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It seems that I was sent to the hospital in confusion, and the pungent disinfectant made me frightened. That feeling is very annoying.
Walking and talking are always full.
I feel someone crying beside me, someone talking, and someone holding my hand, which is very warm and warms my heart.
Vaguely heard this sentence, the doctor said that ice needs to rest for a while because of excessive blood loss, but whether it can wake up depends on his will.
"Don’t be sad, Xin Ying Qi Bing, she will definitely wake up."
"It’s all our fault. If only we had found out earlier, Hao, what should we do?"
Now I know it’s Xin. They are crying.
After a while, crying stopped, talking stopped, and the door seemed to be closed. Everyone should go out.
But the warmth of my hands hasn’t stopped. I don’t know who it is. I’m talking in my ear
I vaguely heard
Bing, please wake up quickly. I’m begging you. The host said that he was choking. I wanted to open my eyes to see who it was, but my eyelids were heavy and I couldn’t open them so that I could give up and continue listening to that sound for me.
"Do you know that I really like you? I don’t want to admit it so that I can tell myself that I don’t like you, but that you have her figure."
Who is it? I want to ask him, but I can’t speak.
He continued, "But gradually I found out that you are you, she is her, and I know that I like you, I like you unadorned, I like your innocence, but …"
As he spoke, he seemed to shed tears. The tears flowed into my hands. The tears were so cold. I felt the sadness of the owner of the tears.
"Once I approached you, but your cold shell refused to drop it, but I was very happy when I went to the amusement park. That time, you no longer showed your coldness. You were so pure. I know that you like cherry blossoms. That time, your cherry tree dance was so beautiful. I am fascinated. I don’t know why you are crying, but I know that you are sad. I am willing to share it with you if I want, but you can’t. You will keep people away."
"See you like cherry blossoms so much, you must know that cherry blossoms say, but I still want to tell you; Cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan because of the spirit of cherry blossoms, which is what the Japanese call "cherry blossom complex". Generally, the flowering period of cherry blossoms fades for 35 days because the cherry blossoms choose their most brilliant time. This is the spirit of cherry blossoms.
There are white cherry blossoms in front of me. The brave warrior chose his beloved cherry tree for caesarean section, because when a warrior recognizes that he has achieved the glory of life, he will choose to end his life. Since then, the cherry tree has become red … The redder the petals of the cherry tree, the more dead the tree is.
Cherry Blossoms have been quietly blooming for several months in Cherry Blossom City. Every day, I see many couples chatting and talking about cherry blossoms. The petals of cherry blossoms gradually fall to beauty, and the cherry blossoms become a symbol of love. But everyone wants to get love and happiness, and so does the fairy cherry blossom. Seeing that others are so happy and want it, she left the cherry tree alone.
The petals of cherry blossoms are still falling in the crowd of cherry blossoms, looking for her other half. She searched for a long time. When she wanted to give up and went back to the cherry tree, he appeared. She brought happiness. He took care of her and they chatted together until late at night. Only then did she know that he had come here from a distant country because the ship had lost his way. Sakura knew that he would definitely leave and return to his own country. Sakura cherished this time. She met him every day. Sakura chatted every day .. But the good times were always short. He was leaving. Say goodbye to sakura. Although she was prepared, sakura still couldn’t resist the blow. She turned her back on him and said a word "Oh". He left the vast sea. Sakura was alone. Sakura cried and comforted her, but the breeze blew over the petals on the ground. Sakura’s heart was broken. She cried for days and nights and finally decided it was time for her to go back. She looked at the sakura and thought that I was a sakura.
A few years later, he came back. He actually came back. He came to the appointed place to look for her and never found her. He was lost. It turned out that he came back to tell her that he had loved her. When he heard the crowd in the village say, he knew it was too late. He vowed that all lovers would be loyal to their families and no one would miss it like himself … This time, he never left Sakura City again. He kept looking for her until he died …
Hundreds of years later, cherry blossoms are still blooming with many couples. This said that I came here to witness my happiness. I don’t know if it was fate or … The reincarnation of cherry blossoms has become the world. When she came to the cherry tree, she always felt deja vu. The wind suddenly blew up and the petals blew over her hat and were blown away. It was a man who received it. He also came. This time they will not miss it again … "
Now I can hear who it is. What I said in my ear was dazzling. I cried and tears soaked my pillow down my cheeks. I didn’t expect that I accidentally hurt him so deeply. I decided not to hide my feelings and tried to open my eyes while listening to him.
"I hope I can follow you like that samurai if I want to. I beg you to wake up quickly."
He buried his head in my arm and I tried to open my eyes. Finally, I opened my eyes and touched his head.
Chapter 36 Mutual affection? !
"I hope I can follow you like that samurai if I want to. I beg you to wake up quickly."
He buried his head in my arm and I tried to open my eyes. Finally, I opened my eyes and touched his head.
I bent my arms and looked up as if I felt someone touching his head.
Seeing that I was looking at him with a smile, I was surprised at the reason that I had never smiled in front of him.
He looked at me and then turned around. His intention should be to wipe away tears.
I tried to wipe the tears from his eyes.