The mighty dozens of people walked into the original Nuo courtyard of Pangui Building, which seemed a little crowded at the moment. At the moment, the courtyard was so swaying that there was no contact. To the front, the doors and windows are closed on both floors of the attic.

Take a few more steps.
Sue home two old bedroom unexpectedly came out of some kind of like depression, pain and like * sound.
Most of the fields are men, especially Gu Huai. Gu An invited witnesses to the full moon ceremony, regardless of their status, they are detached and naturally older. There are children and women. Who can’t know what’s going on inside?
It turned out that although Song Yuan was coming to Wen Anyan, his face suddenly turned a little reddish. "Master, why don’t we go back to Tai Hospital first?"
"It seems that Sue’s two old ladies are fine and Mrs Gu is not too worried." Naturally, there are those who are not stick to one pattern and quipped with a light smile at the moment.
Su Yi low head complexion and some ugly heart complain just now also don’t know which people don’t make things clear to report now make such a big goal is … It’s … It’s a shame.
"All right, Sue Sue wants them to have no problem." Gu Huai patted Su Yi on the back.
The courtyard is in twos and threes. Although they all hold their own identities, they don’t glance around or talk about it, but their eyes can clearly see their eyes disdaining and mocking the old man during the day. It’s really shameless!
Soon because of Su Cen, the whole charming people also know the situation; There is Su Yi who is as good as Mrs. Qi, and the three sisters are a little nervous at once, saying that they want to come and see. Of course, there are also those who watch the fun, such as the Xu family and the married princess Xu Shi Su Yi can finally enjoy Gu Huai’s love for a long time. This cool capital aristocratic circle is very rare.
Woman, who doesn’t have a jealousy?
Soon more people knew that the whole Pangui building was full of people in twos and threes, and the women were looking for their men or asking about the situation or listening with their faces flushed and biting their ears; Where can I see the unmarried daughter’s house when almost all her daughters have been kicked out?
When Sue’s parents finally realized that they had been stopped from pushing, Qian hurried to rhyme but found that there were young women who asked carefully before they knew that everyone had gone to Pangui Building.
Isn’t that where they live? What the hell happened?
Mrs. Su turned her head anxiously and gave Qian a bad look. "Why don’t you tell me what you did?"
"Mom, this is funny. What can I do?" Qian Shi listened to Su Cen’s words and pulled the two old people to the secluded pavilion or let them leave.
Grandpa Su glared at Qian in disbelief. "You’d better be like this or hum!"
When they arrived at Pangui Building, the whole courtyard of Pangui Building was noisy like a vegetable market.
Father Su frowned involuntarily, but he just heard someone poking fun at himself.
"Ha ha looking at the Sue father is really hale and hearty for so long … gee …"
Immediately, Grandpa Su was annoyed and angry on the spot. "What are you talking about?"
"Who are you scolding, old deathlessly?" The young man was talking to the person next to him. He was so angry at being scolded at the moment that he raised his hand and was about to start work.
Too much noise attracted others’ attention. Su Yi saw that the pupil shrank immediately, and "Qi Shi showed mercy."
"Susie, what are you doing?" Grandfather Su was so angry that his face turned white, especially when he heard the vague talk around him that he was so ashamed that his face was almost gone.
Gu Huai soon noticed that something was wrong. "Father-in-law’s adult and mother-in-law’s adult, why are you here?"
All of a sudden, people just came to their senses. So these two are the Chinese and Soviet grandfathers and the Soviet old ladies. But then I came to my senses. Since the two old people are here, there is …
"If I remember my sister, the Licheng Sujia Firm is mostly your goods, right?" Mrs. Qi lowered her head and looked at her freshly made cardamom nails. It looked really good.
Qian’s smell speech immediately smiled scornfully. "We didn’t marry the surname officer."
Li Cheng Su Jia is a firm owned by Han nationality, and it is also combined with the three famous firms in Western Chu, and it is the only one that takes Li Cheng from Stuart’s family.
"Ha ha ha"
Mrs. Qi immediately turned to look at the butler. "Officer, sister, gee, it seems that your family is dying. This separation can build a family."
"It seems that this time we should let Situzheng come back and have a good talk." The official wife was very ugly.
Qian frowned and looked puzzled.
Mi Xueer immediately tilted his fingers and leaned over to look lazy. "Seeing that you are so topped and have no knowledge, Miss Share kindly told you that your so-called Stuart family’s so-called imperial merchants hum is just a separation of government."
"What did you say?" Qian’s smell speech suddenly changed his face.
"How do you know that you are afraid now?" Mi Xueer’s eyes were round and round, and she looked at her like this. "Isn’t it quite arrogant just now?"
"Forget it, Sister Mi. Stop it."
Looking at Sue’s father and Sue’s old lady, Su Yi gently pulled Mrs Qi’s sleeve.
"It’s not that my sister said that you are going to crack down on some people who don’t know themselves. Don’t forget that you are being bullied even if you are in front of your position."
Mrs Qi raised her hand and gently poked Su Yi’s forehead and face with a lightly chastising look.