"Do you think I’m so private?" Jun Moying suddenly interrupted her coldly. "Is it impossible for him to be a general since the South China Sea war?" Black eyes are as rich and colorful as spilled ink. "Or are you reluctant to part with it?"

"No!" Phoenix shallow breathing a lag suddenly grabbed his hand "jun ink shadow I didn’t mean that if it weren’t for this matter, he didn’t go to the South China Sea with me! I’m afraid you misunderstand me. I’m afraid … "
Not that she is afraid, but that he is also afraid.
It’s not that you don’t love enough, but that you love too much. He can give her all the best things in the world. He doesn’t ask her to stay like this, but when this only wish is threatened …
I have never felt this way in more than twenty years, because he never can’t get what he wants.
So this time, when things happened so suddenly, he suddenly lost his mind and didn’t know what to do, and almost didn’t believe her.
"Shallow …" Jun Mo Ying closed her eyes, and the tight tone contained a hint of imperceptible trembling "I’m sorry"
I’m sorry I shouldn’t have made you so sad.
The next morning, the noble was "thrown" out of the palace.
At first, there were many people who didn’t understand why this normally unremarkable character was suddenly thrown out.
Because of Feng Shao’s pregnancy, Jun Moying didn’t deliberately hide it, but he didn’t let the doctor cure too much out. The few slaves in Longyin Palace know that others are still in the dark.
They just guessed it casually and associated it with the fact that the nobles offended the imperial concubine when they were eating in the harem on New Year’s Eve. Guess that the imperial concubine and the emperor had a conflict a few days ago and didn’t immediately deal with that person.
But at this moment, the imperial concubine and the emperor are reconciled again, aren’t they?
You should always come, and you can’t escape this robbery!
Occasionally, there are some people who know more about the details before they know that the imperial concubine was brought back to Longyin Palace by the emperor, and the nobles also appeared. It is said that they wanted to rob the emperor with the imperial concubine. The consequence of overreaching is that the imperial concubine trick or two was immediately knocked down, and even the bone residue was left out of the palace.
It’s better not to be too arrogant when talking about people
Since you don’t know, treat yourself well and don’t think about those who have suffered in the end, not yourself.
The queen was furious when she heard the news.
Make up so soon?
She couldn’t believe it. Didn’t she refuse to meet in the snow that night?
How long can she really last this refusal? Chapter 975 One stroke is a dead end!
After all this painstaking efforts, I didn’t expect the ending to be like this. The queen was so angry that she couldn’t say a word.
Phoenix shallow that base * people to win back the emperor is really strong, trying to even pretend to faint this dirty drama is damn it!
What should we do now? Don’t just let them go?
Now even Yunluo has gone the same way. She can’t do it again …
While the queen was thinking hard, a sudden noise outside made her frown.
Just got up from the chair and there was already a large group of people pouring in-Li Detong personally took people.
The queen was surprised. "What’s so important about Li Gonggong suddenly bringing so many people to the palace?"
A bad feeling suddenly flashed in my heart.
Li Detong even saved a perfunctory smile this time. Before looking at the dignified and elegant woman, she cleared her throat and said, "The empress slave is here to purport."
So solemn
The bad feeling in the queen’s heart is getting stronger and stronger. While lifting her skirt, she slowly knelt down and wondered what happened recently. Was it that she framed Feng Shao and Yun Luo and was discovered by the emperor?
It’s impossible. The plan is so meticulous that even if it is found, it should be suspicious. Without conclusive evidence, it should be beyond the purpose …
What is the purpose of the queen’s heart thumping? For her, as a queen, since she hasn’t done anything worthy of praise recently, it’s only a matter of reducing the crime, but generally it is necessary to come to the purpose of reducing the crime, right? Even if she was taken away by the emperor, she didn’t make it to the purport unless it was …
Suddenly, when his face turned white, he listened to Li Detong singing his promise, "Fengtian carried the emperor’s imperial edict to the queen’s palace for many years, but he acted instead of trying to harm the fact that he already had a dragon princess and was suspected of false imperial edict. This is a great sin and a great loss of the motherland’s demeanor. Now, all the witness and material evidence will be abolished from now on, and the title of the queen will be abandoned to the cold palace …!"