Qinchuan smile undiminished.

The words sound just fell and suddenly, the body suddenly became popular, but it was popular towards Ye Qiuqi’s disease. The sword town was full of mountains and rivers, and the sword was really yuan, and a burst of white light shone out, and suddenly the gas was sharply compressed as if it were tearing, and it was just an unnamed chop!
The combination of these two techniques has some ten steps and one killing shadow.
On that day, the onlookers were surprised that Lin Aoxiu had become an unnamed chop, but who thought that this method of Qin Chuan would have been too familiar?
Sure enough, there was an exclamation in the crowd.
Looked at Ye Qiuji face also fear qinchuan is level, he has long known that nature will not be like others, and then steps quickly withdraw a blink across is out of the scope of the unnamed chop melee.
Suddenly counting the ice cones, and now the condensation behind him is suddenly inserted towards his evacuation path, and it seems that there is a cold wind hitting the back of the ridge and it is a little cold.
Xuan Bing sting!
Ye Qiuqi had to stop.
Suddenly see Qinchuan single-arm Yang Jian Zhenshanhe suddenly flew out of his hand and hung out in the just-settled Ye Qiuqi’s instant sword, and the aura around it flowed violently, which made the sword faint and sound, and Lei Guang gradually bombarded crazily.
Suddenly thunder and lightning were furious.
"Thunder and roar in the sky"
Taiwan official Yao mouth light tunnel 1
This type of thunderclap is the first type of Sanqing thunder control tactic. Speaking of it, Qinchuan has learned this tactic from somewhere for a long time, and he has seen it twice. It was Master who said that the temperature was not good, but it was unexpected. Did Qinchuan achieve something just a year ago?
"This is extraordinary"
Hole virtual suddenly fondle must sigh a flash in the eyes with a different.
"Changfeng, regardless of his brother’s safety, granted the thunder tactic without authorization, even if it was wrong."
However, there is a worry in the purple imaginary nun 1′ s tunnel, that is, Lei Nai Tianwei controls the thunder tactic, but it is also unreasonable for her to be so worried that if she is not careful, she will be punished by heaven.
The elders around them nodded their heads in a passive way, but they dared not comment, but they were still amazed.
It’s true that you have mastered the mine-controlling cave at such an age.
Compared with the elders’ seats, the onlookers are already sighing.
They have already used words to form their own mood at the moment. Only when they look at Taiwan with amazement, two people are so wonderful that no one will doubt the strength of Lingyunge’s static and virtual brother. Why Qinchuan won the white pool by luck, but some people are afraid to speak again.
Qinchuan Ye Qiuqi’s strength has gone beyond the category of extreme ways.
"The spirit is empty and the sword is potential!"
At this time, Ye Qiuji’s face was so terrible that he swallowed the sun and the moon, jumped up from his hand, and rotated several times with the real yuan countercurrent, and finally stuck it straight at his feet.
Abrupt hands print a knot.
Seeing that the sun and the moon are shining with white light, a true yuan quickly flows out of the sword, but it spreads evenly around him, which is somewhat empty with the aura of heaven and earth.
Then that day, the thunder roared with ferocity and fury, but the thunder roared at odd feet in Ye Qiu, but it was extremely skillfully resolved by the scattered truth, and gradually became weaker with the endless influx of heaven and earth reiki.
Is Ye Qiuqi dare not move half a point.
This spiritual virtual sword potential is to run all its own true elements, so it is a gamble to maintain the unity of Daoyin and Mind when resolving the opponent’s true element offensive.
At this time, Qinchuan will attack himself.
Chapter 21 bosom friend
"Do you want me, too?"
Qinchuan, however, stood still and smiled softly.
Your attack Ye Qiuji at the moment will naturally fall in the wind, but it’s just a fall in the wind. If this degree of counterattack is subdued, he will not be his companion.
"I won’t let you"
Ye Qiuqi said that his hands still maintained the Daoyin town, and the thunder and lightning kept his mind under great pressure.
"Do you know that I am going to practice in Fuxi Mountain?" He asked.
"I won’t ask if you don’t tell me."
Qinchuan replied
The Ye family in Zhongzhou is a noble family, and the descendants of another close family of the Confucian Garden, the giant of repairing the truth, all went to the Confucian Garden for further study, but Ye Qiuqi came here to avoid the world and ask Fuxi Mountain, which really puzzled Qinchuan. What is the story of Ye Qiuqi in his Ye family?
"I said it would be a joke to win this pole."
Ye Qiuji said, looking as usual, he was never always relaxed and casual, and his smirk seemed to be like that when he came out of the dreamland of Stargazing Cave.
He continued, "but I heard some bad news this time, so I decided to prove it to them. I have to beat you."
Calling out the name of Qinchuan Ye Qiuqi suddenly smiled shallowly.
Qinchuan is his most valued confidant, but he is also his strongest opponent. If it weren’t for Qinchuan, maybe he wouldn’t have grown up like this.
"Come on, I like you."
Qinchuan’s voice just fell and suddenly a silver light flashed in front of Ye Qiuqi, which was extremely dazzling. The breath of Zhen Yuan suddenly swept wildly and blinked. A seemingly exquisite and precious single-edged sword suddenly stopped, but now the silver light shone for a moment and condensed into an entity.