In the middle of the battle, those heavenly soldiers will be ordered to stop attacking immediately, and the guardians will return to the head of the huge mechanical life, and then the huge mechanical life will start to walk step by step and step deep in the clouds.

Chapter four hundred and nineteen Decisive Battle (1)
Qin Na returned to the Terran tribe, and the next day it began to rain sparsely, and in these sparse rains, the celestial military forces were dispatched again.
"Something is wrong" Qin Na just flew in and felt a strange feeling.
These rain drops in the sky have a feeling that Qin Na is very familiar with. When Qin Na once saw an instant on the surface of the moon, he remembered that this rain seems to contain the taste of the No.5 voodoo potion of the Guardian.
"Are those guardians also chasing the world of the wild?" Qin Nanda was surprised
Guardian No.6 and No.7 joined forces to get everyone on the surface of the moon into the fault, and Qin Na barely escaped from the fault by relying on the ground force, while Chen Hongbin and Hou Yi Xingtian and others were directly lost in the fault, and there is no news today.
At that time, these guardians also fell into the fault, but now it seems that these guardians have broken away from the fault, and those guardians seem to be mixed with the heaven. These raindrops with potions show that they are restrained from appearing in two places at once.
Qin Na instantly want to know everything.
The drums of heaven have been beating overhead for several days, and the heavenly generals and heavenly chariots are arrayed. This time, the preparations for heaven seem to be very full. Those ordinary heavenly generals have seen Qin Nan, although they are still trembling, but the situation that they are almost driven out like this is gone.
The three monks of Longfeng people have dealt with this situation for several times, and they have experienced several dangers in the past 100 years. At this moment, the three monks are alive and well, all of them are elites. As soon as there is any movement at this moment, they will quickly form a formation.
At the moment, the three families of Longfeng people have been almost perfectly integrated together, and the monks of the three families have been able to cooperate perfectly regardless of each other
Qin Na and Zu Longfeng Huang are at the forefront. At the moment, the three clans and three people are the spiritual leaders of the three clans, especially in this situation that Zu Long Phoenix is outnumbered, which belief is left in the hearts of the three clans?
Now Qin Na finally has the same hope as Zulong Phoenix. In the hearts of most monks of Longfeng people, Qin Na is more important than Zulong Phoenix.
Because of the convenience of Qinnan, there is bound to be victory, and the experience has given the three monks poor confidence.
In the sky, those ordinary heavenly soldiers will have spread out their battles in the clouds, and a piece of golden friar slowly appears. These golden friars are the real elites of heaven. They all practice the earth and everyone exudes great ShaQi. It is conceivable that many lives will be lost in the hands of these golden friars in this century.
Seeing the appearance of these shining brothers, Qin Na suddenly snorted. Most of these guys were killed by Qin Na in Wanxian Array, but soon Qin Na’s eyes became unusually keen because behind these shining guards, a great celestial chariot was pulled out slowly by several huge beasts.
Through the layers of clouds, Qin Nan can clearly see that in the middle of this chariot sits a huge figure, which is the Jade Emperor of Heaven and Science, and those familiar figures beside him are quietly there.
"Are those guardians" Qin Na eyes slowly swept over these guardians.
These guys did come here, and they got together with Heaven of Science.
Heaven’s chariot slowly moved out of the clouds.
"Qin Na, we meet again." The sound of heaven in science is very indifferent, more dignified than when Qin Na saw heaven in the East China Sea.
"Yes, we meet again, and every time we meet, we are enemies." Qin Na hey hey sneered.
"I’d like to be friends with you if I can." It seems that the sound of heaven in science is faint with some reluctance.
Not only is Qin Na combined with Zulong and Phoenix around Qin Na, but they also appeared surprised when they heard this sound, but after a while, they returned to normal. This situation really can’t think about those messy things any more.
"Not interested to say that we are doomed to be friends" Qin Na said with a smile.
Heaven of science is a very ambitious guy. After he left Hongjun’s side, he was left with an ideal and desire to become the Lord of Heaven. He has this desire to lead the Terran in Qinnan, and if he doesn’t obey me, he will be doomed to become the enemy of Heaven of science.
This science heaven Bai Qinnan is even more clear.
Hearing Qin Na’s answer, Heaven was silent for a moment, and then the voice became dignified again. "Qin Na, I have several interesting friends here recently, and some of them can actually restrain you from summoning two places at once. Without this move, it is almost impossible for you to defeat me in heaven, or even if you can defeat me in heaven, how many people can you have left? Now I’ll give you a chance. I’ll count the strong in heaven, and the strong in the three families of dragons and phoenixes are equally numerous. Let’s fight the strong against the strong and save more crimes."
The sound of heaven and earth echoed in the heavens and the earth, and the face of Zulong and Phoenix changed at the same time, quietly looking towards Qin Na.
But see Qin Na face gloomy silence for a long time before indifferently said, "Those guardians do have some means. Since they are going to duel, I will fight."
"Good Jin Jiashen, you will go out to fight this first game." Heaven is cold to hum a science.
From the middle of the celestial camp, a shining golden god of war came out with a huge axe and stepped on the clouds to fly to the two camps to provoke.
"Three heads of families, I’m going to fight." Among the dragons, Ying Long came out of the crowd.
Just now, Qin Na and Haotian heard clearly. Although Qin Na and Haotian verbally agreed to the decisive battle, according to the fact that both sides are now arrayed, the final decisive battle is doomed to be a life-and-death battle. This single-player decisive battle is barely an appetizer, but everyone is equally white. This appetizer has a great impact on the whole war, because the victory or defeat of both sides may affect the morale of both sides.
"Well, this battle is over to you." Zulong nodded and looked back at Phoenix and Qin Na.
Qin Na and phoenix glances nodded yes.
Ying Long has always been famous for his wisdom, but his cultivation is also very strong among the three clans. They are also relieved to give Ying Long the first battle.
"White, I won’t let him go back alive." Ying Long nodded and flew back into a dragon body.
On the other hand, the shining golden ares exuded golden light, which seemed to give the shining golden ares a golden armor, and in this golden light, a golden soft whip magic weapon appeared in the hands of the shining golden ares.
Pa …
The soft whip made a crisp sound in the hands of the shining God of War, and then the soft whip began to become long like a rope and circled towards Ying Long.
The friar here of the three families of Longfeng people suddenly changed his face. The shining golden god of war obviously restrained Ying Long’s dragon and phoenix body against opponents with physical attack types, which was a big advantage. But at the moment, the shining golden god of war kept waving his soft whip and wanted to bind Ying Long with a soft whip.
Ying Long claw suddenly appeared a cloud of wind and rain, which was like a thunder and lightning world rushing towards the shining golden god of war.
Qin Na frowned and stared at the war between the two sides. Before entering the list of gods, this shining God of War was a powerful monk. He was not weaker than Yinglong. After he walked in the list of gods, he seemed to be more tough than before.
Ying Long is uncertain about his victory or defeat at the moment.
Pa …
The shining golden ares soft whip lightly smashes Ying Long’s claws and winds, but the same shining golden ares soft whip forms a circle of veins, which is also broken. Ying Long growled and a body instantly appeared in the shining golden ares body and circled the shining golden ares in the body.
Ying Long’s own barrier impressively constructed an airtight cage, and the golden light of music leaked from the gap of Ying Long’s body.
A moment later, Ying Long’s body seemed to have suffered a major blow, and he kept shaking. There were many Long Lin, the dragon god, who broke away from Ying Long and turned into fly ash. Ying Long’s body began to become bloody.
Anyone can see at a glance that Ying Long is in a bad state at the moment.
Finally, the shining golden god of war squeezed Ying Long’s body through a gap and emerged from the encirclement of Ying Long’s body. Ying Long could no longer hold on to losing consciousness and falling towards the ground.
Several dragons flew to take Ying Long back. The winning shining golden god of war has not yet come to shout loudly. Suddenly, the golden light of his body exploded and turned into rain drops, and this shining golden god of war was destroyed in form and spirit.
Ying Long was seriously injured in this fight, and the shining golden god of war was destroyed. Just now, he shouted for victory. The throat of the celestial military forces suddenly seemed to be stuck by fishbones. The three families of Enron Longfeng people saw the fall of the shining golden god of war, which confirmed the victory of Ying Long and cheered.
"I’ll come to you who will fight." The shining armor defeated another shining armor god of war who had just fallen and jumped out to provoke.
Qin Na and ZuLong phoenix surly.
They have seen that at the moment, the strength of heaven is almost unbelievable. Those who used to intercept and explain the teachings belong to the name of heaven at the moment. These people have no advantage in the individual power or overall strength of Longfeng people.
Just at the moment, I can see the heaven in front of me. There are thousands of these shining golden ares, and there are many more powerful than this shining golden ares around me. There are not so many masters to deal with them in turn, even if one pair of two fights, the three families of Longfeng people can’t fight the heaven.
"Chief of the clan, I’m going to fight this time." A beautiful monk of the Phoenix clan fought hard.
Chapter four hundred and twenty Decisive battle ()
"Don’t I personally play this time" Qin Na gave a way.
"This is just the beginning. Is it necessary for the chief of Qinnan to personally shoot?" ZuLong and phoenix surprised asked.
According to the current scale of fighting between the two sides, it is not surprising to fight one-on-one for hundreds of years, but this is just the beginning, and it is really surprising that Qin Na has to play by himself.
But Zulong and Phoenix haven’t come to ask about Qin Nan, and Qin Nan has already flown towards the shining golden god of war.
The shining golden god of war is estimated to be unexpectedly Qin Na’s eyes cringed in person, but it may be that he remembered what made the shining golden god of war flinch slightly and then recovered his composure.
A huge axe flew out from the shining golden god of war and instantly expanded several times to cut it down towards Qin Na.
Qin Na’s body rippled in waves, and his figure seemed to have increased a lot in shape. When the huge axe hit Qin Na’s head, it seemed to be blocked by the wave around Qin Na. Qin Na raised his hand and squeezed a huge axe. Suddenly, it seemed to have suffered a heavy blow. After shaking for a moment, click click came out from the huge axe.
A moment later, the huge axe became shattered, and the shining golden god of war screamed miserably, and the whole person slammed back and turned pale under gravity.