"Well, help me to unite the two emperors to give him a big gift." The light voice rang in the room.

Three days later, NaLanYunHua in the box of Fengju Restaurant in BeiFengGuoGuo closed her eyes and seemed to be waiting for someone.
Soon there was a knock at the door outside the box. "The distinguished guest has arrived."
"Let him in" NaLanYunHua opened his eyes.
See a man wearing a navy blue robe with gold edge stepped in.
See NaLanYunHua sitting in the box side face is not zheng, his appearance is excellent is in the dugu mark that guy just didn’t expect men to dugu mark a few even higher than a few minutes, even if he is a man, he is not surprised.
"You are Xiang Wang?" The second emperor looked at NaLanYunHua’s side face and said that he was a little careless.
It was when NaLanYunHua’s face turned to his line of sight and he looked at him, that feeling of fear floated to the second emperor’s mind again, just like the lonely mark looked at him that night, and this time, the second emperor felt a feeling of cold help.
Two emperors in the heart fierce a surprised almost because NaLanYunHua a step backwards, fortunately, he forcibly suppressed some soft pace.
"I’ve heard a lot about the Temple of Two Emperors" Na Lanyunhua withdrew her sight and made a gesture of please.
Dugunian secretly adjusted his mentality, took one look at NaLanYunHua’s face and pretended to sit calmly.
"I don’t know what Xiang Wang asked me to do?" The second emperor restrained himself from looking at NaLanYunHua’s eyes.
"Lanlin let them cook," NaLanYunHua said lightly.
"The second emperor’s fairy phoenix Curie wine must be well-known in your North Maple Country. Although I am new here, I have already heard that the fairy phoenix in the North Maple Country is in the middle of the peach blossom. I heard that the second emperor wants to love the fairy phoenix in the peach blossom. I wonder if the second emperor was satisfied with this wine today?" The dishes soon came to Lanlin’s side. NaLanYunHua and ErHuang filled up the wine, and suddenly a peach blossom fragrance came head-on with the fragrance of wine, giving people an illusion of being in a fairyland.
When the Emperor saw NaLanYunHua, he didn’t answer his question directly. When he smelled the bouquet, he knew that it was the best kind of peach blossom drunken fairy, and even the Emperor himself wouldn’t buy it easily.
It’s really hard to imagine that NaLanYunHua knows that he likes the second emperor’s solitary thoughts, and it’s not surprising that the other party invited him to come over, which must have made him know all about himself.
He just wondered what the other party invited him over for, but obviously the other party didn’t want to answer his questions yet.
"Yes, the peach blossom drunken fairy is this fairy phoenix. I will come out of the palace for a few drinks when I am free."
Although Erhuang is laughing, his mood is not so good. In two days, he will leave the capital and go to the dry northwest, which makes him feel a little stiff with a silent smile in his heart.
"In a couple of days, the Second Emperor will lead the troops to make a personal expedition. People like the Second Emperor are rare now." Na Lanyunhua’s slender fingers put the glass on his mouth and gently sniffed the elegant peach blossom fragrance lingering on the tip of his nose, giving people an illusion that it seems to be drunk.
On hearing NaLanYunHua say this, the two emperors were dazed for a while, and then they could hesitate to nod with a wry smile "Yes … Yes …"
The second emperor picked up the glass and directly drank all his favorite wine in the glass, but now it is indifferent and tastes worse. This is the best wine in the world
Now it’s a foregone conclusion, and it’s well known to all Chinese people. If you really go to the northwest to quell the chaos, you won’t want to come back here for three or five years, and then everything must be a foregone conclusion.
"It seems that the outside world can’t believe it. It seems that the second emperor made mistakes and lost his love. Now it seems that the second emperor is clean and loves the people voluntarily to quell the chaos." Na Lanyunhua didn’t seem to see the second emperor’s stiff and unnatural face and slowly drank it in the glass. This is not urgent and not slow.
"What nonsense! All are false! " After hearing NaLanYunHua words, the second emperor could no longer sit still and suddenly struck the table, and looked at NaLanYunHua angrily.
Na Lanyunhua raised his eyebrows and motioned for Dugu Nian to be calm. Dugu Nian realized that he was rude and sat down again. The mood became heavier and heavier. Chapter 16 Look at the handsome guy.
"Could it be that the Second Emperor didn’t want to lead the troops?" NaLanYunHua know perfectly well past ask said
"Who would want to go to that godforsaken place to suffer!" Lonely thoughts naturally express their thoughts in anger. He can have a good time in the capital. How can he be willing to suffer hardships and even risk his life?
"oh? This is? " NaLanYunHua face with a doubt.
"It’s not too …" Dugu was in a hurry and almost said it. He realized that it was the first time he saw someone else and he immediately swallowed everything he wanted to say. "Alas, it’s a long story."
Na Lanyunhua let go of the glass and filled it with blue rain.
"It must be a royal matter, so I can’t ask." Slowly rotating the glass.
The two men fell into silence. The emperor was upset and irritable, drinking wine and sometimes eating a few mouthfuls with the table dishes. I have to say that today’s dining tables are very much in line with his appetite, and it seems that he likes to eat some on weekdays.
"Two emperors, if I have a way to let you continue to enjoy yourself in this capital …"
"what! You have an idea? What method? " The second emperor stopped chopsticks in his hand and looked at NaLanYunHua with surprise. A glimmer of hope rose in his heart, but he was not that kind of stupid person. Otherwise, how could he change his tricks to please the emperor? Presumably, if he wanted the man in front of him to help, he would have certain conditions, but whatever conditions were much better than his expedition.
"There is a way, but there is a need for the cooperation of the two emperors." Na Lanyunhua’s slender fingers bypassed the rim of the cup
"You said I would try my best to cooperate with you." The two emperors’ eyes flashed a hopeful light and looked forward to NaLanYunHua.
Na Lanyunhua knocked on the desktop with one hand and seemed to be thinking, but it made the second emperor’s loneliness on the side anxious and looked at Na Lanyunhua eagerly.
"Two emperors know that the emperor of Beifengguo once came to visit me for some time." Finally NaLanYunHua opened his mouth, but what he said was that DuGuNian was a little confused.