At present, her age, 75% chance of practicing small Peiyuan Dan is close to reaching the limit. If she thinks about it with high probability, repeated mechanical tempering will become weaker and weaker. However, she is extremely skilled in mastering various techniques in alchemy. In the eyes of willy, these are the foundations. Only by laying the strongest foundation can she go further and further in the road of alchemy.

Then in the next two years, we should focus on raising spirits and collecting all kinds of materials, which consumes the monk’s battle, not only in terms of physical strength, but also in terms of Huangfuce’s world war I, which pays great attention to killing him and then quickly.
(To be continued)
Chapter one hundred and eleven Strength.
….. The most refreshing thing is that there are demons in the temple, and the learning of flesh and blood and animal spirits should be very gratifying. Over the years, the growth of three ghosts and soul-eating shadow tigers is extremely gratifying. Each ghost servant has nourished a large number of flesh and blood of the weak monster beast with the soul-raising tower, which should make them now have been promoted to seven ghosts. The ghost is worthy of auctioning off a price of one million. Of course, the biggest advantage of the ghost is that it has enough qualifications and potential to be promoted to the ghost level.
However, the theory of one middle school spirit ghost is that the growth in the stage is far inferior to that of the spirit ghost, and it is difficult for the spirit ghost to be promoted to the ghost general level if there is no special chance.
After the soul-eating shadow tiger has developed well and broken through to the foundation level, it should be promoted very quickly with the abundance of high-quality souls. Now its strength has gradually caught up with the thunder and reached the foundation level. The five-layer strength is worthy of being more valuable than the ghosts, and the precious beasts also make the thunder like it more.
There hasn’t been much time to supplement the ghosts. The power of the spectre in ghosts has not changed much, but it needs to be added when it’s slightly throbbing. Then I believe that his spiritual strength will be a terrible instrument now. After all, it’s not white to drink and wash the heart tea for so many years. Although throbbing doesn’t have a very accurate concept about the strength of the soul, he estimates that the most conservative estimate of his spiritual strength is unlikely to be inferior to that of the foundation.
These are the roots that willy is qualified to settle down in this world, and the source of confidence that he can realize his ambition hidden in his mind. With hard work, he has walked step by step from a little monk who has just entered the clan’s trembling gas refining period to today. Even he himself is deeply touched.
I have lived here for a long time, and I know that there are tens of thousands of square cities in Fiona Fang. From these years, some old people have raised an alchemy material with a value of 500,000 souls. This material was bought two years earlier, and now all of them have been bought by Ouyang Ronger. Only tens of thousands of lingshi materials are in the gas refining period, so that other Dan medicine materials can only give her a chance to try another Dan medicine. However, I believe that with her skillful alchemy skills, it will take too much energy to refine the Dan medicine one by one.
After she finished the batch of Dan medicine materials in the gas refining period, willy told her to try refining Xiao Wuxing Dan.
Xiao Wuxing Dan is an auxiliary Dan medicine that can make monks practice very well in the early and middle period of the foundation period. In the past few years, it was thunderous and it was always practiced in Xiao Wuxing Dan until the last batch of Xiao Wuxing Dan was used up in the middle period of the foundation period.
To tell the truth, Xiao Wuxing Dan is not the best Dan medicine among monks at the same stage. It only belongs to other extremely rare Dan medicines, and the effect will be better. However, the price of those auxiliary Dan medicines is not several times, but ten times. It is willy-nilly dare not practice because of his constant interest in Monty’s changing strength characteristics. It is amazing that the consumption rate of Dan medicine is too fast, but he dare not fool around with that consumption. Xiao Wuxing Dan or Wu Wuxing Dan is the most cost-effective for willy at present.
The price of a pill of Xiao Wuxing Dan is about one lingshi, that is, hundreds lingshi. One material can produce hundreds of magic pills in one heat, but the value of each material is about 3 thousand ling. The fact that this valuable medicinal material is raised by thunder can also make her refine about 150 heats.
Without pointing to the fact that she can give herself a jolt in this medicinal material, she has already been psychologically prepared. Even if the 150 furnaces are completely lost, it is said that a big Sect wants to cultivate an excellent alchemist and smash the Lingshi in advance. That is an astronomical figure. This is also one of the important reasons why some small families and sects are unable to have their own alchemists.
But if you succeed in smashing an excellent alchemist, you will make a fortune in the future. According to your own qualifications, the more you practice, the more you need a lot of resources in exchange for Dan medicine. If you can master an alchemist at hand, you can save a lot of resources in the future. If Ouyang Ronger continues to maintain the current progress rate, it is normal to make money by her.
After arranging Ouyang Rong Er’s "study", willy will leave the shadow ghost guard in Xiaoqing Valley and continue to urge her to practice hard and make an alchemy. Of course, to protect her, her mind lies in breaking the law in Xiaoqing Valley and willy can’t change it for a while. After all, protecting the mountain array is often a huge project. After she stays here temporarily for more than a year, willy will take her back to Yin Shazong with her. There is no need to be meaningful here. His roots are in Yin Shazong and it is naturally impossible to stay in this backcountry for development.
A few days later, the speed of flight increased greatly, and every time the evil spirits walked on in the dark, he had already gone out for tens of thousands of miles. This place belongs to the sphere of influence of Tiandao League, but it is close to another border of Tianyin Palace.
This is a huge and desolate place, full of swamps and wilderness, and the broken city is haunted and full of demons. Thousands of miles in Fiona Fang, it used to be a small country with a dense population, but a plague came to this land hundreds of years ago.
It took only a short period of time for this country’s human and animal departments to be destroyed. When many refugees fled to neighboring countries, they were not taken in, but the other countries sent elite troops to kill them and deported them back to their own countries.
This incident has also alarmed the headquarters of Tiandao League. After the monks sent by Tiandao League finally identified the plague and misunderstood it, they gave up this small mortal country and blocked all the borders of this country more strictly. Ten years later, the borders of this country are also pushing further and further. Today, many key straits have troops stationed to prevent mortals from entering this area casually.
However, people who cultivate immortals know that the plague has already been eliminated because of the effective blockade. As early as a hundred years ago, some monks entered this area to explore, but there are also many rich people. The reason is very simple. For hundreds of years, people in this country were allowed to patronize some Lingcao elixirs. The number of Lingcao elixirs was numerous, and it took hundreds of years to find them occasionally. In addition, after the plague disaster, many large and small ghost gathering places appeared in this country. It is said that some people have also captured ghosts and some congenital monsters such as soul-eating shadow tigers have appeared.
From this, it has become a popular treasure-hunting place in the past hundred years. However, even if there are many monks in heaven, it is hard to resist the crazy invasion of human beings. In just a hundred years, locusts generally swept through the human monks, which made the lingcao elixir in this area return to a normal level in other places, and occasionally the luck was slightly lower, and many evil spirits and ghosts were scattered, leaving only a few broken ones. Therefore, there are fewer monks active in this area now than other barren hills.
Of course, he didn’t come here to look for those ethereal trace elixirs, which were hard to find after over-mining. He drove such a long way mainly because he caught some ordinary ghosts. Don’t be afraid to guarantee that if he focused on the evil spirits in a place like this, he would still gain a lot. The reason is very simple. Many people caught the evil spirits and felt that there was nothing to throw away in bulk, which also harmed other monks who wanted to catch them and make a fortune.
Thousands of miles is a big piece of territory. When I came to this desolate and dilapidated place, I suddenly felt a sense of gloom. When the dead were angry for a short time, they would naturally be gloomy. Although many gloomy places were destroyed here, it was not a big problem for me to find some dilapidated gloomy places.
He landed in an ancient city. The bricks and tiles have been broken and weathered, and some bluestones have stood up. It is barely obvious that it used to be a city. The broken bricks and tiles were all buried by the wind and sand, but in the experience of throbbing, it just happened to be a shady place, so he fell on the periphery and meditated cross-legged until dark.
As soon as it gets dark, you can feel the thick evil wind blowing gently, and the familiar brotherhood of the Wolf reverberates and flutters from a distance. The huge spirit of willy rolls forward into a thin piece, and indeed the fluctuations of stars and dots reflect that it falls on the willy consciousness. The number of willy faces seems to be quite a few.
Immediately got up and filled the whole body with a ghostly ghostly spirit. The first-class ice ghost guard disappeared into the darkness in throb command.
(To be continued)
Chapter one hundred and twelve Sacrifice refined spirit ghost
At the same time, the ghost’s banner is in the hand, and hundreds of spectres surge out, flying in all directions under the command of willy, and the ghost * * is transported to the extreme, and the whole body can’t help but spread to the wings, forming two black fog ties in an instant, fully spreading out two miles respectively.
After all this, thunder drove the evil spirits, not too fast, and flew low into the huge ruins. Two black fog ties swept like a giant net, covering every corner.
A ghost hidden in the ruins seems to be possessed, and one after another emerges from the depths of the ruins in a dead tree, turning a wandering soul into a fascinating one, following the ghostly whereabouts.
Ghosts and ghosts have a strong influence on ghosts, servants and spectres. It is created by imitating the breath of ghosts. Such ghosts naturally have a fatal attraction to ghosts. They can absorb more ghosts and cultivate ghosts, which is also a great benefit in catching ghosts.
When willy flew for a wick of incense, the erratic ghosts on the wings’ caught’ the ghosts. They kept following the ghosts, greedily sucked the ghosts inside, chasing their food like a group of fish, and after half an hour, willy flew out for miles and stopped floating in the middle. In his wings, the ghosts have entangled hundreds of ghosts, including two, two and three pole wild ghosts.
At the same time, the ghost guards and spectres also came back from Fang Yun from all sides. When they expelled more than 100 ghosts, they panicked and were driven to throb. But as soon as they smelled something ghostly, they jumped up, chirped and cheered, and forgot the danger. Throb gradually condensed the ghostly ghosts into a piece of Fiona Fang. In this area, there were less than 500 ghosts.
Willy, this just took out the soul-nourishing tower and pinched it. I put the ghost into the tower. It was skilled and fast, and in a short time, the ghost group was cleaned up. This net came to a total of 513, so the number was satisfactory. I can see that there are still many ghosts in this ruin.
In the three wild ghosts, all the soldiers were sacrificed and refined into the ghost banners.
Continue to Zhang’ two wings’, let the people scatter thunder and continue to fly slowly with evil spirits. At the same time, thunder will identify the quality in batches next to each other. Unfortunately, these more than 500 are evil spirits, but according to the probability, this is also very normal. The average probability of a ghost appearing in every ghost is not a joke. Of course, every time you identify a ghost, you will feel a little nervous. What if you get lucky and win the grand prize?
After he had identified more than 500 bad ghosts, he moved them to the soul-eating tower and extracted the soul force to condense into a crystal clear soul bead. After that, he felt that the number of ghosts caught by ghosts was quite large, so he stopped again, and the people also expelled the ghosts from the wings.
This net of 631 and other gains made him feel comfortable. He will continue to capture the wild ghosts and sacrifice them to the ghosts. He will continue to "pull the net" and go one by one. After identification, there is another soul bead. I haven’t seen half a ghost.
Repeated mechanically, although a little boring, every harvest of a soul bead is an asset to willy, and almost a hundred soul beads will make another ghost, but this time he made a ghost not for himself but for another purpose.
I’ve been hooked for seven times, and the day after tomorrow, it’s dawning. According to the law of ghost breath, they will hide in extremely dark places, which is ghostly yin*. The efficiency is far less than that of late. Besides, after a tiring night, I’ve been in the process of exploding the ghostly spirit to the highest degree, even if it’s throbbing, it’s too much for me.
With his own harvest, he found a safe place to restore his true energy, and the ghost guards continued to be loyal and guarded by him to help protect the law. On the first night, he searched for more than 4,000 ghosts. Of course, none of them were ghosts, and just refined ten soul beads. The only lucky point that deserves a little praise is that he was trapped in the first and second grade wild ghost guards, and there were more than a dozen wild ghost soldiers by adding some strength.
This is not the temple of demons. There is no way to finish the quality of the ghost domain, but there are many targets in the evil ghost. There is no disappointment. After all, he has already known his own luck.
At night, I got up from the practice and continued to run to the ruins of the underworld to search for ghosts. The so-called underworld is very suitable for ghosts to gather.