Jia quickly asked

She is sad for a while at most if her brother has committed a crime, but if even Jia’s family property is affected, she will have no face to meet her ancestors Heaven said, "If the Jia family business depends on its position, how can it be decided that the Jia family still owes Royal […]

It was polished by the best secret magic ghost, and then it was given to the investigation bureaus of various departments after it was seen that there was no problem.

Construction, personnel, materials, etc. are left to the Bureau of Investigation. I believe the FBI can handle it. He also has more things to do. "Lebanon’s plan to establish a base city is only the first step, and whether the subsequent wave impact can be blocked is also the key." "And when the gray fog […]

I’ve been devastated since I hated the palace master Yuan Shen, and now I’m very hard to recover, and I’ve got such a sudden piercing scream, and the audience’s back is cold with anger

Qing Wei was indifferent to this, and felt a faint light spot emerging from the truth, so I couldn’t help smiling with satisfaction. "Don’t worry, being original will come to you." When I left the hate palace, I stopped for a moment, and then I smiled and released the road flyover crane. Mrs. Albizia, Qingwei, […]

"Look! Something flew over! "

A student exclaimed because a huge flying creature was approaching in the distance. At present, the height of the college is close to 300 meters, which is not very high. Many creatures, even trees, can reach this height, and those flying creatures can fly here easily. "cheep-!" The flying creature is a pterodactyl creature with […]


"Brother Fish has a clue." Young people wearing glasses walked into a dignified face. "There are clues with cultists!" …… …… Shui Ze base No.3 satellite city B 16 residential resettlement area The temporary buildings here are arranged in rows, leaving a very narrow and not spacious street. There are many vendors shouting and selling […]

Xiao Canghai agreed, "I think it’s very good for the water champion to consider. At present, every step should be careful when maintaining the strength key."

Aoki said, "I don’t mind if Sister Shui goes. Is it convenient for her alone?" Shuimengji said, "I’ve thought about this. One more person will add more burden and more danger. I went to Tianshi Valley this time to ask for information, not to destroy the enemy. I am enough alone." Seeing the water dream […]

"Hum, I killed the headstrong snake spirit and took the orb, and Xiaolian tried to take it. I had to jump off the cliff, so my wife’s life was fatal or I would have been shattered. Can I forget this revenge?" Grandmother gritted her teeth and stared at me with a pair of yellow eyes and said

After listening to some words, I told Grandmother that the pearl was nobody, but Lillian really needed it! Without this orb, she will always be as cold as a walking corpse. Just when I think this wife is not so hateful, Grandma Sun said something that made me rekindle my anger against her. Grandmother Sun […]

But for aliens?

That’s the gladiator blocking the car. If it weren’t for his own young lady behind him, Lao Wang would have knelt down for mercy by now. Lao Wang’s voice is bright and full of gas. It’s far from here. But no one answered There are those resurrected bodies screaming. In the cold winter, the guards […]