The flaming tulle surrounded her like a flaming flame and fluttered with her dancing.

This wisp of red gauze just wrapped around that gorgeous girl makes people feel vulgar; Now winding the evening body is mysterious, elegant and holy!
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No music, no dancing, loneliness, no ballet, like deadly gravity, makes everyone hold their breath and stare at it.
These bad guys who used to wander around the sinful and bloody world were attracted by this beautiful dance of absolute beauty.
The evening is like a sacred fairy, which brings them unprecedented shock!
When Xi spread her legs like a crane and took off, a bullet grazed her body with horror and hit the flame platform behind her by mistake …
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ __
A hole in the lotus leaf-shaped flame iron furnace was punctured, and the fuel leaked out with Mars, causing a fire on the stage.
The evening is light and falls to the ground, and the center of the fire is like an angel in a flaming hell!
She stared at the eyes at the door calmly, even though these unique black eyes were still shining in this black temple, they were so black that they were as cold as bones and as unfathomable as mystery!
A long black trench coat and long curly hair fluttered wildly backward by the wind. The mysterious and strange mask covered half of his face but not his black eyes.
They looked at each other for one second, two seconds and three seconds …
It seems that there are only two of them left in this moment.
Two extremes
An extremely dark ghost; An extremely holy and pure!
**** *w*w*w***** ***
Asphyxia in gas stagnation field
After shaking for a few seconds, the men knelt in horror and shouted "Your Majesty-"
The dark symbol of the king is right. He is the leader of the underworld organization-the king of the night!
“ ` ` w w w
"King forgive me …" Vulcan voice trembled, and when he knelt down, he was already white and bloodless and sweaty.
Evening surprised to see him, an ambitious and arrogant man, would be so timid in the face of these eyes. It seems that this so-called respect for the king is really not simple
Life is sunny and beautiful, and the world doesn’t know the underworld organization at night. She doesn’t know who the king is in front of her, but she has always been far-sighted. When she looks at this battle, she knows that this person is by no means a thing in the pool!
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"Damn it if you dare to act alone behind the king’s back." A man in black stared at the salamander coldly. His facial features were profound and his eyes were cold. He was about forty years old and strode over with a gun.
"I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m just gathering here." The salamander hung his eyes and sounded very weak
"At the last moment, you still dare to quibble. Just now, when we spent fifteen minutes, we have wiped out your partner department. You fought with your father’s right to protect some positions in the organization, and Hu Fei ignored the precepts. This time you are dead …"
The left guard gun refers to the fire snake.
"Don’t respect the king. I was wrong. Please let me live …" The salamander knelt to climb to the top of the statue.
He is no longer arrogant just now, just like a fire-fighting market that has been watered down, losing all the flames and leaving a pile of ashes.
"Don’t worry, I won’t kill you now." The king looked down at him like a humble slave. "I’ll let your father do it himself."
"No, don’t respect the king …"
"Hush-"King Zun put his forefinger on his lips and gently hissed.
The salamander trembled and shut up, afraid to speak again.
Everyone was afraid to look at him with trepidation, even breathing carefully.
King staring at the evening index finger slowly pointing to her "continue …"
His voice is low, like mumbling, but deadly, as if to disobey him, he would be doomed.
Evening dazed almost obedient to continue to dance, but reason told her that Min Xu didn’t have time to delay.