opposite to each other, and four people were silent on a big stone, but Zhang Yang didn’t know them, but their strength was not weak. They were all in a one-week master.
As soon as we met, there were seven masters, and it was a bit tense.