Think about it. It’s hard to kill terrorism. Sun Hao feels helpless.

The terror in the good passage is slightly different from that in the wilderness. The fear perception of Youge is not strong, and the eyesight is not very good, or the reason why this passage is suppressed is that they did not find the monks who broke in.
Moreover, there is a little difference between "three fears" and "fewer fears" in the wilderness.
If it was a wild panic, Luo Peng’s body would have been torn to pieces or swallowed by the panic at this moment, and he would never have fallen to the wall of the passage so completely.
Although the trepidation is a bit strange, the team dare not move, for fear that one careless attack will lead to a siege of three trepidation, and the trouble will be great.
Zhao Zhumo looked at the ghost and asked with a smile, "What should we do if the temple master takes it?"
The ghost has not returned, seemingly absently "Oh, Oh …" Then he said, "Do what you have to do, as if it’s no big deal."
Zhao Zhu’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and his heart says that this is not the return of the temple master, which is a bit unreliable.
Yue Dayong and Yi Lu lights looked at each other, and they also felt very bad. I felt that the wisdom of the soul has always been a legacy of Zhizhu, but now the state is not right. Isn’t it like Gaia that the IQ of another form of wisdom will be limited to lower?
Sun Hao smiled indifferently and said, "Little Temple Master, can we just kill it?"
Shan Guan’s eyes flashed with different colors and didn’t speak.
His friar Qi Qi said that if he directly killed the past, would the horse die on its own like Luo Peng?
Wisdom chi mouth said, "it’s ok to cut directly, but …" She found that most monks look at monsters in general and look at their eyes and quickly changed to say, "Aquilaria sinensis, you’d better try the results first."
The monks breathed a sigh of relief, which was a slightly good idea.
Anyway, it’s always good to try first
Sun Hao smiled and nodded his wrist. Wan Li clouds appeared, and his hand stood intently. Sun Hao slowly adjusted the attack angle.
Sun Hao is not in a hurry to look for opportunities carefully.
But at one moment, when the other two trepidations came to the other side of the passage and the line of sight was not in this direction, Sun Hao’s hand loosened.
A cloud of smoke rushed out and passed in a row.
Poof, I’m afraid that the sharp arrow at the root of the forelimb will flash away.
Suddenly, he stood upright and roared at the monks.
The monks are in a tight spirit.
Terror ran two steps and slammed into the channel and twitched violently.
Soon stopped twitching and fell motionless in the passage.
This was wiped out?
Monks, look at me. I look at your heart. It feels very strange.
On the other side of the channel, the two trepidations were just a few voices when the trepidation roared, but they didn’t attack the monks, still wandering in the distance as if they didn’t find much.
Sun Hao holds a bow and stands with two sharp arrows. Wan Li clouds and smoke pull the bow with a full string and gently let go and two sharp arrows break away.
Poof-poof two sharp arrows accurately and mistakenly disappeared into the root of the forelimb of terror.
Faced with the attack, there was not much reaction. Suddenly, he growled and found the murderer Sun Hao shaking his head and wagging his tail.
I didn’t wait long to rush out, but I fell headlong into the passage. Soon I stopped struggling and died completely.
Sun Hao said with Bao Gonglang in his hand, "Wisdom and delusion are really good eyes and good judgment. The fear in this channel is really frightening, and the paper tiger strength is not very strong."
Ranked then all look at the soul wisdom chi qi.
Soul wisdom chi seems confused and said, "isn’t that very simple? How can captivity be better than wild? "
Shang Shenghao brightened up at the moment and said, "Little temple master can judge the form so quickly."
"Oh, oh, oh" is a good response to Shang Sheng, and then he said, "But it’s still very strange here. It’s not necessarily strong and weak. It’s not necessarily easy to bully. Say agarwood, can’t you read? Look at what ancient characters are on the wall of the passage."
Strong is not necessarily powerful, weak is not necessarily easy to bully.
Sun Hao moved in his heart and then recognized the font of the passage wall according to the words.
This is a font that Sun Hao has dabbled in since ancient times. Soon Sun Hao slowly said, "We have now entered the hades post channel, that is, the characters and strokes of the hades post can’t be destroyed at will. At present, the place where we live is called the hades cloister, but it is the back stroke of the hades post …"
Hades cloister?
Is to look around without any cloister.
Maybe the passage is too spacious. It looks more like a huge hall in ancient times.
The pattern font on the wall doesn’t say what needs to be done to repair the Hades’ post. After a meeting, the monks decided to rush along the cloister. What’s going on? If you kill it, you will naturally know what’s going on.
Zhao Zhu’s magic is Li Min’s choice. The ordinary resources of Luo Peng’s bag may not enter Zhao Zhu’s magic eye, but it is possible to raise the baby elixir in the monk’s bag after passing through the stone mountain, but it must be put away
Li Min was very well-advised to throw the bag to Zhao Zhu’s magic team and began to advance step by step. The straight channel went further and further.
Before disappearing far away, Sun Hao deliberately looked back at Luo Peng, who threw himself on the wall, and thought that Luo Peng might be the ancient demon Luo Peng, so it was over?
Is it too simple?
But Sun Hao carefully checked Luo Peng with the knowledge of gods, and he was absolutely sure that Luo Peng had really fallen into the cloister with the broken breath of then.
Sun Hao always has doubts in his heart, but he is still puzzled.
Soon, a large number of fear animals appeared in the cloister, which attracted Sun Hao’s attention. Sun Hao and the small group of monks began to fight against fear animals together.
There is no end in sight in the huge cloister, and there are monsters along the road.
And most of them look very powerful and scary, but in fact, the horror in the parallel horror corridor has some abilities of wilderness horror, such as great strength and full of momentum when running.
It is estimated that Luo Peng is a man who died after being hunted down by three violent fears.
However, the defense against terrorism in the cloister is very poor. Not only is the bottom of the forelimb easy to be shot through directly, but even the leather armor is not particularly thick. Then we can kill it instantly with one fire.
As the team advanced into the cloister, he began to appear. His fear of animals was fierce, but gliding fear began to appear in groups.
After some testing, the monks found that the wing fear is also a parallel import, which is not too difficult or so difficult in the wilderness.
Although there are a lot of great fears in the cloister, they are probably not real entities. It is not difficult to deal with them because of their weak general strength in ancient times.
Of course, the monks also get nothing after killing the great fear. The great fear is likely to be transformed by the special negative energy of hades’ post. After killing, the flesh and blood will disappear naturally in a short time
Slowly, the monks began to relax.
The team is advancing faster and faster.
There are more and more kinds of giant fears, and slowly some weaker giant fears in the wilderness have begun to appear.
Friar found that a group of trepidation was mixed with a petite fear of harming plum blossoms.
Small and afraid of animals, with plum blossoms, looks delicate and harmful at all, and generally does not attack monks with plum blossoms in the wilderness.
After killing the plum blossom, I was afraid of the sudden fear around me, and I said with great care, "Since it appears in the cloister, I’d better accept you …"
Chapter nine hundred and forty-seven Unknown murderer
With a wave of his whip, he randomly draws at the plum blossom that looks very harmful.
Beat the plum blossom with a whip and fear the body.
Then, the ghost called "No, it’s so powerful …"
The animal has bowed its head and raised its delicate horns, and rushed at the ghost.
Sun Hao said with a big move in his heart, "Brother Sanjiu, pay attention to the fact that the strong may be reversed in Hades’ cloister, and the weak may not be bullied …"
Monks can’t help but think of the sentence that the soul has not returned, and look at it. I have been chased around by the ghost, and I have been attacked by the ghost for several times. If things are delicate and fearful, I think it is not true, right?
The fact that the soul has not returned is quite correct.