"Everyone is doing this, and I’m not alone. You are with Mayor Cheng now. Can you help me?" Zhong Siyuan grabbed her hand and begged her.

"How can I help you after you have done such a thing?" She shook his hand. "Either you make up the money yourself or you turn yourself in."
"That’s 200,000. I gave it to my dad. As a result, my dad’s company has been losing money this year. I can’t come up with so much money for winter and winter. If you don’t help me, I will be ruined." Zhong Siyuan pleaded with a face. "After you went to the mayor, you begged him to have it."
She sneered at her and really saw through the man. She knew she wouldn’t have the slightest nostalgia for him.
"I won’t help you anything. I can’t help you anything?" She said and turned to leave.
"Then you don’t care about Xiaodong?" He said behind her
"What’s the matter with Xiaodong?" Meng Xiaodong is her sister, and her only sister is now in college.
"Xiaodong called me earlier today. She had my baby." Zhong Siyuan stared at her eyes and said that he had already thrown caution to the wind.
Her brain turned white as if she had been hit by a heavy blow. "You said that Xiaodong had your baby clock Philip Burkart. How dare you say such things to me? Are you still human?"
"It’s Xiaodong. She said that she likes me to tell me that she is your sister and I can’t refuse her."
"You are not human!" She wants Ma Lian Xiao Dong Ma.
"If you don’t save me, Xiaodong will be finished" and he and she will be finished! He was extremely sad to see her leave.
"Meng Xiaodong, where are you?" She dialed her sister’s words.
"Sister" Meng Xiaodong sounded guilty.
"Do you really have a clock?" She found that she couldn’t even ask. This is her own sister. How could she ask?
"I’m sorry, sister. I really like brother Philip Burkart. Will you help him?" Meng Xiaodong like a also understand her voice cried out and said.
"You’re so right for me," she said and hung up.
She looked lonely and returned to the office. Ding Liangyu called her and asked her to go to the mayor’s office.
She like smoking a soul callous to Cheng Dongyang office.
"How is your procedure?" Cheng Dongyang see her some emotional frowned slightly.
She slowly turned her head and looked up at him, and then she heard herself say word by word, "Can you do me a favor? Chapter 5 is a woman kept by high officials."
A year later.
Meng Yudong came back very late today, accompanied the leader to do an inspection in the afternoon, and went back to the unit leader and said that she didn’t like to have dinner together. She went to drink two cups, and her capacity for liquor has improved a lot after this year.
But those two cups of white water still made her dizzy.
As soon as she entered the door, the light was pressed by a strong force, and the lips of the door panel were quickly blocked. When the hot tongue came in, she became dizzy and even more dizzy now.
She didn’t struggle either. Men smell familiar. He always likes to be so strong and affectionate. She just needs to close her eyes and bear it.
But in a second, her lips were released. "Have you been drinking?"
"I had dinner with the leader today and drank a little." He let himself go, and she turned off the light and walked into the bedroom without looking at the man.
"Drink less after" Cheng Dongyang frowned at her. He didn’t like her smell of alcohol.
She didn’t respond, took the clothes and went to the bathroom.
Words didn’t get a response Cheng Dongyang frowned as soon as she entered the bathroom, he followed.
Meng Yudong doesn’t seem surprised that he followed her in when the man pressed her against the cold tile. She urged, "Why did you come today?"
"Come back, of course!" Say that finish, he has stripped her, pinched her chest, ripped off her body and pushed her in.
Meng Yudong snorted. Although she has been there for several times this year, she still can’t get used to his huge and powerful invasion of him. It’s like reaching her heart. She hasn’t recovered her breath yet. He has rushed forward one after another.
Meng Yudong never imagined that she would come to this stage to be a woman kept by a man and a woman kept by a senior official was transferred back to Binhai a year ago. He gave Zhong Siyuan a month’s grace to solve his debt abuse, and she knew that she owed a lot to a man.
How did she promise her to come to Binhai? Before the unit gave her a farewell party, she was filled with a lot of wine. When she returned, Geng Qihang drove to her dormitory. He said to her, "I have something to tell you."
She knew that she couldn’t escape Cheng Dongyang and wouldn’t help her Geng Qihang to take the car to a secluded place.
She lost her second time in the back seat of his bus.