God fish again
This must be seen!
"The second smell …"
The vulture Terran pondered for a few seconds. "It’s heard that a five-claw dragon has appeared in the two boundary mountains north-southeast of here. This kind of heaven and earth beast arrival will breathe majestic aura. Many monks want to enter the two boundary mountains to practice. This kind of practice is comparable to one year, which is an opportunity for monks."
"Or search for some treasures left by the arrival of Qinglong or take two pieces of Long Lin to refine the materials …"
"But it’s a pity that the fierce beasts in the two boundary mountains are like the sea, and the godsworn roots dare not enter …"
Wang Mu nodded. This smell is also interesting.
To say that there are still quite a lot of god beasts in the cultivation of immortals …
After the change of heaven and earth, many ancient creatures wake up, either mutating or evolving. This heaven and earth can walk across the sea, mountain beasts and beasts.
Many animal benders are most eager to find a beast cub.
This beast has a very high combat power, which is unimaginable for a monk to ascend.
There are even many monks who are keen on royal animals.
"Cultivate immortality treasure can dream …"
Wang Mu nodded. The smell should attract many people to …
"Third, I heard … um … Daoyou heard the saying that Lingzhou has a burn’s repair that can prolong life and make up yuan, and the net baby can be expected."
The vulture Terran has some hot eyes.
Seems to yearn for it
"I just came to Lingzhou and don’t know much about it …" Wang Mudao
"To put it simply, we have the ancient clan of the Huang family in Lingzhou. They can supplement the spiritual roots of Shou Yuansheng by taking advantage of the ancient times to burn blood vessels. Even the monks with the worst qualifications can steadily step into the Yuan infant period."
"…" Wang Mu.
"This ancient clan of Huang’s has a daughter-in-law recently …" The vulture Terran whispered, "Many monks are rushing to Wan Huang’s ancient generation to become the son-in-law of this ancient clan of Huang’s valley. This ancient clan is one of the best families in our spiritual state. If ordinary monks can adopt the son-in-law to burn the ancient clan, it will soar."
"Daoyou, I think you still have some appearance. I won’t give it a try. Maybe there’s a chance."
Wang Mu with the wave.
People are out of love. Forget the smell and pass directly.
"Is there anything else?" Wang Mu asked, "Have you heard from Bibohai?"
"There really is."
The vulture Terran smiled and laughed. "This news is one of the things that have been widely circulated recently. Our green hills city is a sheltered city of green hills. This news is that green hills are there."
"There is an ancient clan named Qinghu in Qingqiu Mountain."
"The green fox clan is the guardian of Qingqiu Mountain, the oldest and strangest tree in Lingzhou."
"It is said that when heaven and earth changed, it was probably Qingqiushan’s generation that this sacred tree bathed in the divine light of heaven and earth and was born with a strange Sunday deification, a long-lasting tree."
"The so-called long-lasting tree is hard to separate in the afterlife."
The Griffin Terran said, "Many monks who have participated in the Magpie Bridge Festival and have become lovers will find an opportunity to go to this long-lasting tree in Qingqiu Mountain. With this love, even if one of them has an accident, his reincarnation will still retain this love and can find the reincarnation of the latter according to this long-lasting seal."
"It’s hard to be separated again in the next life."
Wang Mu tiny one zheng.
"It takes great effort to see a person’s past experiences in the afterlife."
"It is still possible to conclude a marriage in the computational world."
"And this long-term love tree is a sacred tree of cause and effect to preserve this marriage," said Brother Griffin Terran. "Generally, after the grand meeting of the Magpie Bridge, Qingqiu Mountain will invite brothers from all walks of life to Qingqiu Mountain to make love in the long-term love tree."
Wang Mu thought for a moment and asked, "What does this have to do with the blue sea?"
"Nature has it" and "vulture Terran Road" has a deep origin. The long-term love tree has drawn on the essence of the blue sea, and many monks will get a blue sea tide of love blessing.
"With this blessing, you can go to Biyou to explore and find all kinds of exotic treasures without being suppressed by powerful rules or attacked by several sea animals in Biyou. Even if you encounter a battle, your strength will increase to a certain extent."
"If we can find the mountain that is said to be a sacred mountain, and then climb the top through difficulties and dangers, we can get the guidance of Lingzhou’s theory of" Green Tour in the Great Immortal ".
The vulture Terran has a face of reverence. "That’s the most powerful Godsworn in Wonderland in Jiuzhou … even if she is just pointing out a few tricks, it’s enough. Yuan Ying is a Godsworn who has broken through the bottleneck. If she can reward something … it’s going straight to the sky."
Wang Mu "…"
Is it so difficult?
I got the Dilingzhu and I have to work so hard to give it back to her?
"This emperor spirit bead has been I got it from Mo Xinlan …" Wang Mu frowned slightly and said, "Can’t she feel it? Can’t you come and get it yourself? "
This is the sacred object of Nanbiyou.
Supposedly, it should have a great connection with her.
Before I was released by Mo Xin Lan, I couldn’t get it, so I can understand it.
Now that I’ve got it, it’s just delivered to the boundary of Lingzhou. She won’t come to get it herself?
Suddenly, Wang Mu thought of a scene where the former Seven Sentiments Island was tested by the Seven Sentiments …
"Did something happen to her?"