"I’m different from your mother. I am very much. I’ve always advocated some western-style education, just don’t demonize that kind of thing, which is good for physical and mental health." Su Mu is natural and not embarrassing

"No" Ma Liang shook his head.
"Then how do you know each other?" At the moment, Su Mu is not like a father but more like a middle-aged man who focuses on divination.
"Yu Yao taught me in the village, and I was also the village teacher. I picked her up at that time," Ma Liang said. Instead, it felt like a friend was not nervous when chatting.
"Young educators, I am very pleased that the country just needs you to be so willing to contribute. How is the education in the village?" Su Mu’s tone was quite appreciative, and Su Yuqi also poured water, but she still didn’t like it.
"It’s not very good. Now there is a lack of teachers. President Zhang is getting older and older. The school has a lot of worries." Ma Liang naturally said the school situation. Although he felt that Su Mu’s tone of voice was similar to that of those who regarded officials, he never thought that he was the county magistrate
"But now Yu Yao’s sponsorship should ease the situation of a school." Ma Liang said smoothly, which means to let Su Mu know that Su Yu Yao has contributed to this school.
"Sponsor what sponsorship" Su Mu strange way and Bai Xuan eyes also look over.
"I promised President Zhang to pull some school sponsorship, but Mom refused to pay Ma Liang to give 30 thousand a month, totaling more than 300 thousand." Su Yuyao was embarrassed to explain.
Su Mu nodded and looked at Ma Liang, and I didn’t know what he was thinking.
"Dad Ma Lianggen didn’t know you were a county magistrate" Su Yu Yao said a sentence in Su Mu’s ear.
"How are things in Bai Xuan Company?" Su Mu asked.
"You never ask about the company," said Bai Xuan, looking at Su Mu, who had divorced and wanted to be a family here.
"And you can’t care too much about the two daughters." There is a strange emotion in Bai Xuan’s tone, and Su Mu actually nodded, which is probably what is special about the divorce agreement between the two.
"Although I advocate freedom of love and marriage, it is an idealized social fantasy in real society. There are many restrictions. I personally support you, but I am capable of this," Su Mu said, drinking water.
"Dad, I’m your daughter. I have to listen to Mom for whatever you can do." Su Yuyao’s emotions are ups and downs, and there will be a good change when her father comes.
"Mind if I talk to Ma Liang alone for a while?" Su Mu did not answer Su Yuyao but asked.
Ma Liang nodded, and others naturally have no different opinions. Ma Liang is a little confused. His future father-in-law is still quite attractive and much better than his mother-in-law.
Ma Liang followed him into the room and looked up to see the words quiet, far-reaching and elegant. The signature was Su Mu himself, even a layman felt accomplished, and many laws were hung in other places. For example, the famous Lanting Preface shows that Su Mu is a relatively unified and elegant person, and there are many books and historical celebrities everywhere, such as Zeng Guofan and Li Hongzhang. Don’t forget to sign it for reading:
Chapter 46 Man talking
"Sit" at his door and greet Ma Liang.
And Ma Liang also sat Su Mu sitting opposite him.
"Do you smoke?" He asked Ma Liang Ma Liang and shook his head.
"It’s a good habit not to smoke, but I like to smoke when thinking." Su Mu lit a cigarette and smoked slowly, his face hidden in the smoke.
"Let me introduce myself first. My name is Su Mu. You can call me uncle. Uncle looks too old." Su Mu laughed.
"Rain Yao told me" Ma Liang nodded.
"There are few young people like you now. Selling vegetables should make a good profit. Recently, Feng Jun of Grand Hyatt Hotel is a celebrity in the county," Su Mu said.
Feng Jun is the boss Feng. Ma Liang saw it when signing the contract.
"So far, it’s not bad." Ma Liang nodded and didn’t want to deny anything. After all, it’s no problem whether he wants to express his message and feed Su Yuyao himself.
"I really can’t help you with the problem between Yu Yao and you. I can see that you like Yu Yao very much and respect her very much. Now young people like Yi but lack respect. They can’t wait to get to know him the first day and go to the right room the next day." Su Mu said with a smile. "I still keep pace with the times."
Ma Liang is a little ashamed that he didn’t happen because he still thinks a little differently from Su Mu.
"To put it simply, my mother and I are a little complicated, and there is also a list of agreements. Both girls belong to her. Her mother is a very complicated and stubborn woman." Su Mu sighed
However, Ma Liang knows that the two are divorced, so that must be the reason. It is estimated that he is not convenient to disclose it now.
Sue.some shake shake ash and smoke a mouthful.
"I can’t help you with all this by yourself, and I hope you can understand her. Everything has a reason." Su Mu sighed again.
"She is too strong, which is not a good thing for women. At the beginning, I also advised her to give up some things, but she didn’t listen. In fact, Yu Yao and Yu Qi also have this kind of personality, but it is not serious." Su Mu said.
Ma Liang nodded a little, especially seriously, and now it’s just like talking to men in general.
"Yu Yao is different from Yu Qi. Yu Qi is a little more like her mother and Yu Yao is a little more like me." He smoked and chatted slowly.
"When I was a child, the two little guys were very clingy, but gradually when we were away from home, there were 24 small corpses. I felt that my daughters were all older in an instant, and they all led men home when they were old enough to talk about marriage." Su Mu smiled.
"Which village are you from?" Su Mu asked.
"I am Taoshui Village, Dayan Township," Ma Liang replied.
"I heard that there are many village officials over there. How is your village?" Su Mu asked.
"The village official in our village is my high school classmate, who is very ready to let the village develop," Ma Liang said.
Su Mu nodded "Heart is good"
"I also tell you one thing about Yu Yao, that is, I have no problem communicating with her mother. Speaking of it, I have been to my hometown before, and the environment is good, with mountains and water, especially the food is particularly fragrant. That girl Yu Yao probably likes that place, too," said Su Mu.
"But a lot of things are not easy when it comes to money. Yuqi is a naughty girl. I am satisfied that I want her to be a good girl and take over her mother’s class honestly. The sun has to rise and set in the west." Su Mu has finished smoking this cigarette.
"And Yu Yao is the best heir to her mother’s company. This is a basic fact, just like monkeys like bananas. No one knows, but it is also a fact."
"For Yu Yao’s mother, this company that has invested a lot of energy is her other child, and I hope this career can go well and bring a positive effect to her daughter."
"She doesn’t mean that she values who Yu Yao marries, but that she wants to cultivate Yu Yao into a marriage of her own. For her, it is a kind of being ignored. I have lived with her for more than 20 years, which is very clear." Su Mu said and lit another cigarette.
"I can’t change this. After all, people are emotional animals, and when they have feelings, there will be fetters. For example, she is Su Yuyao’s mother. Some things need to be tolerated and there is no absolute freedom. Isn’t that right, pony?"
Su Mu took a look at Ma Liang and changed his eyes, which is also particularly meaningful.
Ma Liang nodded to be a bystander, of course, but it’s not that simple to decide everything easily, but it’s not that simple to choose when you really get caught up in it