Yao Shangqing is not a stingy person. Besides, she also likes her sister-in-law and her two children.

"OK, then we need more."
Chen turned his head to talk to the salesman.
"Comrade, we need ten feet for this one." She is not afraid to ask for more. Anyway, the cloth can’t be short of good quality and can still be kept.
The salespeople didn’t say hello since they came to the counter. They talked to the people next to them, and they would only react when they heard that the ugly old lady wanted so much.
"Hello, comrade, you need six feet of cloth tickets plus ten dollars."
As she spoke, she took out her ruler and began to measure it.
Yao Shangqing has already taken out the cloth ticket.
"If you don’t measure it, that’s all you have left." The salesman also measured it a few times. I didn’t expect that there were many people who wanted military green cloth, but not many people who could afford it. It was a coincidence that there were so many left for their department to take.
"Wait, I want this fabric, too."
Yao Shangqing has handed over the cloth ticket and is paying for it.
The salesman saw the bearer with a cloth ticket in his hand. She knew this was the wife of the provincial government, cadre Wang, and Meng Meng, the working committee of the chemical plant next door, was a frequent visitor here.
Meng Meng wore a suit, with small leather shoes on his feet and a bag slung over his hair.
Yao Shangqing didn’t recognize it when he looked at it. After all, it’s been several years and people are dressed differently.
I didn’t recognize her when I came to Meng Meng, but as soon as I saw the little girl next to her, she knew that she really wanted to adopt this little girl, and now she regrets it when she thinks about it.
"This female comrade is embarrassed. We are all ready to ask for this cloth, and the tickets have been handed over." Yao Shangqing politely explained to her.
Meng Meng looked at Yao Shangqing, not much different from that year, or that she was.
"But didn’t you make a single call? This is a single purchase. "
She said that it is necessary for the salesperson to write the order and then collect the money and tickets and sign it.
Yao Shangqing felt that she was beginning to be unreasonable.
Chen is also frowning, and she feels that this person is intentional.
Yuanyuan also felt her own memory. She searched for it in an instant and found Yao Shangqing’s sleeve.
Yao Shangqing didn’t know what Yuanyuan was, but he listened with his ears sideways.
Yuanyuan told her directly.
Yao Shangqing was also surprised for a moment. I didn’t expect to meet the way to go as soon as I arrived.
"This cloth is sure that we have already paid the cloth ticket first. If you insist on importuning, then let’s talk it out."
Chen listened to Yao Shangqing’s sudden hardening of tone and didn’t react. Yao Shangqing is not such a person.
To say that Meng Meng may have backed down a few years ago, but in recent years, it has been too smooth in the provincial capital. She has never suffered such a big loss, and when she came over, she was not coaxed.
"You say you open the documents? Why can’t I buy it if I don’t open it? "
Yao Shangqing sighed, "What do you mean, forced robbery? I’ll start writing a tip-off now." She also took out a pen and paper from her bag.
Meng Meng panicked, but he pretended to be calm.
"Why do you write a tip-off? Do you still want to report the salesman?"
The salesman is nervous instantly, so it’s not normal to be lazy. There’s nothing wrong with it, but if it is reported, it will definitely lose her job. How many people envy her living?
Yao Shangqing shook his head. "Of course not. People were measuring us when you didn’t come. What’s wrong with the salesman? I want to report that the cadre Wang Shen’s wife Meng Meng bullied others. What do you think of this title?"
"What are you talking nonsense? Yao Shangqing, I warn you not to mess around." Meng Meng’s words are very quiet, and of course she doesn’t dare to be loud.
Chen already knows who she is now. The person she hates most in her life is his so-called relatives.
The shop assistant next to me will stare big eyes now. Obviously, I didn’t expect to know everyone here.
Meng Meng knows this is not a good time. Everyone here knows himself. It’s really bad in case of a big fight.
She doesn’t argue with Yao Shangqing, just talk to Chen.
"Aunt, look at what my sister-in-law is doing. We are all family. I just made fun of you." She also grinned.
Chen didn’t expect that she would dare to make fun of herself. "Who’s with your family? Who’s kidding you? We’re not relatives."
Meng Mengnai raises his eyebrows. "Aunt, you can buy me first, so you can go home first. Let’s get together and talk again."
After that, I smiled awkwardly with the salespeople around here and hurried away.
Salespeople are busy watching. I didn’t expect cadres Meng to be so arrogant at ordinary times. Usually, when she comes, she wants everyone to wait on her, or she tells the Lord to punish them. I didn’t expect that one day she would be forced.
Chen is still holding her breath when she looks at people leaving. It is these people that she hates most.
Yao Shangqing knew that her mother-in-law’s mood was greatly affected and quickly began to coax her.
"Mom, look, let’s buy this army green. I look at that cloth. It’s not bad. I’ll make it for you when I go home. It must be the best in our village."
Chen was laughed at by Yao Shangqing.
"Buy everything"
The salesman wrote down the things and wrapped them up quickly.
Yao Shangqing asked Chen Shaoyuan to carry it. After all, he is the biggest strength and the biggest behind it, and so on.
Chen Shaoer took Yao Shangqing and went there to sell gadgets.
Yao Shangqing twisted it, but he simply followed it.
"Mom, I want this." Chen Shaoer found that it is more fun to sell here now than to take that by the side road.
Yao Shangqing can’t buy toys for one person.
"You all pick and choose whether you like it or not."
Chen Shaoyuan shook his head. He didn’t like playing with these things.
Chen Shaozhi doesn’t like it either. He likes to watch some extracurricular activities.
Yuanyuan shook her head like a little rattle.
Yao Shangqing watched a circle and Chen Shaoer still played with toys.
"This is zha sell? Do you want a ticket? "
This salesman has a good attitude. He always smiles at his mouth.
"The price is a little expensive if you don’t want the ticket."
Chen looked at this thing with a look of disgust. Can it be cost-effective to buy something real?
"How much is it?"
The "Tenth Five-Year Plan" salesman smiled and said a number.
They bought some other cloth just now, and it only cost thirteen yuan in total.
This one needs fifteen Chen Yougong transferred to the province, and the monthly salary is ninety dollars. Yao Shangqing County is less than fifty.
Chen Shaoer heard it, too. He came to take it. He was very happy to hear the price and put the gun in silence.
Yuanyuan loves to tease Chen Shaoer at ordinary times, but it will be a little distressed to watch.