Because this Zijin darksteel is placed in the forbidden area, that is, the place where it is said that twenty fairy swords flew out in those years, no one can enter except the children of this clan, and even the disciples of this clan can only enter once in their lives, and no one will give the only Zijin darksteel to others.

… ———— Chapter 037 Swear on God’s honor In a grand and luxurious villa in a manor in the southeast corner of Manhattan, the classical and elegant music makes the whole banquet hall in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and people with good relationships form a small group and talk easily. Holding a crystal-clear glass, […]

Under the weakening of the four sources, his threat disappeared immediately, and the weak fire and water wind gradually lost its deadly power.

"What’s the matter …" Chen cold completely confused, followed by the last source force also disappeared, but he didn’t escape, around is not full of HarmonyOS qi vanity, but the endless flame. Psychic knowledge can be isolated! He was very surprised by the sudden change. Here, the consciousness can leave the body. Although the flames […]

In the middle of the battle, those heavenly soldiers will be ordered to stop attacking immediately, and the guardians will return to the head of the huge mechanical life, and then the huge mechanical life will start to walk step by step and step deep in the clouds.

Chapter four hundred and nineteen Decisive Battle (1) Qin Na returned to the Terran tribe, and the next day it began to rain sparsely, and in these sparse rains, the celestial military forces were dispatched again. "Something is wrong" Qin Na just flew in and felt a strange feeling. These rain drops in the sky […]


Lin Yu found that a person gasped at the top of his head. "Lin Yu, are you okay? !” "TaiDian are you okay? !” Two people call out almost at the same time! What a tacit understanding! Chunyu Tianyou laughed happily. Lin Yu didn’t good the spirit stare at him. Why don’t you laugh? "Lin […]

"You are too should live in the East, your father loves you dearly, you are young, live in Hele Temple and wait for you to be older, and then go to the East harem, where women live. How can you live? After also shouldn’t be with your mother every day, after all, you are seven years old, "the queen mother said.

She would never have said this before, but now … she is not happy! "Your mother is the queen … she is out of line, so she shouldn’t be in charge of the previous affairs. Now she is in charge of too much mourning, but it is still beneficial to say that this place is […]

And that’s not the real headwind of the Shadow Clan, but the headwind’s ability to summon a shadow humanoid who is exactly the same as himself. This is the higher the ability of the Shadow Clan, the more shadow humanoid can be summoned to fight side by side with ten enemies and one group of people.

It’s Li’s shadow against the wind. The Millennium Lord is a little scary. You should know that the strength of the Holy Family Floating Life and the Honghuadou Taihen Mercy Valley here has never been crossed by the lords before, and no one can tell the difference between high and low, so it is impossible […]

Miss Liner shook her head. Nowadays, all kinds of people think about money, but there are many people who are crazy. She immediately put the teenager’s words aside as a joke and cleaned up the booth.

In front of this booth, many people are bargaining with the boss, because there are many valuable things on the shelf of this boss. The materials of the fourth-order and fifth-order alchemists are quite a few, and there are many mysterious folk remedies of the alchemists. She just saw a lot of the fifth-order dark […]

A spear was inserted into the heart of the translator next to the Japanese general by mistake. The handle of the spear was inserted into the heart, leaving his chest less than two inches.

That’s Yang Ye’s grade, ten ring! The other spear went straight into the Japanese leader’s head, and the spear tip was inserted from the middle of the nasal bone, then the spear blade and then the spear handle. With great strength and speed, the head of Che Chilang, the main commander of Japan, was stabbed […]