So they are not complicated. Mercury is a new generation leader. Although it was born very special, it doesn’t have many special abilities.

The strange thing about environmental organizations is that the concept of their cultivation and gathering technology has never changed. It seems that something has influenced them to implement this concept all the time.
However, from the data, it seems that the members of the organization are not controlled, because they are normal in all aspects and have never stopped cultivating literary works
After Mercury became the leader, it did a lot of things, but it didn’t let the organization break away from the business of cultivating culture. Instead, it set up many better schemes to cultivate culture.
It has also been digging deep into the mirror world, and finally found a system such as starting the mirror world.
The next thing is that something happened to Lin … The order creatures let the environment attack the pompoms on behalf of the transpirator and … complete one.
It is to transfer all kinds of devices and the whole transformation system of Mirror World Department to pompoms to make all this happen.
But it will also lead to the collapse of the mirror world. Transpirators say they can give them a new world, and the whole front of the mirror world can be transferred there.
Mercury, the leader of this matter, knows that other members don’t know that they know to attack the pompoms and accomplish something.
Then the war was about to fail … that is, when the swarm arrived near the mirror world, Mercury told most members of the environmental organization … this specific detail.
Many members were very angry at once. They couldn’t accept that the mirror world would collapse. They liked the mirror world very much and thought it was their only … home.
But also as a plan for transpiration to further control them.
Later, they decided on their own escape plan and decided with the transpirator to kill the cult creatures.
Then came what just happened. After sending the mirror world twice, it was found that the mirror world had reached an engineering waste point of transpiration.
Although there was no direct communication on the surface, the actual mercury agreed to the conditions of the transpiration, and with the transpiration, the mirror world was sent to the position of the pompom to let them fight for the last time.
But the current organization has … collapsed.
There are many members of the organization, that is, the group of flying machines, who think that the mirror world will be destroyed and escape.
And there are actually many underground people who want to escape. The transpirator started the twisting device and forced them to stay there to finish the final.
Yu Mercury is the main controller, which effectively controls the systems in the Mirror World Department and starts them to attack the pompoms.
It was a star bus to cover this, but it didn’t work because the mirror world was towed away by the star bus, and there was nothing that mercury could do.
Because the mirror world can’t move like a star bus, the mirror world finally tore up most of the structures on the ground because of the forced start of the Ministry, which led to their rapid destruction.
Then Lin Tuo met mercury deep in the ground. It told Lin all this and died. It was actually intentional.
But I don’t know the specific reason, maybe it didn’t want to live because it didn’t get rid of the failure of transpiration and the destruction of mirror world in the end.
There is not much mercury in this material. Lin knows about it and its learning ability is very similar to that of Lin Yuan, who knows about this kind of creature almost everywhere. It can imitate a creature completely and acquire its appearance and all its habits.
But it has such an individual, and it is also made by a strange device.
Where was the device called’ polymer’ put later? Did they make anything new? This historical data does not show it.
However, it did say that all kinds of excavated devices were scattered all over the world and were continuously studied, but most of this situation was destroyed.
Some of them were destroyed by the collapse of the world, while others were deliberately blown up by mercury, which means that they don’t want transpiration to get these things.
Lin did find a lot of these devices … It may not be easy to rebuild them with the remaining debris.
Besides, the world is going to disappear, and Lynn doesn’t have much time to look for all kinds of things.
Now Lin is mainly looking at a vast star in the wild …
This star, that gorgeous mirror world is slowly fading away … Many flying objects fly out from around that world. That’s Lin Tuo.
Lin asked the developers inside to take as many things as possible away from the things that had to be delivered one by one because there was no way to send them there, but there was not much time to take what they saw.
The mirror world can be said to be an explosive full of destruction. This kind of local action has also caused the pioneers to lose a lot.
Of course, I also took a lot of interesting things.
In the mirror world, it is impossible to save it. Lin can watch it float to the ethereal void and protect the pompom from its destruction wave.
Even if it is about to collapse at the last moment, it looks very dazzling … It should be more brilliant at the moment of its destruction.