This habit is very similar to many cellular creatures that Lin knows.

Because they will react immediately, the brain needs to imitate the warning individual information to make them instantaneous, and the danger usually reaches them instantly, and there is no leisure to doubt the information.
But this kind of deception doesn’t last long.
Because after the quiet, a few fires will doubt the significance of the alarm just now.
The deceptive signals sent by torches often include asking them to run to a certain place immediately and throw food there, and there are also some instructions for them to attack other creatures
Usually because these creatures threaten the torch brain, it will let the fire hit them, but it is not good for the fire to finish.
At first, the fire did, but slowly, they will also doubt … They have that skeptical intelligence.
When they doubt, the torch brain also finds that it is not so good to command them.
But there are also some fires that you won’t doubt.
Some roots in the huge fire group are too lazy to think and get instructions to be individuals.
Some of these individuals are physically and mentally defective, and their thinking is underdeveloped, while others are simply too lazy to think about it.
Then … the fire group split into two.
One is to obey orders directly … the group with low intelligence, and the other is to doubt orders … the group with rich thinking.
Chapter two thousand five hundred and three Assistance
Suspected individuals in the fire questioned some alarm instructions, which made it much more difficult to control the torch brain.
At this time, the torch brain pays attention to those individuals who will not doubt, whether they are mentally incompetent or for whatever reason.
All these creatures can be directly commanded.
Of course, suspicious individuals in the fire also noticed them.
When the skeptics communicate with them and tell them that this order is false, some individuals realize this and join the skeptics.
But some people will answer,’ I don’t care how many signals I receive, just listen to them.” What if there is real danger?’ Ah? What did you say?’
Generally speaking, a part of the fire still insists on following the signal immediately.
Therefore, this split the fire group, and the skeptics only noticed that there were many individuals with poor intelligence in their group.
The reason why they haven’t been found before is that they have always acted in groups … Their environment needs a fast response speed. These individuals with low intelligence generally respond faster, and there are quite a few of them.
So the skeptics intend to expel the mentally retarded and stubborn individuals.
There is no doubt that the orders have been expelled by them
These fires have formed two groups. These skeptics believe that they are highly intelligent and rich in thinking, but they can doubt those who are incorrect … I don’t know where the instructions should be removed from those who have no thinking ability.
Of course, they are the last ones to be eliminated.
When they split up, the two groups lived on their own.
However, groups with low intelligence who accept direct command of torch brain have great advantages.
That is, the torch brain and body have strong perception ability, which can sense where there is food and where there is danger, and can command these groups to get food quickly to avoid danger.
And that group with high thinking ability … still lives a primitive life.
Moreover, after getting the alarm after the pre-event, they always have some doubts to confirm whether the alarm is true or not. As a result, there are many real dangers, and they suffer heavy losses when they come.
It’s good for people with low intelligence to do whatever they are told to do by so many torches.
So … The skeptics in the competition finally died out slowly.
While that group under the command of torch brain developed and grew.
Of course, the torch brain has been screening this group … to make them more’ pure’
That is, the weaker the thinking ability, the faster the individual can execute the command, and the more he likes it.
Torch brains will deliberately increase the number of individuals with weaker thinking ability instead of individuals with stronger thinking ability.
It is becoming more and more … brain to screen this fire biological group for a long time.
Their nervous system is relatively rich, but the torch brain manipulation degenerates from generation to generation, and finally they become … individuals who have no self-thinking ability and can listen to orders.
It is equivalent to a division of labor species, which will not doubt or consider that it is the brain at the moment of birth.
Of course, this is especially true because they are species that have nothing to do with themselves
The change of torch brain to fire is not just nervous system.
And their … forms.
At first, the fires were all the same, and the brains noticed many things, and they were easy to deal with.
There are many things that other creatures can do better than a fire.
But it is troublesome to investigate and control other creatures. It likes the fire, which is completely loyal to itself.
So it adjusts the shape of the fire
Although solidified organisms do not have nuclei to record their life structures, there are other ways to record them.