Fiona Fang Wuli, the center of the demon temple, forms a huge monster beast city. There are about 10,000 monster beasts in the city, and even compared with the hundred soldiers city, it is not too rich.

Around the city, monsters cultivate farmland and plant many strange things, such as a kind of poison that can produce "meat tree", which produces fruit similar to pork, which is the main food of monsters.
In addition to farmland, there are grazing livestock, and the output of pasture is enough to meet the food needs of all monsters.
The monsters also built an underground canal to pump clean water to the ground. They helped the livestock to pedal a huge waterwheel to get water. The design of the waterwheel was very innovative, which made Molin obsessed with research for two days.
In addition to these living facilities, monster cities also have residential areas and commercial areas like human cities.
Monsters rarely live in houses. They keep their old habits and prefer to dig holes in tree nests. Although there are no trees in the everglades, they make trees out of soil. Some monster beast columns nest, while others simply dig a hole in the column to live in.
The business district is actually some small stall vendors, besides food, there are all kinds of groceries. Among the strange goods, there are monsters who build their own rough weapons, props for witchcraft and herbal minerals. Many of them are extremely precious, but the monsters are surprisingly cheap in the transaction.
Although Molin’s eyes are shining, all the transactions here are barter. He has nothing to change except the blade. He can swallow his saliva and watch those precious minerals be treated as garbage for a few pieces of fruit of the meat tree.
At first, Molin was very disgusted with the monster beast. After hundreds of years of war between humans and monster beasts, it was difficult to kill hatred. From childhood, Molin recognized that all monster beasts were dirty and more ruthless than they were cannibals.
Molin has also seen the bloodthirsty side of monster beasts in the ambush in the Everglades and the attack on the city by a hundred soldiers, but when Molin strolls around the city, he can see the cute side of monster beasts.
They all have loud voices. Monsters greet each other in common language and punch each other hard in the chest. Molin started as a fight, but later found out that it was just their habit of showing kindness.
They are very simple and rarely bargain when bartering goods. Buyers often take the goods they are interested in and pay them in exchange for the goods. Molin has seen several transactions and never had a dispute caused by greed.
They are very bright and cheerful, and they sing loudly every night. Although Molin sounds like a ghost crying and wolf howling, their strange faces are full of smiles, and they are somewhat cute after watching them for a long time.
Sometimes Molin thinks that chatting with the monsters will also hum a few words along with their "songs". He has been in the city for more than a month and has become a familiar face. The monsters don’t exclude him as a human being, and sometimes they invite him to drink some "thunder wine" by themselves.
The thunder wine is as mellow as the monkey wine. Molin got as drunk as a fiddler the first time, but he also got to know several monster beasts. Although they rarely communicated, they mostly drank silently and shouted songs, but it also eliminated a lot of hostility to monster beasts in Molin’s heart.
Xiaobai has been eating and drinking with Mo Lin every day for more than a month. Mo Lin likes this little guy more and more, and he also likes to let him lie in on his shoulders.
A man and a beast are getting more and more harmonious, and Xiao Bai’s bite of a "boss" also makes Mo Lin be elated. Since childhood, Mo Lin has been an orphan. In addition to his childhood sweetheart Luo Sandy, there are also two friends, coolie and Lin Bo. Now there is another Xiao Bai.
Although the monster beast lives in a comfortable city, Mo Lin has always been thinking about going home. When he came out with the snake for the first time, he unexpectedly got permission
"You’ve recovered from your injury and you should go back," said Snake Jiuyou. "The golden-winged Dapeng bird will take you back to the vicinity of Mozi Village."
"Thank you" ink Lin didn’t expect to really go home, beaming way
"If you miss here later, I always welcome you to come again," Snake Nine Deep and Remote said meaningfully.
"I hope I won’t come again," Molin said.
"Are you? However, fate is very interesting, and no one knows what will happen in the future. "A cold smile appeared on the pale face of Snake Nine.
"And I also want to please you one thing" will ink Lin to demon temple snake nine deep and remote way.
"Go ahead," Mo Lin asked warily.
"You are the first human to leave the Everglades demon temple alive. I don’t want to reveal the situation here. Can you keep it a secret?" Snake nine deep and remote sincere ask
"I’m a Mohist craftsman, and I swear by honor that I won’t say anything about the situation here." Mo Lin put his hand on his heart and swore by Mohist etiquette.
"Very well, I wish you a pleasant journey." Snake Nine smiles and looks deep and unpredictable.
Golden-winged Dapeng bird is the most powerful flying monster. It carries Molin and flaps its wings into the sky.
Molin hugged the golden-winged Dapeng bird and looked at the earth with surprise. The high feeling made him relaxed and happy.
The flying speed is very fast, and the Everglades and Mohist Village Qian Shan crossed it in a moment.
Molin guided the golden-winged Dapeng bird to land in the mountains some distance from the village.
From the back of the golden-winged Dapeng bird, Mo Lin said, "Thank you."
Golden-winged Dapeng bird glanced at him. "I hope to meet you again in the future. If you are a heartless monster in the human world, you are always welcome."