Only three hundred people take care of and guard Xiao Wu’s head in such a vast territory.

It was not until Xiao Wu finished reading the map that Elder Jia Shi said aloud, "Lord. What do you want me to do? "
Xiao Wu nearly fainted on the ground.
Orange and::: also happen to coincide to think of a person Lan Xiaobo. Lan Xiaobo, who entered women soldiers soon, got an apt nickname: confused big girl.
After breakfast, Xiao Wu put on his cool black dragon leather trench coat again. Crabs also walked in Xiantao City.
Xiantao City also started its initial construction. The person in charge of this section is the Golden Shield Twelve. Golden shield twelve is not only a private bodyguard of Xiao Wu. Or xiao five most effective assistant. With its 10,000-year-long experience, Xiao Wu just put forward the idea of building Xiantao City into a similar Fox Steel City. Golden shield 12 drew a perfect and detailed plan. However, there is not enough steel on the monster beast prairie to realize Xiao Wu’s grand plan, and Jindun XII changed it into a stone city.
Fairyland Mountain is rich in stone, so it is no problem to build several Xiantao cities. In addition, the effect of building a wall with stone and setting a protective array on the wall is not much worse than that of a steel wall.
According to the plan of Golden Shield Twelve, Xiantao City will completely surround the fairyland mountain now, and there will be residential areas, commercial areas, forging areas, refining areas, women soldiers’s military camp and Xiao Wu’s Lord’s House, etc. It is very perfect, and its walls are as high as 20 meters, and every wall will be equipped with heavy mana weapons, witchcraft and yellow cannons!
We can’t find the information about the yellow cannon on the aircraft carrier of Fox Family, but there is a wizard expert of this level who is fierce in fire. The power of the wizard yellow cannon he made will be stronger than that of the yellow cannon!
The amount of refined iron needed to manufacture the four witches’ yellow cannon is very large. The refined iron is an important consumable specially used to manufacture weapons, armor, shields, refining utensils and demon wares, and its price is far more expensive than that of ordinary steel, and it has the title of "sub-gold". In Sun Moon City, Xiao Wu sold two hundred sets of fix true equipment, and didn’t get much refined iron back. Even eighty witch-machinery snakes equipped with women soldiers were not enough, so the refined iron needed to make four witch-machinery yellow cannons had to wait until Yan Rusong came to trade before construction could start.
As for the infrastructure construction of Xiantao City, under the call of Xiao Wu, the villagers in Yuanshitao Village have already started. Lan Tiande, the Lord of the city, personally led people to mine stone on the fairyland mountain, and the Presbyterian church led people to transport and yard the city wall. The scene was warm.
Eighty percent of the villagers in Yuanshitao Village are practitioners. The degree of building the city is far from that of ordinary craftsmen. A stone weighing 1,000 kilograms can be lifted by two practitioners and easily placed on the wall without labor-saving tools. And the transportation is more convenient. It is very convenient to transport all the flying sword materials, except for some general materials which are too large to be stored, through the storage ring.
Looking at the sky flying around, the villagers as busy as ants on the ground Xiao Wu smiled. At this pace, it won’t be long before a magnificent Xiantao City will stand on the monster beast prairie.
Patrol to women soldiers training venues when shield 12 quietly appeared behind the shaw five.
"Don’t you know to get some footsteps out? Every time it’s like a wandering soul. " Talking xiao five eyes stay in women soldiers female soldiers.
Women soldiers in women soldiers are:
The female soldiers wearing carrion pythons and black dragon leather armor are more exquisite and graceful. Every time they jump on their chests, those big breasts vibrate violently, just like waves, just like a jade rabbit watching Xiao Wu’s mind drift.
Lan Xiaobo followed closely:.:. The most plump and pretty woman warrior in women soldiers. Her upper body is a carrion python skin armor, which is so tight that it seems difficult to bind that pair. It gives people the illusion that it is possible to crack the leather armor and jump out at any time. Her waist is slender and soft, like a snake, like wicker weak and boneless, and as soft and smooth as sheep fat. Her lower body is the black dragon Pipijia. It is in the form of tight leather shorts to protect the thighs and knees, and it is a separate knee pad, and a pair of black dragon pippi combat boots on the feet. It not only outlines the beautiful curves of her thighs and buttocks, but also adds a bit of fashionable elements, which can be described as the perfect combination of beauty and practicality.
In fact, all the women warriors in women soldiers are in this style. It is completely close-fitting sewing to improve the body’s degree and sensitivity based on convenient combat. The skins of carrion pythons and black dragons are actually very thin. Its thickness is only equivalent to a layer of human skin. So this leather armor. In addition to the color difference, it is worn on female soldiers. The bump on the chest, the curve of ass-butting and the groove zone between legs are all dimly visible and extremely sultry.
"It’s really evil," Xiao Wu shook his head. "I’m afraid the knife bled before it was inserted in the body without a Tang priest’s concentration in fighting with the girls in women soldiers?"
"That must be a nosebleed." Golden shield twelve said.
"Golden Shield Twelve" Xiao Wudao said, "Is it that you can make leather armor from the skin of a carrion python and black dragon?"
Golden Shield Twelve slightly bowed his head. "I am the owner, but it is you who insist on making leather armor in this style. I know that your heart is not evil. Your point is entirely for the good of the female soldiers in women soldiers."
See Xiao Wu and Jin Dun 12 appear in the training ground:.: Team women soldiers stopped the leapfrog and ran with neat steps.
"All the soldiers of women soldiers Xiantao No.1 Team see the general!"
"All the soldiers of women soldiers Xiantao Second Team see the general!"
An army must have a perfect combat system, and it is inevitable that the wartime orders can be implemented as soon as possible. Women soldiers’s team was divided into two teams as early as its establishment, but the names were really named Xiantao No.1 and Xiantao No.2 by Xiao Wucai himself recently.
In fact, in General Xiao’s mind, women soldiers’s two teams should be called Peach Team 1, Peach Team 2 or Cow Team 1 and Cow Team 2, but this is just an idea.
Xiao Wu ha ha smiled. "The girls have worked hard. It’s very gratifying to see you all training so hard. So you are tired and sweating so much. Take a rest. Later, the general himself will take you to frogman training. Well, cool off by the way."
Women soldiers: ""
There is a small waterfall halfway up Fairyland Mountain. There is a small pool under the waterfall. There is a small stone in the pool. In the past experience of female soldiers in women soldiers, whenever their general Xiao wants to train them as frogmen, General Xiao will stand on the small stone in the pool, wearing underwear and holding a whip with a cigar in his mouth, and then yell at them to jump underwater one by one. If anyone’s actions are not standardized, General Xiao’s whip will gently fall on his ass. Of course, most of the time, General Xiao replaces his whip with his palm.
Women soldiers’s female soldiers are all girls in their prime, but they are dragged by some unscrupulous man for that kind of embarrassing training, so every time their general Xiao proposes to train frogmen, they are all pink-faced and shy. Can they refuse if they want to? Who let somebody else be a general?
Looking at the shy expression of female soldiers in women soldiers, Xiao Wu laughed with joy. At this time, he seemed to be standing on the small stone again. Yingying Yan Yan Huan Fei Yan was so thin that a large group of beautiful young girls swam around in front of his eyes. If anyone could not swim well, he slammed the palm of his hand.
Every female soldier who was spanked at that time would give a charming cry, and at that time, General Xiao’s lewd and young heart would fly to the sky and fly to the sun.
This man can actually be so shameless as Xiao Wu.
While on cloud nine, Golden Shield Twelve suddenly whispered, "Master, there is something I have to tell you. In the morning, Pang Du and Lin Xianer killed a man while training Ah Zhu."
"Kill who?" Professional killers kill for no reason, but it’s different in the monster beast prairie. Xiao Wu suddenly had an ominous premonition.
"Of course, it’s not from Xiantao City," said Jin Dun. "It’s the spy Pang Du’s men who never leave anyone alive, but I estimate that all the spies are from Prince Giant Wood and Princess Sunshine."
Xiao Wu frowned and said, "They can’t help but step in so soon?"
The Golden Shield said, "The best time to destroy an enemy is when he is fledgling. Now the owner of Xiantao City is far from being able to handle the monster beast on the monster beast prairie, so this period is undoubtedly the best time to destroy us."
Xiao Wu mused: "Prince Jumu and Princess Sunshine in the Ming Dynasty will definitely not mess around because there is still a Moonlight Princess standing behind us. She is the only one who can open the mirror of the Light Law. Sanqing di wang has to make do with her, so it will be in a dark way to deal with us."
"It’s easier to hide an open gun than an open one, but it’s harder to guard against an open one. This is also our biggest headache."
Xiao Wu said, "What do you think Prince Jumu and Princess Sunshine will do?"
"It’s nothing more than two ways," said Jin Dun. "The first master assassinated your master; Secondly, this is related to the sign that lightning strikes the claw tree. The four monster beast kings before the monster beast prairie have been captured by Sanqing di wang. The new monster beast king must appear during this period. At present, Bailong is on our side, but there are still three monster beast kings who are about to appear or have already appeared. We are still in a hostile relationship. If Prince Jumu and Princess Sunshine control the other three monster beast kings, it is undoubtedly a disguised control of the entire monster beast prairie. Plus their followers, we don’t have to show it, but we also have to protect ourselves.