Mu Bingxuan was surprised to see the snow. I didn’t think that she had just solved one, and now it’s coming again. It’s really "it’s hard to find a place"!

"What a coincidence, Zuo Yingxue."
"…" Snow ignored her and walked on, so MuBingXuan brushed her shoulder instantly-
"Don’t be so sentimental. After all, it’s an old friend. Sister Xia Yun Xue" MuBingXuan said simply.
Snow stopped to show surprise and looked blankly at MuBingXuan to see her evil smile.
"Sure enough, I didn’t guess wrong. You are the snow in the summer and Lan Bing is the real Mubingxuan." A bit of jealousy flashed in his eyes.
"I don’t know what you said." Snow eyes stared at her with cold light.
"Really?" Mu Bingxuan smiled meaningfully and quickly reached out to Xiang Xue …
The snow was not prepared for the sudden attack, and the wig was easily taken out of gold. The yellow hair was scattered around her shoulders, but it did not detract from her natural beauty
"How?" Mu Bingxuan proudly played with her wig and looked at the snow proudly.
"What do you want?" Snow looked at her harshly and smelled of danger. "I warn you that if you dare to hurt Europe, I will never let you go."
"Ha ha" Mu Bingxuan laughed contemptuously and looked at the snow contemptuously. "I’m afraid I can’t come."
"What do you mean?"
"I think she is happy in hell now!"
"What did you do with the ice?" Snow tugged at her collar angrily, but MuBingXuan didn’t have any cowardice. Instead, her face smirked and never disappeared.
"Snow you also have no respect for yourself! I’m afraid you haven’t done it yet. "
You!’ Snow was angry and her eyes were bloodshot. "What? What, are you going to treat ice and me like this? Shut up. I’m just an old friend of yours. I don’t mind but ice her … "
"Shut up your roots won’t white I feel you are my good friend? Don’t laugh at my big teeth. After all, your good friend will have an ice cream. Do you regard me as a good friend? "
"I have. I always regard you as a good friend!"
"Oh, my friend, every time there is something interesting, you will never come to me to play at the first time. You are like this, and the night is like this. She took it away from me, but I don’t want it. I hate her. I want her to disappear forever." At this time, Mu Bingxuan is like a runaway devil. His hatred looks terrible.
Grasp the snow with one hand, slap it with one hand, and fall down with warning …
Bing opened his eyes slightly, and it was dark in front of him. He felt a strong thing pressing down on himself. He opened his eyes wide and looked intently at "Blue Night?"
But there was no response from Lan Chengye. The stone kept pressing him.
"Hey, Lan Chengye, wake up!" The ice kept shaking his body and his heart was in a panic and confusion.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four The truth after the disaster
"Stop shaking and it hurts." Lan Chengye gradually woke up from a coma and touched his head.
"pain? Where does it hurt? Is it the head? " Trembling hands touch the liquid on the head of Lancheng Night, and the ice is white and tender. "Lancheng Night, you are bleeding."
"Uh-huh." But Lan Chengye was surprised. It was enough for him to see that Bing was safe, but Bing didn’t think so-
Watching Lan Cheng’s head dripping with blood on his face is still warm. Suddenly, like being strangled by a rope, a burst of severe pain makes her breathless and bright, and her eyes are covered with thick moisture …
"What’s the matter with you? Are you injured somewhere? " Ask anxiously
Without tears, the ice "brushed" out of the eyes uncontrollably, flowing like a pouring waterfall. "Are you an idiot? Why rush in when you know there is danger? "
"If I hadn’t rushed in to save you, you would have died."
"I have no life. What do you have? What if you lose your life? "
"Is my life gone?" Lan Cheng’s night voice became very low, and the silver in his eyes dimmed. "Anyway, you hate me so much, even if I don’t have this life, you won’t feel sorry!" The sound is very light, but every word burns her heart as if it were in the heart of Bing Xin.
"Idiot Lan Chengye is an idiot." Bing shouted that tears kept falling like a broken line without interruption.
"Ice …" LanCheng night looked at the ice with pity.
The ice back gradually broke away from the cold ground, and his hands hooked Lan Chengye’s neck and lips tightly kissed, and the faint fragrance flowed into Lan Chengye’s mouth and spread to his body.
Lan Chengye’s eyes widened in surprise, and Bing actually took the initiative to ask himself, Is this a dream? But the lip temperature told him that this was not a dream. The hands naturally hugged the thin waist of ice and they kissed …