The Lord of the Black Domain saw Xiahou Chaojun and Monsieur beaucaire Ling at the moment, thinking that everything, including being passive before his Lord, was because these two guys had found the ghost clan’s red dagger, and if I had known it, I should have killed it and eliminated the future trouble forever.

At first glance, the holy family saw the red flower fighting Thai around the floating black domain master, and the red flower fighting Thai also consciously found the eyes of the holy family floating in the opposite crowd.
The two men’s eyes are intertwined and meaningful.
No one knows, not even the owner of the black domain, that Fu Sheng and Hong Hua Dou Tai used to be friends.
When the holy family is still in charge of half of the domain, it is the stage when Honghuadoutai, a heterogeneous domain that does not belong to ethnic groups, is rampant.
However, Hong Hua Dou Tai was different from Ci Ren Gu later. He was not violent, bloody or war, but he was willing to fight.
Wandering around the domain all day, every race fights to find the master of each race to fight, so as to prove that they are stronger than those races differentiated from the domain.
There is no reason for fighting to be competitive, and Hong Hua Dou Tai is cynical. At that time, the domain was also famous
At the beginning, there were three Hong Hua Dou Tai who couldn’t beat them all over the domain.
These three people are the protoss, the Haunted Ghost, the Hidden Blade and the Holy Family.
And the protoss SiHaoDuTai always don’t like to be too scheming. On the contrary, when they play against him, they don’t make a vicious move. They all point to stop the holy family’s floating life, and they are very fond of avoiding serious injuries in the fight, but they admire the ghost clan’s hidden blade when he is injured.
Because Hong Hua Dou Tai was lazy by nature, he was not in close contact with the ghost clan Zang Blade and the holy clan Floating Life, but this did not prevent him from introducing close friends to each other with Zang Blade and Floating Life appreciate each other.
The domain chaos saint family collapsed immediately after the war, and this disappeared. The domain protoss unified the domain and everything in the domain had a high status.
Soon after, the ghost clan and the evil clan fought bloody battles, and the whole domain disappeared completely. The evil clan almost declined. Hong Hua Dou Tai didn’t see the last side of the ghost clan’s hidden blade, which seemed disheartened. This domain disappeared for a long time.
Later, Hong Hua Dou Tai gradually appeared in the domain, but the number was very small, and he almost disappeared until he knew that he was still in the domain, but he became more and more differentiated into various new races.
However, when the domain changed greatly, the holy family was alive before leaving the domain. I saw Hong Hua Dou Tai, and a fight with Tai didn’t know the truth. The holy family war led to genocide, advised Fu Sheng to stay and revitalize the holy family, and left it to Hong Hua Dou Tai to fight against a race. There is no doubt that the protoss is now in the domain
It’s meaningful to leave a half-point holy family floating to the mouth. At this moment, he looks at Honghua Doutai, but he didn’t expect that it was his original words that changed Honghua Doutai’s thought, and now he has turned to the protoss.
The distance is not far, the eyes are very close, and the Honghuadou Taihe Shengzu floating life has been looking at each other for so long.
However, there is some remorse in the floating heart. The cynical Hong Hua Dou Tai has become a tool of the protoss around the black domain Lord, and he and Hong Hua Dou Tai are at odds at this time, and each Lord must face a turn of arms.
Yang night eyes rested on CiRenGu body.
When the dark Lord led these figures in front of him, Yang Ye was shocked and went to Ciren Valley at first sight. He couldn’t say clearly. Perhaps the reason was to see if there was any change in Ciren Valley’s eyes. He didn’t want to see the continuous cruelty and scarlet.
But when Yang Ye looked at Ci Ren Gu, Ci Ren Gu avoided Yang Ye, but he dared not look him in the eye. He didn’t know what Ci Ren Gu was suddenly afraid to look into Yang Ye’s eyes, just as Yang Ye could see clearly the fragility behind his cruelty.
However, such a slight change is a little exciting in Yang Ye’s eyes. At least, it seems to him that Ci Rengu has made some changes at the moment. At the beginning, that kind of indifference and hatred eyes were gone. At this time, Ci Rengu’s eyes were afraid and contradictory, and there was a little anxiety, although it was a flash and fleeting.
The real expectation of Yang Ye is whether Ci Ren Valley has recovered its original goodness at this moment. At least in this way, they will lose a very powerful opponent. Besides, Yang Ye kept in mind all those words about the original goodness of Ci Ren Valley in the World War I at the top of Evergreen Mountain not long ago.
He knew that Ciren Valley was not the enemy.
The stalemate continues.
Although it is only a few tens of seconds, both sides feel that it is longer than long.
Nan Rong’s phantom position is more advanced than Yang Ye and Fu Sheng, and he is even more nervous at this time.
Although my ability is much higher, I am facing the black domain Lord Ciren Valley, and there are still several so-called first-class experts in the domain. My position is too unfavorable because I don’t know the strength of the other party. I am very wary of the performance of Nan Rong Magic. My fists have been clenched in the stalemate for a long time and briefly, and I can be ready to go all over.
Sure enough, the first one to be attacked was Nan Ronghuan.
The stalemate between the two sides was broken by an unexpected attack, but no one on the black domain master’s side made a move to attack Nan Rong’s illusion. The stalemate between the two sides came from the deeper seabed.
Expect the unexpected, a silvery white light draws a water mark from the depths of the sea floor and goes straight to Nanrong Magic!
Maybe if it weren’t for the bottom of the sea, it wouldn’t be easy for Nan Rong to imagine hiding from this attack, but the slight barrier of the sea slowed down the sneak attack and drew water marks, which also stirred the whole sea slightly. This horse was shocked to find that the silver-white bright line had reached the foot position, and Nan Rong’s illusion flashed sideways and hid aside.
But I didn’t expect that the white bright line would turn the corner after shooting, and suddenly stopped in the water and ran behind Nanrong Magic!