"Oh, are those spells? Ok! I’ll try, but didn’t the wolf of Warcraft just say a spell? "

"That’s because he is quite familiar with it. He can cast spells without saying them."
"Does that mean I can do magic without saying those spells?" I don’t understand
"Well, now you have to calm your body and repeat after me,’ Exhauste the fire element, release your great power, and destroy the enemy in front of you!’" As I read with Alice, I slowly felt that my hands were quickly filled with fire elements, and then the backlog became a fireball, which was bigger than that of Wolf of Warcraft! I looked at the fireball and froze for a moment …
"Idiot! Throw it out! Do you want to blow yourself up? !” Alice roared quickly. I didn’t come to my senses until she woke up. I threw the fireball at a tree not far away and saw that the tree was incinerated as soon as it touched the fireball! There are also waves of heat waves next to it! ~ I can’t open my eyes!
Chapter IV Leaving the Forest
"What happened just now? ! Why is the explosive force so strong? One accidentally lost his life! " I stared straight at a big hole not far from my eyes, and my voice trembled.
"How is that possible? Even for this skilled magician, the power is not so great! " Alice doesn’t seem to believe it either.
See just now was hit by ChuRe cold flame ball place formed a pit more than two meters deep, trees near by disappeared, there was a burning smell still echoed in the air.
"Is this the flame ball power? ! Hey hey! It’s amazing! I’m not afraid of that monster wolf anymore! " I seem to be satisfied with this result.
"Ah … I didn’t expect to teach you this monster. I just chanted about intermediate magic. I wanted to see if you could make it. I didn’t expect you, a monster who has never even touched primary magic, to be so powerful that the power of intermediate magic is twice as strong as usual!" Alice nai sighed
"Isn’t that right? I’m sure I’ll be stronger in this way, and there will be hope for revenge! ~ "My mouth is crooked.
"Ha ha, that’s a good thing, but don’t use magic again after you, or there will be chaos."
"well! But I can also do this trick. Please teach it again! " I pleaded with a greedy look
"Okay, okay, I’ll teach you every kind of intermediate element magic, but it’s not worthwhile to do every trick because you’re new to magic. I’m afraid you won’t be able to control the magic fluctuations and cause the magic to bite back."
I asked one leng "magic itself? That is to say, if you can’t control it, you will be hurt by it? "
"Well, your understanding is quite high. That’s about it. You should be careful not to be so reckless or something will happen …"
"Well, I will study hard and won’t let it hurt me. Well, just teach it quickly." Whatever the magic itself, learn first and then say hey hey.
"Well, first of all, come to the water and repeat after me,’ Great water element, release your strength of rigidity and softness, and destroy the enemy in front of you with your strength!’ "
With the completion of the spell, my hand quickly collected a lot of water elements and slowly formed a tough knife. I tried to throw it into a nearby forest and saw it fly to the destination quickly. Suddenly, a dozen identical knives appeared halfway, each of which was exactly the same, and then rushed forward. When they touched the tree, they saw that the huge tree was actually broken by the middle and the tough water knife did not disappear. They didn’t disappear until they cut off dozens of big trees. Oh, my God! I can hardly believe that I did it myself. I saw that the big trees in front of me fell down one by one and surprised many small and weak Warcraft. I think even if there is a big Warcraft, it will have to go around.
"How is that possible! ? You’ water tough chop’ can actually be transformed? And the number of illusion is actually more than a dozen! ? Oh, my god This is incredible! " Alice exclaimed.
"What? Don’t you think the water-tough chop will not turn into reality? What was that just now? " I was also shocked by this power and asked.
"It’s not that you can’t conjure up so many things like you. It’s the first time I’ve seen even the care division’s ability to conjure up three at most ~! Also, my saint ability can turn into four. Oh, my God! I think you look like a monster more and more … "
"What? Then what the hell was that? Just now, there were more than a dozen. That’s right. "
"The only explanation can say that your ability is terrible. Every magic contains such a strong magic element. If you practice later, I’m afraid you even have the ability to destroy the world," Alice replied angrily.
I scratched my head and laughed, "Haha … at most, I just don’t do magic casually. It’s not good to hurt Koo people."
"Well, your ability to control magic is too weak to control magic energy at will, which is not good. I think I’d better teach you how to defend against magic first."
"Defense magic? To protect yourself? Well, if you get hurt later, this is the most suitable and good. "
Alice explained, "Not only to protect yourself, but also to protect the people you want to protect. Anyway, after that, you will know that thunder magic is almost always offensive and deadly. If you don’t teach it, you will understand it yourself. Well, then change the wind magic now. Listen carefully and do as you like. Please come to my side and protect me with your leaking strength." Wind wall! "
With the completion of the spell, I felt that the winds around me covered my whole body, and I didn’t miss a place, thus protecting me tightly, but I didn’t feel any pressure inside, as if these winds were always at a certain distance from me, but I could clearly see the situation outside. "
"This is the wind magic? ~ "I asked Alice tentatively.
"Yeah, but I didn’t expect it to be so tight that ordinary magic can’t be broken, but you can launch his magic inside. It’s really amazing …" Alice has a much stronger ability to accept me as a monster because she saw my previous two performances.
"Oh but how to break it? It’s not always like this, is it? " I looked at the wind wall around me and asked silly
"Stupid … you just have to restrain your magic."
"Why didn’t you say …" I said, and the magic wind wall was dispersed immediately.
"Ha ha …? Magic is not bad, is it? Good-looking and solid "Ashley seems a little proud in her tone.
"well! But isn’t there another kind besides thunder magic? What’s called "magic" that I also want to learn "I’m a greedy way.
"Yeah, but it’s not easy to learn to pick this up. Even I can’t make it out. There is also a demon king who can teleport at the intermediate level, but the mileage can also be ten miles. Do you want to try?"