The mission team of the State of Qi is very long, whether it’s armored guards or the most striking one. Xiao Li is riding a horse. All of them look like kung fu masters, and they are by no means royal brothers who are greedy for wealth.

"Is that a person or body double?" Actually, everyone can’t see that they can ask Yan Liang
With her hands behind her back, Yan Liang stared at the man who was riding on a horse, and she slowly narrowed her eyes.
Everyone frowned. He really escaped from the imperial capital yesterday, but all four gates were intercepted. How did he get out?
Xiao Li is dressed in a crimson robe with a jade belt of the same color, and her long hair is neatly tied up by a purple crown to show his face completely.
Unlike wearing a night suit and looking like a gangster, he is now full of extravagance and says that he is a member of the royal family, and everyone has objections.
It seems that looking at him in the strip made him very satisfied with the people. He raised his eyebrows and smiled, and his white teeth were exposed, which attracted many onlookers to exclaim.
"I knew that there must be a day when he left before us, but we could not." Jiyue secretly gritted his teeth, and this day finally came.
"It’s really an eyesore, but I really want to pull his head out now." Liu Tianzhao clenched his fist, especially when he heard those girls talking about it, his anger was even greater.
"Look at the warriors he brought. It’s estimated that the emperor will discuss a competition. Whoever is upset can recommend himself to the emperor early." Ten-door catchers pay more attention to riding past the warriors in front of them. They are all tough and dressed in leather, showing their muscles and spraying their arms.
LiuTianZhao hum hum "volunteered no emperor always choose his mind" and he took one look at Yan Liang obviously said her.
At that time, the emperor called Yan Liang for personal protection every banquet or hunting. At that time, Emperor Liu Tianzhao had a little meaning to her.
But later, he directly rejected his idea, which is Yan Liang Kung Fu.
This kind of scene, he will definitely call Yan Liang to fight for face again to find her.
Dozens of fine horses passed by in front of our eyes, and exquisite carriages came into sight. There were no carriages, because all the carriages were filled with gold-plated boxes, as many as twenty cars.
The onlookers talked about more than guessing that these were betrothal gifts. If the five emperors of the State of Qi wanted to marry the ten princesses of Dayan, they had to use heavy betrothal gifts.
Dayan is not a shabby little country, and she won’t look at Qi, and she looks very sincere this time.
Two horses are pulling a car, but it doesn’t look easy. Think about how much weight there is in that box.
The officials of the Ministry of Rites had been waiting for the reception, and finally led the delegation to settle in the posthouse. The whole emperor was still troubled by the arrival of the Five Emperors of the State of Qi.
Liu Tianzhao’s guess was really accurate. When Xiao Li entered the post office harem, Wei Tiankuo called the ten leaders of the punishments to enter the palace early in the morning, and there was Yan Liang.
When ordinary dinners are held at different state banquets and people from other countries make mistakes, it is a great sin. Tong Shang is also very cautious to call up ten people appointed by Wei Tiankuo and personally instruct them.
"Qi Guo has come with a group of warriors, and you must have heard about the cunning kung fu of the five emperors of Qi Guo. His underlings are also absolutely not underestimated. You must be careful that you can’t lose your life if you have a fight. This is not our face of punishments or the face of Yan Yan Huang. You have limited trust in you and you must not let him down." Although Tong Shang is not tall, he is also very courageous when he speaks these words.
"Yes" Although this impassioned is not for them, they are still full of caution. In other words, there are often dead people in the Qi state tournament, and they especially advocate it.
It is estimated that Wei Tiankuo won’t refute the rule of Qi State, and that day’s competition is a matter of life and death.
After listening to Tong Shang’s impassioned speech, it took ten talents to leave.
If they say life and death, they are not afraid. After all, they have been working for a living every day for so many years.
However, if they lose face, they really can’t afford to lose punishments, because the emperor thinks highly of them. If they lose face, hundreds of punishments have to follow suit.
"WeiJun king not QiGuo five emperors have a vendetta? How come I haven’t seen him today? "He has always been able to see him these days. Today Xiaoli came, but he disappeared. If there is a tournament, he should send someone to take revenge.
"The king of Weijun went to the posthouse, and the five emperors of the State of Qi hobnobbed." The four-door head catcher talked and laughed. This king of Weijun acted in a different style.
I heard that Yan Liang had a few eyebrows. Wei Yuan actually went to the posthouse.
Enemies are jealous when they meet each other. Is he jealous on purpose?
No one knows what Weiyuan really thinks, but his practice has won the recognition of Xiao Li’s cunning by the quick temper of the punishments. There is no such thing as Weiyuan’s provocation to be frank.
The next morning, Yan Liang was ready to go out and enter the palace.
New moon quickly ran out of the house to chase "Elder martial sister, the five emperors of Qi entered the palace today to meet the emperor, and you should be careful with him." Wei Tiankuo likes to watch the tournament most. Everyone knows that he will definitely let his own people compete with the warriors of Qi.
Glancing at him, Yan Liang went straight ahead and didn’t hear it.
New moon paused in situ and watched her go away with a long sigh. It’s been more than ten days, and she’s still angry.
When I entered the palace, I met Wei Yuan. He came from the carriage and was cold everywhere. cool thin refused people to stay away.
A moonlit robe is like water, and as he walks, it glows with time.
Behind him followed YueShan three other guards, all of whom were well prepared.
Into the palace gate Yan Liang slowed down, but a moment later Weiyuan came.
"I heard that you went to the post office yesterday to provoke?" Look straight ahead Yan cool way
"How can it be provocative to entertain guests from afar on behalf of the emperor?" Weiyuan gave her a look at the handsome side face, which was somewhat soft.