"Jiugong Upright!"

In an instant, Qin Chuanyu was popular and quickly withdrew a few steps. His hands tied the dragon’s spine and took off and inserted it into the middle palace. A wonderful change of gas twisted the poisonous fog into the sword.
Then mysteriously moved to the law and swept away.
In the dark!
At the same time, Arroyo stood still and raised her maple red dress with her hands. In this gale, there was a wonderful method, which really dissolved Qinchuan’s refusal to transfer poison gas.
There is also some tacit understanding.
Suddenly, Qinchuan’s figure flashed past with a breeze, and the dark green maple leaves flew high.
A type of virtual wind has suddenly appeared in the summer of the building, and a palm on the side of the building has formed a ghost print and pushed it out. In the summer of the building, there has been fear, but there is no movement in the palm. Suddenly, it turned out that the ghost print in the original middle palace caused a strong real energy storm.
"Boom …"
Sleeves are flying, and at the same time, those fallen leaves never fall to the ground.
At this time, Louxia’s body was caught off guard by a sudden blow and crashed into the curtain of the law, and he was hit by a few feet and fell heavily in the middle palace. One mouthful blood spewed out.
"Dang …"
Then, following the guidance of Qinchuan’s idea, the central dragon ridge clanked and gained momentum, and trembled violently, giving a sharp murderous look.
"Go to hell!"
Listening to Lou Xia’s vicious drinking and scolding turned out to be the target of attack. Wu Jin’s long staff broke out like a coagulation force and went to Arroyo for puncture.
Blink of an eye has arrived in front of Arroyo.
"Chaos is too virtual polaron!"
Fuxi taiji diagram suddenly and now stops at the tip of Wujin long staff to quickly resolve its magical essence. However, it only passed through the taiji diagram for a moment because of too strong force, and a sharp long staff continued to blas at Arroyo’s heart.
Everything changes too fast, Arroyo and will have to react in the future.
She saw that the mysterious taiji diagram dissipated and melted into the air after it was passed through. The sharp end of the long stick shuttled forward with a small but sharp strong wind.
As if you can still see the qi being torn and twisted.
"Before …"
Listen to a light blood spill sound.
As soon as Qinchuan suddenly appeared in front of her, she saw the one she sewed with her own hands and floated up, but she saw that she held on to the end of that long stick with one hand and could not see Qinchuan’s expression. The only thing she saw was that she spilled a bit of blood from Qinchuan’s chest.
But it just landed on a maple leaf
Be red with dye
"net trouble!"
Qinchuan light who for a moment feel left arm some acid hemp that summer I don’t know the practice method is not strong, but the blow strength is stronger than.
The end of the long staff has pierced his body.
Half an inch from the heart!
Arroyo exclaimed that his face was white and his body trembled slightly, and he realized that Qinchuan had not been hurt before he breathed a little sigh of relief.
Just now, the blood was spilled in her heart
Qinchuan has no words, no words, no mind, rapid movement, dragon’s spine soaring and taking off back to his hands. The whole body is really rushing out again, like burning feathers.
Suddenly, I saw Lou Xia had climbed up from the ground with one hand tied with a seal and once again put it to use. Just now, the decree of the Ministry was called, and a breath spread throughout Xianyunling with a sharp sound.
But then there is a bodyguard appeared in front of the hall.