Tang Jinfeng looked at Cai Qing with a face of anger, but there was no way to speak. The smile on her mouth grew bigger and bigger. He approached Cai Qing, and her face-to-face eyes counseled and poked directly into Cai Qing’s heart, which made people feel chilly.

"Miss Cai Qing, why don’t we play a game? I’ll help you to see if the third prince is all right with you?" Tang Jinfeng laughed in a low voice, and his eyes were calculated, even when he saw the poison feather, he retreated three points.
Cai Qing was cold all over. She knew something was wrong, but she was stiff as a stone statue and couldn’t move.
She was taken away by Tang Jinfeng, but she kept thinking about Mu Junze just saying that sentence.
He said she didn’t have any nostalgia.
But if she really didn’t want to stay, why did she deliberately stay for so long? I always expected to see him coming back. Chapter 33 Lin Yu is a talented person.
Lin Yu in the retreat hall looked at her eyebrows and twisted her eyes deeply. Her experience was low and she sighed.
Why can’t this spoony prince catch up with Cai Qing?
And that character Cai Qing will die if she looks back at someone?
There’s a limit to sex. At least a prince has been guarding her for so many years.
If you want to help Qiu Dye Lin Yu, you can be sure that if it weren’t for Qiu Dye’s resemblance, Cai Qing Mu Junze wouldn’t even look at her.
"Three report this case, although we know the facts, Xu Yanxu’s adult has already finalized it. I’m afraid it’s not easy to overthrow the Ministry." Lin Yu propped up his forehead to draw attention to it.
At this time, they are both in the same boat. When Mu Junze capsized, she had to get wet with them.
"We don’t have enough evidence, but it happened that Tianxiang Building only protected Chunying, even if it wasn’t enough. The king had ordered people to block Tianxiang Building and take a bunch of people to wait for it." Mu Junze thought about this and expressed his consideration.
Lin Yu smiled. Although the third prince was trapped, it was worthy of being the royal brother Jun Chen’s right-hand man. It was still very reliable.
"What about Zhou Shi?" Lin Yu talked about a difficult problem
There must be a plaintiff and a defendant in the case. Now, if they want to turn the situation around and turn Zhou Aotian into a defendant, they must contact him and search for his evidence.
But he has a special status, not only as an envoy, but also as a great Wei. Maybe it will make the great Wei hostile to the Southern Tang Dynasty. If the imperial court sends troops, it will not be a problem, but it will suffer the people.
Lin Yu thinks this is also why Jun Chen doesn’t want to suppress Wei strongly, but wants to suppress and give face to face.
After all, in peacetime, we must use knives and guns.
Living in a high hall is not to see clearly in front of you, but also to pay attention to the interests of the lowest people at all times.
"The king will personally go to the trial of Zhou Aotian, and then you will stay out of it." Mu Junze looked at Lin Yu’s face and relaxed a little.
Before the thought of his brother specially told not to let Lin Yu come into contact with Zhou Aotian to prevent her from having an accident.
Lin Yu pursed her mouth and looked at Mu Junze’s expression, and you knew that Jun Chen’s exact words were definitely not allowed to make trouble with Lin Yu’s troublemaker!
Or I’ll kill you both!
Gee …
Think of the deterrent day domineering Lin Yu in Jun Chen’s eyes and feel a chill all over.
"The three report walk slowly don’t send" Lin Yu will MuJunZe sent out of the office two people say something more about the case in how to layout to scruple about something.
After saying these words to Lin Yu, Mu Junze’s depression has been eliminated a lot when he went out.
He found Lin Yudang a real wonder!
It seems that you are born with an affinity that makes people wary.
And she’s smart and very case-oriented. She has many original ideas and … Hehehe! And some unfair means!
But she said plausibly, "improper means is to deal with improper people, which is the so-called’ symptomatic medicine’!"
"What a symptomatic medicine!" MuJunZe corners of the mouth slightly raised suddenly feel Lin Yuzhen is a talent of his great China.
Also blame no wonder brother so highly of her so … Spoil her!
Because she has something lovely.
Much better than Cai Qing!
Caiqing …
Mu Junze raised a self-deprecating radian at the corner of his mouth. Sure enough, he couldn’t forget her.
She’s like a faint fragrance floating in the air, seeping into him, breathing into his body
Breathe and inhale all over her body is her smell.