Maybe he was afraid that she would turn around again. He held her arm and didn’t let it go. The strength almost made her doubt that her bones would be crushed.

Phoenix shallow is angry.
"What’s the matter with you!" She slapped her arms and hands hard.
Who knows that after the "pa" sounded, she still failed to break free from the shackles of men.
Lie in the trough!
Chicken shallow turned supercilious look chest falling panting together "you this person how so rude and I don’t know you what are you doing holding me? I don’t know whether men and women give or receive! "
"Answer my question!"
"I am not partial!"
Phoenix shallow is a ChiRuanBuChiHard sex at the moment simply make up the brute strength, regardless of whether their hands will be more painful so hard struggle "if you don’t let me go, I will shout! Don’t blame me for not waking you up! "
Grandma has never bullied her so much. Why can’t this pole hit a strange man?
Eyes touch her eyes, resist disgust, men’s pupils shrink, and the bottom of their eyes is crossed with a trace of injury, and they always put her away slowly.
"Don’t shout to answer my question until I touch you, okay?" He slightly coagulated the eyebrows low way
Phoenix shallow sneer
Are you scared when you hear her calling someone? Want to make peace with her? Dream!
"I, just, no!"
Say chicken shallow hum a look at will turn away from the man’s body a flash in front of her again.
But this time, there was nothing stronger than not touching her. First, she was not allowed to leave.
"The girl who means to offend is a girl who looks too much like an old friend. If there is any offense, I still hope Haihan."
As the man said, he apologized to her for a moment, which made Feng Shao embarrassed to show that kind of disgusted expression to him.
"Line line I culvert! Now I’m going back, please make way. Chapter 49, or you’ll be at your own risk!
"If you want a girl to answer a question, you will let her go back," the man said with a heavy lip.
"Threaten me?" Feng chuckled and smiled but didn’t reach her eyes. "It’s a pity that my aunt hates being threatened!"
She took two steps back and stared straight at the man in front of her. "I don’t think you seem to understand the situation-now there are officers and men everywhere asking me to shout, do you think they will help me or help you?"
At this point, she really smiled like a flower, "I forgot to tell you that I am their Lord."
The royal imperial guard is loyal to only the royal family, and even if he is high, he dare not call himself the leader of those officers and men.
The woman in front of me is …
Princess? Imperial concubine?
The man’s pupil shrinks slightly and quietly stares at Feng’s shallow and slightly raised face, suddenly feeling that maybe this Jurchen is not Xiaoqi before him.
In my memory, she was so free and easy, proud and lively only when he first met Xiao Qi.
Then it changed.
Because she was pressed by too many things, she couldn’t see her smile the last time she saw Xiaoqi.
"The girl is really misunderstood." Thought of here, the man also smiled but didn’t ask Feng Shao’s identity. The girl is still commensurate. "It’s wrong to be eager to find friends and is willing to apologize to the girl."
He didn’t look at him seriously until he said this. This man is really good-looking except for leaving a bad impression on her.
About a beautiful man with some evil spirits.
"The little seven you are looking for is missing?" Phoenix shallow finally calmly said a words with him.
The man shook his head "no" only after leng leng.
"Aren’t you still holding me in confusion?" Phoenix shallow immediately face heavy this man is a mental derangement is hopeless!
"She …"