"Mom, I was wrong, uncle and aunt. I was wrong. It won’t happen again after me."

"Sister, rest. My family is worried about me, too."
"What’s the matter?" Wang wen also came up from the small door and just came over and saw his shopkeeper fight for a while.
"Ask your son if his wings are hard now, and even doubt his own uncle."
After a while, a few people sat in the courtyard and drank wonton that had just been cooked.
Wang Jiadong, his wife, Xiao Juan and Haohao, were also called over.
"Brother-in-law, how is the teahouse recently?"
"Not bad. I can collect a piece of hair every day."
Wang Wen has nothing to do. He chats with a bunch of old buddies in the teahouse every day. He feels a little scared. A good teahouse is in trouble like this.
When Mr. Wang was invited, he completely decided not to leave in April this year, and he simply officially opened the teahouse.
Everyone who wants to come in has a pot of tea and a dish of melon and peanuts.
Don’t say that business is not bad. Every day, a dozen or twenty people can come. Although they always pay for it, there are more people in the teahouse these two days because of the hot weather. This also makes Wang Wen feel refreshed as if he had a second spring. If Li Qin hadn’t stopped him, he would have wanted to keep the teahouse open until late.
"Master Xiao Chu often said that he had two friends who told stories to see if he could come to our teahouse. He didn’t want to stay here like him, just to see if he could earn money for dinner every once in a while."
"Yes, come if you want, brother-in-law. Do you think you should hire a man to find a place for recreation? As a result, you are getting more and more busy."
"You’re really not in charge. I don’t know how expensive it is to hire a man. You can also figure out that we can’t even collect water for tea."
"If you can’t get it, you can’t get it. You didn’t point to it to make money."
"I didn’t think about making money, but we can’t make money. Your name is Li, my name is Wang, and no one in our family is Lei."
Wang Wen looked at his little brother with some disdain.
"Xiao Chu, don’t worry about letting your brother-in-law toss himself. When he feels tired, he will know to find someone."
According to the present situation, Li Qin also feels quite good to open the door during the day, and found a job for his old man to save him from learning donkey barking all day.
"Well, I don’t care about my brother-in-law. You can go slowly."
"Don’t worry, Master Chang will also help me clean up the teahouse at ordinary times. If several masters want to come, remember to inform them in advance. Don’t get caught off guard like the previous times."
"Know that I told them that several masters are also playing with heavy hearts, so they won’t. Do you have enough for a bowl of wonton? Do you want me to get something else? "
"Come on, we all had dinner."
"Hao Hao still wants to eat?"
"Uncle, I want to eat mutton skewers."
"What do you eat mutton kebabs? I think you look like mutton kebabs." Xiao Juan let go of the bowl and slapped his ass.
"Hey ~ What’s the matter with hitting children? Haohao is definitely not going to make it today. How about having mutton kebabs later?"
"Well, thank you, uncle."
"Hey, this little uncle is quite polite."
"Uncle, don’t spoil him any more. What did you eat in front of this smelly little classmate every day? What did you eat today? Several of his classmates and mothers all came to me and told me that your family is in good condition to feed the children. No problem, but can you stop the old school from saying that her children should go back and ask her if she didn’t know how to explain it to them?"
Cao Xiaojuan stared at his son and turned his head and said with a wry smile
Li Chu really didn’t notice these Wen Hui and Wen Xuan at ordinary times. They are not the kind of people who like to show off. Even when they were young, they never said anything in front of their classmates, which made him not think about it.
It is also the first time that others have heard that they have never been ill-treated in eating at home. Now, after listening to Xiao Juan, they realize that it may not be a good thing for children if they continue to develop like this.
But after all, it’s a child. Li Chu’s handling method is very simple and rude. He raised the bus and gestured, "Will you go out later?"
"No, my uncle promised not to say it. I didn’t mean to say it because they asked me."
"After your classmates ask how to answer, do you know?"
"I know who asks me, and I say eat noodles."
"Cong" Li Chu smiled and gave Haohao a thumbs-up sign.
"Xiao Juan, you don’t care too much. Our conditions are delicious and better. There’s nothing wrong with this. Children can’t eat meat when they are growing up. You have to help them eat cabbage. Our family is a clever child. If you have anything, you can directly reason with him. He understands it, right?"
"It’s my uncle."
Cao Xiaojuan can be fierce in her heart. The child is clever in front of his uncle. When she gets home, she is so angry that she wants to educate with a broom and is often blocked by her mother-in-law, which makes her headache.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-two Discussion
After tidying up the dishes and chopsticks, they went back to their homes. On a whim, Li Chu added dinner to some dogs. Although it was white noodles, the dogs just ate it after being greedy for a long time.