Ye Han smiled and was silent for a long time before he nodded. "Don’t worry too much. As the saying goes, you will come back to worry in the end!"

After listening to Ye Han’s exhortation, Ye Hong immediately put his worries in his heart. He glanced at Ye Han and immediately laughed. "You will never come to me for no reason. Is there any difficulty?"
Ye Han smell speech busy nodded with a wry smile. "Father, you see, I’m going to leave this road tomorrow, and I must need some vitality coins. I wonder if you can give me some vitality coins."
Ye Han voice did not fall when he heard a charming smile outside, and soon Ye Mu figure came to the room with a small Yu Pei in his hand.
Glancing at Ye Mu’s hand, Yu Pei Ye Han admitted that he was not a greedy person, but he couldn’t help reaching out and taking Yu Pei. Then he smiled at Ye Mu and said, "Thank you, mother!"
Ye Mu immediately took a white look at Ye Han and nodded. "Here’s what you need on your way. I gave it to you before my mother wanted it. Since you asked for it yourself, I’ll give it to you first!"
Ye Han grabbed a piece full of things. Yu Pei’s heart was naturally happy and busy trying to inject his vitality into Yu Pei. Indeed, he found that Yu Pei had some daily life besides some vitality coins and yuan crystals
Now Ye Hanxiu has not yet entered the realm of Yuanying, and it is still necessary to live. Moreover, even some Yuanying people usually have some life in their hands, so Ye Han does not feel anything strange about this.
Pack up the Yu Pei Ye Han then looked again at Ye Mu notice Ye Mu besides a face of gratified smile is not mixed with a bitter, obviously there is some kind of no one intimate things.
Ye Han dare not say that he knows his mother’s worries, but he knows all about Ye Mu’s worries at the moment. Ye Mu is bitter at the moment, not because there is a possibility of rebellion in the family, but because the horse is leaving after ten years’ separation.
Ye Han’s parents don’t know much about female feelings, but they can feel them. However, he can’t change what he wants to leave. Now it has become a foregone conclusion. He can’t give up this road because Ye Mu can’t give up.
If it weren’t for Ye Rou, he might have chosen to stay, but now it’s different. He must strive to pursue his own love, even though that love may have been lost, but he must be responsible for his own love.
So instead of flinching, he is more eager to continue to walk away, but he doesn’t think much now.
Even if there is a family rebellion, he is sincere, so he once commented on himself like this. Love ignores everything.
"Don’t worry, mother, when Han Er finds Sister Rou, she will come back soon!" Meditate on this Ye Han and stop thinking about him, so he will comfort Ye Mu with appropriate sexual words.
Leaf mother smell speech eyes suddenly fell to Ye Han face to see a face to be sincere when also didn’t say anything, he knew that Ye Han was still young, and this family would be trapped, even if he found Ye Rou, he would still leave.
Ye Hong naturally understands this point, and it was because of this that he was able to experience so much when he was young, otherwise it would be impossible to manage this family well.
"Well, the boy has to go back to prepare for Tianli, so leave first!" Suddenly looked out of the window and learned that it was already ten o’clock in the afternoon. Ye Han planned to leave.
Revisiting the old scene in the 67th world ()
Ye Hong nodded. "Go ahead. If you need anything else, just come to me. Don’t mention the material needs of life. As a father, I can still give it!"
Ye Mu smiled and nodded at Ye Han. "Yes, if you need anything, come to me and your father. If we can help, we will definitely help you!"
Ye Han smiled and nodded noncommittally, and then got up and went out of the door toward the layman, and then smiled and nodded, and then turned away happily.
When Ye Han left, Ye Mu Ye Hong suddenly smiled at each other and stopped talking. Now they can resolve all the wars by themselves. They are naturally happy, but they didn’t expect that the eye family will have a big change soon.
This great change may eventually be completely calmed down, but no matter who wins or loses, it will be a catastrophe for Ye’s family, thus making Ye’s family change its original fate.
Perhaps this will greatly increase the strength of Yuzryha’s family, but it is more likely to be healthy. Ye Hong, a patriarch of Yejia, naturally doesn’t want this to happen, and Ye Mu naturally thinks the same as Ye Hong’s owner.
However, as Ye Han said, the future will come eventually, even if they want to avoid it, there is no such possibility. What they hope most is that this will not happen, and this is the best result.
Ye Han left Ye Hongfang and didn’t go back to his room, but wandered out of Yejiadamen Street, not prepared to leave at all.
Later, he wanted Xingyuan City to buy something, but when he came out, he found that he didn’t know what else to prepare. Ye Mu had already prepared it for him.
After wandering around for an afternoon, Ye Han finally didn’t buy anything, so he unconsciously came to the city gate and went out without hesitation.
Ye Han didn’t stop outside the city and went straight to the lake outside the city. He had a good memory there and he had to relive an old dream before he left here.
Soon he came to the lake and sat on the grass for a long time, and he kept thinking about his previous visit here several times. He didn’t see it with his own eyes and there was no memory.
After a long time, Ye Han got up from the grass, but at that moment, he noticed that a familiar figure flashed on the lake not far away.
"Soft sister! Is that you? " Feel back familiarity is beyond your imagination Ye Han suddenly a face of joy shouted.