Seeing the black-faced man’s body slumping backwards, he was overwhelmed, and his mouth popped out with a deep red blood fog.

Rogge came to the front of the big fellow and looked up at the lying big fellow. "Now this mountain is still you? Did you still plant this tree? Do you still need money? "
The black-faced man was seriously injured, but he didn’t hang up immediately. Although Rogge has already exerted his skill, he has tried his best, but the black-faced man is not a vegetarian and is not as weak as he thought.
The black-faced man opened his eyes wide and begged for mercy. "I won’t dare to forgive myself. I won’t dare again. Otherwise, I’ll give you all my belongings and beg for my life …"
The black-faced man knows that he is also the last person in the pool to fight for the road.
Ps (make a robbery and ask for a recommended collection …)
Chapter seventy-five Dry Kun bag
"Oh, what treasure do you have?"
Rogge didn’t intend to do anything, but now he is more and more interested in listening to the robbers themselves.
"There are a lot of them. Wait for me to show them to the heroes."
The black-faced man was afraid that Rogge would kill him if he didn’t want to, as if he were doing his best to flatter and tell him cleverly.
And Rogge also flash while watching each other what can dig out the baby.
See the black-faced man untie a green-red purse from his waist and then pour it upside down. Unexpectedly, many things kept pouring out of the small purse, and even big things fell one after another to see Rogge Zheng Zheng.
"This is gold, this is jade, this is a gold bracelet, this is a black gold rod, cat’s eye, sapphire blue, sapphire crown, longan spring, phoenix hairpin …"
With the falling objects, the black-faced man kept reading the names of the objects in his mouth and looked meticulous.
"Wait, wait, stop!"
Rogge suddenly stopped the big fellow.
"aye? Men are not satisfied? I still have … "
"Wait, I don’t mean that. I want to say that you are full of gold, silver and jewels. Why are there no valuable and valuable things? What have you robbed over the years? !”
Rogge is very critical about this. Do you think that the big fellow is only trying to grab these gold, silver and pearl ornaments in this mountain, or is he just practicing? !
"ah! Heroes, what should I do if I have these? It turns out that these can’t enter the eyes of heroes. That … "
The black-faced man was very scared, for fear that Rogge would kill him on the spot at that time.
"That you call this purse? How can I borrow so many things? "
"Ah, this, this is called Gankun bag. I got it last year from a flower company. It can hold everything in the world. It’s convenient. Anyway, I won’t do this business anymore. This hero can take it and have a look."
Said the black-faced man, and poured out all the utensils in the bag of Gankun. Even Rogge was startled to see that the grass was full of glittering gold and silver jewelry. Rogge took a step back, and those belongings were all piled up in a pile. Long Xiaowan was surprised to grow up.
"I said how many votes have you done over the years? Why did you rob so much? !” Longxiaowan avenue
The black-faced man touched the back of his head and giggled, "Ah, no more, no more, just once a day."
"Every day? ! Oh, my god, "Long Xiaowan was surprised." Aren’t you tired? "
"it’s okay."
"Then what do you rob these things? Don’t you grab something? "
Long Xiaowan, of course, refers to the magic weapon that can be cultivated.
"Well, I’m not going to do this. I’ll go back to people after a few more votes, and I’ll meet …"
The black-faced man didn’t say the last sentence for fear that the other party would be unhappy again.
"Aren’t you here to practice?"
Long Xiaowan surprised way
"Don’t say this word, I feel sorry for myself." The big fellow pointed out that this action failed, but he continued, "Come on, I didn’t intend to be a summoner for a generation, and I didn’t have the perseverance and interest. My wish is to take a house full of gold and then do whatever I want with my free people. I am not afraid of jokes. My wish is to get three wives and six concubines and then have a house full of servants. Isn’t this more enjoyable than that boring practice life? Even if I live for a short period of one hundred years, I will be satisfied."
"Oh, so that’s it!" Long Xiaowan muttered to himself.
Black-faced man’s true feelings show that Long Xiaowan stared at the gold, silver and jewelry, and suddenly he felt that this reality was too reasonable. If he could live happily in the world, wouldn’t it be better than that boring practice life? Long Xiaowan’s mind was constantly echoing with the true feelings of the black-faced man.
Everyone is different, everyone has his own way of life, maybe he is superficial in the eyes of others, but this is life. What do you think of it?
In an instant, Long Xiaowan also has a different view of the black-faced man, although the other party was just going to hurt himself.
Aside Rogge has been staring at the dry Kun bag in his hand and kept turning it over to see it.