Because this Zijin darksteel is placed in the forbidden area, that is, the place where it is said that twenty fairy swords flew out in those years, no one can enter except the children of this clan, and even the disciples of this clan can only enter once in their lives, and no one will give the only Zijin darksteel to others.

Chapter 037 Swear on God’s honor
In a grand and luxurious villa in a manor in the southeast corner of Manhattan, the classical and elegant music makes the whole banquet hall in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and people with good relationships form a small group and talk easily.
Holding a crystal-clear glass, agate-like drinks are swaying slightly, and Li, with a bald head and a smile on his face, is sitting at a table with several old gentlemen who have a good relationship, and is eager to discuss the upcoming charity banquet. With his more than 300 years of life experience and unique views on life, many old gentlemen admire his erudition.
Jinyang sat on the side, smiling without a word, and agreed with Li’s behavior. The more friends, the bigger the network, the more important people he knows, the greater the influence, and the simpler it will be to handle affairs. Even if he harms his friends, if he makes good use of them, he will also provide unexpected help.
For charity, Jinyang is not interested at all. To put it mildly, it is called charity funds, which is actually campaign funds. If it weren’t for the invitation from the congressman himself, he wouldn’t have come to this place. It is full of falsehood and cunning, and he is particularly disgusted.
Members invited him to Jinyang just because he took a fancy to the large amount of money in his pocket. In order for the organization to take root in new york better, Jinyang had to pay for it reluctantly.
Looking at many false faces, Jinyang felt more disgusted, and the foreign minister of Buddhism immediately accelerated his operation. In the eyes of others, he was still a gentleman, but secretly he closed his eyes alone.
From time to time, a typical black American old man walked into the hall under the protection of three black bodyguards. When he first saw him, Jinyang looked at him secretly. He was very thin, and with that weak step, he was an addict. There were many black Americans as members of parliament, but yellow people were rare.
The black senator walked directly to the center stage. Suddenly, thunderous applause sounded. He immediately smiled and said to the distinguished guests below: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! First of all, thank you for coming. Here, on behalf of countless children in need, I, Andre, sincerely thank you for your charitable donations. As an American national, a member of parliament elected through fairness and justice, I swear on the honor of God that all the money raised today will be used to help people in need. "
The applause was more intense, but Jinyang secretly sneered: "It will be used on people who need help. You need funds to participate in the next election, or you need funds to participate in a higher-level election. However, I like it. As long as you are willing to collect money, I will feel more at ease."
While thinking, Jinyang insidious smile got up, but under the cover of Buddhism’s foreign minister’s practice, no one could see his true expression.
Feeling the thunderous applause below, Andre was in a good mood and immediately smiled: "I declare that the charity ball officially begins."
Suddenly, the music changed to a cheerful tone, and countless people began to invite each other to show their superior status with their elegant gestures. Handsome men and women wanted to set off their charm and achieve the effect of hooking up, while beautiful women wanted to show their beauty as much as possible and satisfy their abnormal sense of vanity.
Jinyang looked at the invited handsome guys and beautiful women, and his heart was filled with disgust. He picked up the red wine at hand and drank it hard. Although it was not much better than boiled water, it was free.
The pain in Jinyang’s heart is $1 million. How much cheap labor must be squeezed to earn 1 million? The more I think about it, the less I feel. I suddenly drink desperately. Although it is not much, I can drink as much as I can and earn some back.
At this time, Jinyang suddenly felt that someone was approaching, and hurriedly looked up. It turned out to be the black congressman named Andre. His eyes were always staring at Bald Lee, apparently excited by one million dollars. How much more advertising can he do with one million dollars? How many more people are bought?
Bald Li greeted him with a smile and said, "Dear old friend Andre, how nice to meet you!" "
Andre hurried to the bald Li, gave him a big hug and greeted him warmly: "It’s a great honor to meet you, dear old friend. Where’s your boss? Can you introduce me to this poor man’s saint? "
Bald Li quickly introduced him to Jinyang, pointed to Jinyang and said, "My boss, Jinyang, you can call him China Jin. I have served him for ten years. Of course, I will continue to serve him in my life."
Andre has been looking at Jinyang for a long time. When he heard the last sentence of Bald Lee, his expression immediately became much more respectful. He quickly walked to the front of Jinyang and smiled: "Mr. Jin, I have heard a lot about your name. I appreciate that you have provided so much help to so many poor people, and even more, I sincerely thank you for your generous donation to those in need today. As long as it is about your industry, I will give you help in the name of God. I am your most loyal believer and will never make such a mistake. "
This is too explicit. It is obvious that as long as Jinyang gives you enough money, Andre will give you the green light.
Although this guy feels greedy, Jinyang likes it very much. The more greedy people are, the easier it is to control. As long as the money is enough, most things are easy to handle.
Jinyang smiled at once and said, "Of course, I’m happy to give money to people in need. I don’t care how much it costs, but I’m also a businessman. Businessmen are mercenary. I’m happy to help people in need, and I also need to get something in return from them."
Two people’s eyes were flashing with clear meaning, they all hung smiles on their faces, and then they held each other’s hands hard. At this time, a beauty assistant ran behind him and said something to Andre’s ear. Suddenly, he was puzzled, but his face lit up in an instant.

Chapter 038 Banquet
Looking at Andre’s indescribable smile, the assistant’s voice was very small, but it could escape Jinyang’s ear. Jinyang responded with a smile and quietly said, "Li, win in the east, pay attention to safety."
Bald Li Weiwei nodded, but he didn’t care in his look. Jinyang didn’t tell him about the car accident. In his memory, more than a dozen people were killed by him alone, which would put Dongying people in the eye again.
Jinyang didn’t care. Bald Li is a ghost, and he is guarded by jade symbols. It’s hard for a monk in the Central Plains to notice his strangeness.
Andre smiled hypocritically and said to Jinyang, "I’m really sorry, Kim. There’s a distinguished guest here. I have to entertain him first. Excuse me."
Jinyang quickly said, "You are busy!" Watching Andre leave quickly, Jinyang smiled instead. He was a villain, so he ran there if it was good, but a real villain was better than a hypocrite.
When Andre went out with his assistant, two black figures slowly walked into the hall. Jinyang glanced at it inadvertently. It was Dong Win who had just had an accident on the road. He didn’t guess wrong, and Jinyang hurriedly hid his breath.
The young people who walked in front were in their early twenties at most, and their faces were gloomy. The Yin Tang was filled with the spirit of death, and Jinyang’s mouth was slightly tilted, and he smiled to himself. To borrow the words of those who ran around the rivers and lakes, "Yin Tang is black, and the disaster of blood is near!"
The middle-aged man was dressed in a black samurai suit, his eyes were cold and his whole body was full of cold breath. Although he was deeply hidden, he was definitely a’ fourth-order’ master under Jinyang’s estimation. He was secretly surprised: "Winning a small country in the east, there is such a master."
As soon as they entered the hall, they immediately became the focus. Most of the people sitting there were celebrities with status and status. Everyone knew that the Black Dragon Club had been rooted in new york for a hundred years. A few days ago, a new leader, Suzuki Kogoro, was just this young man.
Although the Black Dragon Club is a gangster, it has basically turned white now, and almost all the business in the underworld is no longer done. There are nearly tens of billions of dollars in investment in new york, and now this young man is a mobile vault.
. . .
Suzuki Kogoro looked at the black senator in front of him and listened to his nagging. He quickly pointed to the black warrior who came in with him and said, "If you have any questions, just tell him directly!"
Eager for sex, he had time to talk to an old guy, kicked him aside and immediately rushed into the flowers.
While running the Buddhist foreign minister’s practice with extremely low Buddha power, every time I go, I change my appearance and never show my true face. I have never slackened my habits for many years. After all, my strength is not good, and it is important to keep my life.
Especially careful induction of Suzuki Kogoro’s breath, not long ago in the psychic contest, Jinyang felt a little nine lotus firm but gentle from his body, although the strength was not less than one hundred times weaker than the real nine lotus firm but gentle, but it was really nine lotus firm but gentle.
With a flash of cold light in his eyes, he said to the bald Li Chuanyin, "Inform Hades and Tyre, take good guys and wait outside the door. Others are not allowed to leave the house. Let szilard keep an eye on freya and never let her know."
Bald Li one leng, but instantly understood, immediately secretly nodded, very gentlemanly in front of a retreat, although he is bald, but his erudition and shameless behavior always mixed with a little spirit when talking, but let a lot of celebrities who don’t like Dong Win people around him.
While dealing with other people’s words, Jinyang divided his mind to monitor Suzuki Kogoro’s actions. A typical playboy may be because he has been practicing martial arts since childhood. He is a rare tall man among Dongying people, with a handsome face and many young men, and countless girls are around him.
Suzuki Kogoro has always maintained a sunny smile, but from the depths of his eyes, Jinyang can feel that a kind of magic similar to the charm of the Central Plains demons is constantly released, but the control range is very appropriate, just for someone, it can be seen that this boy is an old hand, and this vicious thing has not been done less.
Soon, with the constant conversation, two of the girls’ eyes slowly began to flash a faint red light, and Jinyang saw it, and suddenly understood why Suzuki Kogoro came to the party after suffering. It seems that he was going to lure the two virgins back to heal.
Jinyang laughed self-deprecatingly: "It is convenient for evil spirits to go astray. No matter how serious the injury is, there are shortcuts. The virgin Yuan Yin is really a healing medicine. She is already full of blood, and she is still a person of the right path." Why bother to put a hat on the right path for yourself? If you get hurt, you have to close your door for a month. "
Young girls soon became famous, but Jinyang was not prepared to mind their own business. If they were Chinese, Jinyang went to pay some attention to save them, but they were all authentic Americans. Let God bless their lives!
Besides, they are sent to the door to find their own way, and they are not related to Jinyang. Jinyang is too lazy to care about their lives. The only thing that is nervous now is the’ eighth-order’ sword tire in Suzuki Kogoro’s body. If you get it, Jinyang has a great grasp of the sudden change and become his own sword tire, and his strength will definitely recover soon.
From time to time, Bald Lee came back to the table and said, "Boss, that idiot in Wesley is being attacked by a group of people of unknown origin, and there are powers involved. Hades are going to support him. They ask you what to do? If they must come, they will give up Wesley and come here now. "
Jinyang looked at Kogoro Suzuki, who was far away, and then said, "Forget it, the decision just made was hasty. Since killing people, why don’t you take the property first and then kill them? Since you have become a demon, you should be completely enchanted!"
Smiling in a low voice, Jinyang carefully controlled his own spirit, leaving a little mark on the two girls with great care, which was very weak. As long as he didn’t check carefully, he couldn’t detect the existence of the mark.
No matter how careful Suzuki Kogoro is, he won’t guard against two girls who have been controlled by his hermetic technique. As long as he doesn’t leave new york, Jinyang can detect the specific position at the first time.

Chapter 039 Deal
On the most prosperous street in Manhattan, in the VIP room of a five-star hotel, Wesley stood by the window with a pale face, his fat body was shaking constantly, and there was nothing fierce. Instead, it turned out to be a little sad, trembling and pointing to a nightclub across the street, which was much smaller than the’ Red Crescent Vineyard’.
"An hour ago, this group of fucking chop suey attacked from here. Their numbers were not many, and they never exceeded 100 together. Although the weapons were sharp, I arranged nearly 300 gunmen in it. With the advantage of the venue, these chop suey could never attack."
Hades, not far away, laughed while drinking wine. "So, dear Mr. Wesley, why did you bring us here when your people can solve it?" Are you kidding us? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. In the end, Hudson’s tone was obviously elevated, and the lotus flower in his eyes flashed, and the blood magic was displayed in front of Wesley without any worries.
Wesley suddenly felt an extremely evil, gloomy, murderous and tyrannical gas emanating from Hades, and quickly panicked and said, "Oh, my God! No, no, no, dear sir, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that I haven’t finished. "