Under the weakening of the four sources, his threat disappeared immediately, and the weak fire and water wind gradually lost its deadly power.

"What’s the matter …"
Chen cold completely confused, followed by the last source force also disappeared, but he didn’t escape, around is not full of HarmonyOS qi vanity, but the endless flame.
Psychic knowledge can be isolated!
He was very surprised by the sudden change. Here, the consciousness can leave the body. Although the flames of the outside world are boundless, these flames are just ordinary fires with hundreds of thousands of degrees, which are directly blocked by the silver star fairy armor, and even a hair of him can’t be hurt.
What the hell happened? How did this happen?
The sudden change made him lose his mind for a moment. He didn’t intend to take the time to understand. God knows if there will be other changes next. The most important thing now is to leave this flame area first.
Gnostics spread in boundless flames, and he was startled to find that the scope that Gnostics can explore here is even farther than that in the realm of fixing the truth. Just, just through the bondage of gnosis to judge the result, he doesn’t know exactly how far it can extend, because the limit of gnosis exceeds the boundary of the flame area, and the outside is still the gas of HarmonyOS, where gnosis is impenetrable.
"my god! Diameter of five hundred Wan Li, no wonder I haven’t been able to fly out for five minutes, don’t … "
He tried to teleport, and it was feasible. After a few flicks, he reached the edge of the flame area, and he quickly flew out in a flash.
Looking at everything in front of him, he finally understood that it was a huge latosolic red fireball, which was the so-called star in the original world.
That’s right!
A star bigger than the sun evolved from the four clouds and air masses of fire, water and wind. The air mass with a diameter of only a few thousand miles actually evolved into a star with a diameter of hundreds of Wan Li. How powerful is this avatar?
No wonder I can survive, and the newly bred stars in the process of evolution constantly absorb four sources to grow. Although I failed to escape from that area, as the four sources were absorbed and consumed, they eventually disappeared. This is a mortal star. Naturally, there is no special constraint inside, so the mind can be used, teleport can be used, and what’s more strange is where should it go?
He hasn’t seen any celestial bodies here, so it can’t be the first star bred. So where did the planet that evolved before go?
At this time, the huge star began to run, and it seemed to be pulled by some force and slowly flew in a certain direction …
Chapter 399 The power of heaven
Catch up!
Chen cold immediately made a decision, he vaguely felt here as if it were a planet factory, otherwise, in the weightless force of HarmonyOS space, why did this star fly in a certain direction?
At the same time, according to Junlong’s description, the gas of HarmonyOS should not be so thin and complicated, and the power of fire, water and wind is far more than one thousand times here.
What makes the situation here different from the description?
There is only one possibility, that is, the Qi of HarmonyOS and the Wind of Fire and Water described by Junlong evolved into a higher level world. Everything here has been weakened a thousand times, and just inside that star, he can be sure that this is a second-class universe planet.
All doubts are solved by this analysis, because the evolution is low-level stars, so the quality of HarmonyOS Qi and ground fire water and wind is much lower.
Otherwise, don’t say that there are only four robberies and scattered immortals. Even if he is promoted to the realm of pick Jin Xian, it is impossible to hold up for one thousandth of a second in the four provenances. That’s even the existence of the fairy statue!
"Make the planet …"
Chen Han followed the star at that moment, and thought to himself: "The inferior universe has been going through repeated cycles, reaching its peak and even reaching the level of the immortal. It is simple to break the Milky Way with one blow. So … those planets have been broken, and the once-in-a-million-year cycle has no time to breed new planets. Naturally, other planets are needed to fill the gap. Is this the factory that specializes in making planets for the inferior universe? "
This inference is completely logical enough to explain all kinds of doubts, so it is inferred that the planet here will be transported to those inferior universes.
The power of the stars!
Chen cold can’t shine at the moment, oneself is now need the power of the stars to practice!
I was going to think of some way to get the Yin and Yang to break the virtual stone, so that I could return to my own universe, reunite with my family and brothers, and solve some problems by the way, and with the help of the stars of that universe, I could upgrade my cultivation to six robberies and scattered immortals as soon as possible, and then return to the realm of repairing the truth and galloping around the world.
However, it is not so easy to get the virtual stone of Yin and Yang. The Yang stone exists on the six fierce places in the fix-true realm, which is a more dangerous and beautiful place. The Yin stone can only be found on the other side of the sacred wall of Xuanmo, which is opened once in a thousand years, and in another beautiful place.
Besides, even with the yin and yang to break the virtual stone, it can only be shuttled randomly. Who knows how many attempts it will take to return to the universe where you were born?
"Go with this star?"
He quickly denied this seemingly very good choice, and said with a wry smile: "God knows which universe it will be transported to. With the broken stone of Yin and Yang, you can travel freely, but you can’t come back with this star at all. The passage from the inferior universe to the fix-true world is not always open. If you go back to a certain period of time, you won’t be able to return for hundreds of millions of years. "
If you are lucky, you will be sent to the universe at the beginning of a new cycle, and you can still dominate the world with his cultivation.
If you are unlucky enough to enter a second-class universe that has reached its peak, immortals will fly all over the sky, and there will be many pick-ups like dogs. If he is not careful, he will die.
"Forget it, don’t take that risk. If you really can’t, practice here."
Glancing at the huge star that is flying slowly, he stirred up a smile at the corner of his mouth: "Although the number of planets is too small and the absorbed star power is limited, it is much better than taking risks in the unknown universe. I don’t want to meet a high-ranking fairy and be slapped into a paste."
The emperor shook the sky and recorded the immortal mind method, and countless golden characters emerged in his memory. The real Yuan Royal Sword did not affect the mind method cultivation of different systems.
Fairy, with the power of stars, fuses the five elements of mysterious qi, forming the original star power in the initial state.
After entering the fairy stage, the five internal organs began to change from the original container for storing the five elements of Xuan Qi to the secondary direction, playing the role of a planet.
Until the promotion to pick Jin Xian, forming a’ stellar nucleus’ between the five internal organs, then it will be the beginning of a self-contained world in the body. At that time, it will be able to form all the energy of Xuanyin except the SHEN WOO seal of cultivation and ascension, and it will be self-sufficient without the help of the outside world.
Of course, before the formation of the "stellar nucleus", the mysterious seal needed for both practice and battle still needs the help of the stars absorbed from the outside world.
The power of the stars is endless, at least not as before, in order to get all kinds of advanced metals, as long as there are stars, you can get inexhaustible energy.
Not the Five Elements Xuanli!
After entering the immortal stage, the true element of the person who fixes the truth has become immortal power, and the five elements of Xuan Qi, which was recorded by the emperor, have also become the corresponding original star power. After reaching the advanced level of Luo Jinxian, the original star force will be essentially improved and transformed into the endless star force.
Huge stars emit infinite light and heat, except those that ordinary people can feel, as well as ultraviolet rays, microwaves and radiation that are invisible to the naked eye.
Among them, there is a special kind of energy that even technology can’t detect. This kind of energy is the so-called power of stars.
The celestial mind method emerged in my memory, and Chen Han’s mind was smart. He began to draw the power of the stars according to the method described by the mind method.
No way!
God just leaned out and was immediately ground by HarmonyOS’s qi. Without God’s guidance, how can we absorb the power of the stars?
He can’t help but frown, and there is a distance behind the stars. This distance is influenced by HarmonyOS Qi, so it is impossible to pull the stars. But staying in the stars, although the problems affected by HarmonyOS Qi are gone, I don’t know when the stars will be sent to other universes, and I may be sent there unconsciously.