Around to protect the emperor one by one bash elbows calendar eye guards are shocked intoxicated with Yang night release worship eyes.

Tang Xuanzong adjusted his mood but still couldn’t restrain his excitement. He looked at Yang Ye approvingly and said, "Love Qing! I’ve never heard poetry with such a rhythm. It’s really extreme! And every sentence and paragraph in that word doesn’t tell me about the center of the earth! "
Yang Ye bowed deeply with his fist in his heart and kept flashing an "OK" green light. He was excited but pretended to be very calm and modest. "Thank you for your praise!"
"No, no! I say it’s true! " The more Tang Xuanzong talked about it, the more excited he became. "As the saying goes,’ I am bent on ruling the country and going down in history, it’s hard to say that the blame is rolling in behind me.’ And the saying,’ It’s just that I have a life-and-death confidant to understand my anguish! "With that, Tang Xuanzong got up and spread his hands to Yang Ye and asked," Who is Ai Qing’s surname? "
"Began to play" Yang night fuels bowed their heads "Little people surnamed Peng Ming Bo word Qingshan where people …" Said Yang night hesitated "Little people are now living with my mother."
"Good good!" Tang Xuanzong clapped his hands and suddenly looked around. He realized that he was rude and quickly pretended to cough a few times. He sat back in the chair and said, "I now award you the gold medal. Your true friend and busy manager Ai Qing has a problem?"
Yang Ye suddenly turned to look at Li Bai and Li Baima and gave him a look. Yang Ye quickly bent down on his knees and cried out, "Thank you!"
"Uh-huh!" Emperor Xuanzong of Tang dynasty nodded.
Gao Lishi looked on and was annoyed that Li Bai and the little meal had just been stinked before the emperor. I hope the emperor can give me some punishment. How did you seal the official in the blink of an eye? So hurry up before the novel said, "it’s against the rules ….."
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty turned his head and gave Gao Lishi a hard stare. Gao Lishi immediately scared out in a cold sweat and took a few steps back to the original place. He dared not say more words.
Yang Ye’s heart is called a beauty! I didn’t expect that I could be an official in the Tang Dynasty. It’s much better to be an official than when Gou Jian was an official. At least I know a lot more about the Tang Dynasty according to my own history than when I was an official in wuyue. Is it possible to get close to it …
What about a large number of maids? Besides, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty is a famous harem beauty of 3,000 and a stunning beauty Yang Guifei who has been flowing for thousands of years!
Tang Xuanzong got up with a smile and took a few steps to the front of the wall on one side of the imperial house. He took a beautifully packaged box from the wood carving rack attached to the wall, turned around and smiled and walked back to the front of Yang Night. Yang Night smiled and said, "I love you and lead you to your bosom friend. This is even a gift for you."
Yang Ye looked up at the box with a lot of curiosity and greed in his eyes, but he still whispered, "I’m ashamed of you!"
"I will give you the land and you will take it!" Tang Xuanzong smiled and handed the box to Yang Ye.
Yang night hesitated a hands in the air took the box and looked up at Tang Xuanzong shouting "thank positions! Long live my emperor! "
"Ha ha!" Tang Xuanzong easily got up and pointed to the box in Yang Ye’s hand and asked, "This is Gong Aiqing, a tribute from Korea. Come and see if you like it!"
Yang Ye was so excited that he didn’t mention it. He put the box on the ground and shook a small machine. He slowly lifted the lid with his hands. In the box, there was a tall, thin, straight barrel-shaped hat with all kinds of jewels, gold and silver inlaid in patterns. It looked gorgeous and glittering!
"Does Aiqing like it?" Tang Xuanzong asked with a smile
"like it! Hey! The villain likes it too much! " Yang night shouted almost crying …
Watermelon and an egg! This damn straight bucket hat is actually green!
What did the former family give to Real Madrid? How can there be a royal green hat?
"Come on, let me see?" Tang Xuanzong looked at Yang night with great interest and raised his hand.
Yang night was stupefied, and then his teeth were almost broken. Tang Xuanzong! You are cruel! You wait for me to make you cuckold sooner or later!
Think so Yang night forced a smile and slowly picked up a hat and wore a head and smiled at Tang Xuanzong.
"Good good! Ai Qing, this hat really suits you! Wear it quite and match it! " Tang Xuanzong smiled and nodded.
Yang Ye also smiled and thought in his heart that if you say this hat again, I will definitely stab you to death with the hidden blade!
Good Tang Xuanzong finally shifted his attention at this time and didn’t talk about hat again, so that he could live to be in his seventies.
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Tang Xuanzong looked at Yang Ye again and asked with a smile, "Ai Qing, can you still know martial arts?"
"Back to the position of the villain, some people will show their legs in the Jianghu and call them Dong Fangbubai." Yang Ye’s heart hates his mouth. Hu said that he rolled his eyes and looked at his head and landed on the green hat. In his heart, there was a burst of anger and waves. This fire must be spread out, so he must find an outlet to piss me off! I’m so angry!
Dong Fangbubai?’ Tang Xuanzong is more interested in "unbeaten? So Ai Qing must be a master? "
Yang night looked up at Tang Xuanzong with a smile and said, "I’m afraid the imperial city has no rivals and may not be able to beat me with three punches and two feet."
"bold! ! !” A shrill voice to one side Gao Lishi pointed to Yang night mercilessly staring eyes.
"unbridled!" Tang Xuanzong didn’t give Gao Lishi a twist and shouted at him.
"Positions this this stubborn person …" Gao Lishi was frightened by the Tang Xuanzong, pointing to Yang night with a face of injustice.
"I’m sorry, Grandfather Gao. I’m a gold medal true confidant and busy manager. I’m not a stubborn person." Yang Yexiao looked at Gao Lishi and turned his head to look up at Emperor Xuanzong’s fuels and said, "If you don’t believe in the villain’s kung fu, the villain can perform at Grandfather Gao now!"
Gao Lishi, one leng of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, was frightened, but he saw Yang Ye easily break off a mahogany door frame, so the horse bared its teeth and shouted, "Bold! How dare you use force against the imperial house! Escort! Escort quickly! Protect the emperor! "
Several guards in the imperial room pulled out their knives one after another, and the guards outside heard Gao Lishi scream and rushed in and pulled out their swords to surround Yang night.
Yang looked around at the night and smiled. He looked up at Tang Xuanzong and raised his fist. "Do you allow villains to perform?"
Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty was very calm, smiled and nodded, then took a few steps back with his dragon robe and looked at Yang Ye quietly.
Li Bai was so frightened that he put his hands on it and didn’t dare to say "third brother!"
No way! No way! These guards are really good at killing you with knives! "
"Eldest brother rest assured that I have my own discretion!" Yang Ye said that he had twisted his shoulders and the fire in his heart shot up. This royal cuckold anger finally has an outlet! Of course, the target is not these guards, but Gao Lishi!
So quiet as a rabbit, Yang night has moved from kneeling posture to flying, shouting "sunflower acupuncturist!" ! !”