"All right, Nanguang, let him go," Zhang Tao said.

Nan Guang understands his witchcraft, so searching for memory will have a certain influence on this Harry, but it will not have a great influence if he is practicing quarrelling.
Harry kowtowed for mercy immediately after regaining consciousness, with a snot and tears telling his bitterness, which was completely different from the glory just before his two ladies.
Zhang Tao and Nan Guanggen ignored it. Since they found the location of the Magic Guild, it is natural to go straight to Huanglong. Two people flew to the south by frost feather again.
The scenery of the feet is like a dream passing through a hazy mountain in the distance. In an instant, the frost feather flies rapidly in front of you, which is like a gust of wind whistling.
"Be careful" Zhang Tao suddenly woke up and made Nanguang angry for a moment. These flames actually followed the frost feathers like long eyes to attack.
Nan Guang’s hands made a strange handprint, and suddenly the flame lost its target, and it exploded in the sky. "Huh?" At this time, a person suddenly appeared in the air. This person is Fante.
Zhang Tao was discovered in an instant from the Missuta Tower, and then Fante quickly came to block Zhang Tao halfway, thus floating in the air. "You are Zhang Tao? Defeat Moss Zhang Tao "Fant’s eyes are as blue as the stars and as elegant as the blue sky."
White skin and handsome face have enough exotic flavor, which is like the icy iceberg destroying Zhang Tao’s appreciation. "If Zhang Tao doesn’t have a second word, then I am."
When I hear Zhang Tao’s words, Fant looks like a storm, and Zhang Tao looks like a heavy rain. This person is really annoying. "Playing around is really not a good person. Fant will let you know today that Atlantis is not a place where you can be free."
Zhang Tao is very idle, is he good or bad? However, the other party’s name is a little scary. Fant? Is it the first day in Atlanta? I didn’t expect to meet him so soon? But it also makes Zhang Tao vaguely look forward to meeting such an opponent as soon as he has absorbed the cold fog of the star, just to let himself experiment.
See his hands waving two pillars immediately rushed out of the "wizard? Instant? " Zhang Tao’s right hand gently stretched out suddenly hazy twists and turns appeared two pillars were swallowed into.
When Zhang Taoke once again belittles everything in front of him, fireballs are dense all over the sky, and it is impossible to delay against himself. To deal with wizards, we must find a way to melee, even if the other party can instantly send.
Zhang Tao looked at Nanguang. He got the message and jumped directly from the back of Frost Feather, so as not to disturb Zhang Tao’s battle with Fant.
There is a white line in the speed of the frost feather in Nanguang, and it is like flint to bring Zhang Tao to Fante in an instant.
Frost feathers wave their wings and count their feathers to cover Zhang Tao’s eyes. A melee magician usually uses magic scrolls to defend against enemy attacks and then tries to distance himself again.
However, with the frost feather attack, the opponent’s scroll will be consumed, and it will definitely receive a miraculous effect. "It is now!" The opponent’s magic scroll is like a wall of fire! Swallow the frost feather, but the fire wall slowly disappears. Zhang Tao immediately roared away from the frost feather’s back.
But for a moment, there was a hint of ridicule in Fant’s eyes. When Zhang Tao was not there, Fant easily hid from Zhang Tao and saw his body suddenly burst into bright golden quarrelling with one punch.
"This is?" Zhang Tao’s pupil contraction instant abdomen was severely hit by his knee and immediately curled up like a cooked shrimp. "He actually" boom! The attack on the right elbow made Zhang Tao’s body spin again, followed by a shower of fists falling on Zhang Tao’s body, and a golden grudge without mercy. Zhang Tao’s body bloomed.
"Magic and martial arts!" This is known as a way of practicing without pleasing both magic weapons! However, individual geniuses can develop to the top, saying that it is difficult for anyone to surpass the top master.
And Fant was said that it was only the first day that there was something serious. Zhang Tao’s carelessness suddenly made him pay the price. He saw Zhang Tao being kicked in the face and falling rapidly
Frost feather naturally won’t let Fante continue to attack, crow, and attack Fante like a flash. Fante was forced to stop. Fante cut a golden grudge and turned it into a fist that could be seen by the naked eye. Frost feather flew again.
Boom There was a tremor on the ground. Zhang Tao fell to the ground. The dust floated around like a mushroom cloud, but the frost feather attacked Fant
"Frost feather!" But the noodles suddenly came to Zhang Tao to drink in anger.
Hearing the sound, the frost feather stopped his body, and Fante also frowned. After just attacking this Zhang Tao, he could still make such a bold sound. It seems that he did not cause substantial harm to him.
Whoo! The huge dust seems to have met with a storm, and then quickly gathered together and disappeared completely. Zhang Tao once again returned to "Frost Feather, I want to deal with him alone."
"Is this good?" Fant suddenly smiled, which seemed charming, but Zhang Tao’s mentality was not affected at all. "Enough" Zhang Taoxiao looked extremely confident.
Fant took out two short knives. "I hope you can laugh again later." At this point, his golden flame became brighter like the sun, and even his face could not be seen.
Zhang Tao naturally opened all the holes. "Are you this far?" For Zhang Taoqi, the master level and the emperor level are still arrogant and unmoved. Even now Zhang Tao has reached the nine-star St. Chapter 566? Woman?
Before Zhang Tao was surprised to say anything, Fant has shown the strongest Atlanta fighter Zhang Tao has ever seen! Golden quarrelling has slowly changed into an invisible virtual. The only thing that can be confirmed is that the gas around him has twists and turns. Zhang Tao’s eyes narrowed slightly. I didn’t expect this Fante strength to be so strong. According to the strength of Dongyue mainland, it has reached the level of ten three-star saints, and magic may be stronger
"It seems that I really need to exert my strength" to inspire the aura of heaven and earth. Zhang Tao’s hair and eyes have changed. Whether it is temperament or momentum, it is brand-new
Seeing the changes in Zhang Tao, Fant also shines at the moment. "This is the strength to defeat Moss."