Liang Yannian looked at Qiu Huiye and frowned slightly. "I don’t know what these records are. I’m not sure if I did anything …"

She blinked with a flicker of correction. "I’m not sure if these problems should be pointed out."
After all, they are all numbers that have been torn off and blurred.
General accounts should be carefully kept, and only a few of them in the White House have access to them. Since there is such a situation, she thinks it is intentional.
She can’t talk nonsense at will, but she can guess what she thinks in her heart.
Qiu Huiye put two cups in front of her and reached for the teapot. She slowly poured the tea in the teapot into the cups. She smiled at her mouth. "What do you think this situation most likely represents?"
The thoughts in Liang Yannian’s mind are turning rapidly, and several different ideas have emerged at the moment, but they are not suitable for opening their minds.
Her hands clenched unconsciously, her eyes were slightly flustered, and her heart was also nervous.
Qiu Huiye smiled and pushed a teacup to the front of Liang Yannian and added, "You can talk about your opinion if there are you and me here."
And after a pause, Liang Yan kept her hands tightly clasped. Qiu Huiye was careful. "Before you said that there are two situations in which expenses will not be recorded, and it is reasonable to say that they will not be recorded. Naturally, there is no need to tear up the accounts, but the accounts are obviously torn off. Maybe the White House felt that there was nothing to do before, but later found it inappropriate … It was torn off and was found to be malicious."
Of course, she hasn’t seen it, and she’s not sure whether it can be judged as "good or bad"
It’s always something that can leave a trace, maybe it’s huge or involves some people who shouldn’t be in the White House account
Qiu Huiye’s smile deepened and asked, "Do you think there is a second situation?"
Liang Yannian nodded "Yes" carefully.
Qiu Huiye looked at her, and she also looked at Qiu Huiye’s eyes seriously. "Or the account is false."
Qiu Huiye picked her eyebrows and quickly emerged a little surprised, but it was quickly replaced by a smile.
She laughed gently and took two sips at the teacup.
Liang Yannian still looked at her prudently. "Mother-in-law, I said … right?"
Qiu Huiye smiled and said, "You found these earlier than I expected."
Liang Yannian blinked.
Qiu Huiye put the teacup "Zhang … is a fake"
Liang Yannian is not too white. "Is it … fake?"
"Well, some of the accounts you read are true, some are fabricated, and some of the real accounts are mixed in other accounts."
Liang Yannian is not surprised that "the accounts of the White House are recorded separately?"
"Yes," Qiu Huiye said frankly. "Otherwise, if they were all put together, they would really be found by a willing heart and made a fuss about it. Is it so good? Although the trouble is also to be on the safe side. "
Liang Yannian bowed his head slightly and rolled his eyes thoughtfully.
She can’t help but hold the corner of the sleeve, frown and put it back, and then wrinkle her heart as if she were undergoing complicated correction.
After thinking, she looked up at Qiu Huiye. "Then let me keep an account before you?"
"Well ….." Qiu Huiye smiled and felt a little embarrassed. "Don’t take it personally. I actually want to use this half-truth account to test whether you really have the ability to manage accounts. It may not be too difficult for you to remember accounts before you went out in a boudoir, but it may not be easy for you to know what happened in those accounts."
She looked at Liang Yannian with soft eyes and her eyes flickered two times "especially for you"
Liang Yannian blinked his eyes and his head was slightly partial, which seemed puzzled.
"But now that you’ve discovered it, it proves that you really have that ability, and then you’ll become more skilled gradually."
"…" Liang Yannian didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Qiu Huiye got up and went to the back room and quickly came out. She handed Liang Yannian the key in her hand. "The answer is in the remaining account file in the warehouse. Go find it yourself."
Liang Yannian didn’t answer the key at once, and her heart was suddenly a little confused and nervous, which meant she was a little flustered and overwhelmed.
She looked at Qiu Huiye still puzzled.
Qiu Huiye raised her hand and put the key into her hand with a smile, then let her hold the key. "Look at the true number of the pile of accounts in the single-page warehouse. The true number in the double-page warehouse is not counted. Tearing up those files is true and recording things …"
Qiu Huiye smiled, "Sometimes you can go and have a look."
Liang Yannian looked at his eyes and his hand at Qiu Huiye.
"Mother-in-law I …"
"My marshal didn’t get Lu Tiao until he was over forty. We are all old. Although Lu Tiao has the ability to do things, he is impulsive, especially when he is around people. Sometimes he is easy to offend others regardless."
Liang Yannian pursed her lips, which seems to be true.
Qiu Huiye patted her hand. "He needs someone who can control his emotions and help others. He believes in you and we believe in you. Now that you are a white family, it’s time to learn and help with things in the government. I told you when you married into the white house, remember?"
Liang Yannian leng quickly emerged in her mind that she had said those words herself when Qiu Huiye talked after she married into the White House.
However, at that time, Qiu Huiye didn’t finish those things by herself. It wasn’t long before something happened to Su Wangfu, and she never remembered it when she was in Su Wangfu.
Until she returned to the White House.
So Qiu Huiye’s real purpose in letting her see the accounts is to let her gradually take over the management of the White House?
Liang Yannian can’t help but feel nervous and flustered. It’s not a big problem to read an account and remember it, but … she can’t be in charge. She has never learned it.
See her don’t talk Qiu Huiye tugged at her hand and asked, "do you really want me to be a big old man and still manage things in the house, big and small?" I can’t toss old bones for many years. "
Liang Yannian’s eyes were flashing. She looked at Qiu Huiye. Qiu Huiye smiled and gave her a positive look. She patted the back of her hand appealingly.
Liang Yannian pulled a smile out of her mouth and then raised her other hand to cover Qiu Huiye’s back. She said, "Mother-in-law, I’m not sure if I really have the ability to help you, but I will do my best if you need me."
Qiu Huiye said, "I believe you can."
Liang yannian smiled.
Qiu Huiye said with a smile, "I didn’t learn it before, but my mother-in-law taught me by hand."
She took a look at Liang Yannian and added, "Now it’s my turn for this mother-in-law to teach you this daughter-in-law. After you learn things in the White House, I will make a list for you. If you don’t understand, you can ask me or ask the way, but most of him knows that the government personnel are looking for Yulan. If Yulan doesn’t know how to find a housekeeper, you should have seen him before."
Liang Yannian nodded "Yes, I know."
When Liang Yannian walked out of Qiu Huiye’s room with two boxes in her arms, the sun was still charming and hot, and there was a little fan in the afternoon wind that didn’t leave the sultry feeling.
Liang yannian suddenly sighed
Before, she didn’t need to take care of everything in the Su Palace. She was happy and at leisure. Now she has started to help manage the White House. It’s hard for Bai Dad and Aunt to manage the Su Palace, and the people in charge of the bigger White House are even more busy and hard.