Picking Qing’s hand quickly and decisively went straight into Mu Junze’s heart

Mu Junze’s mind was knocked over by a shock, and he couldn’t believe that he was going to kill others because he was his favorite person …
I have been with him since childhood … Cai Qing!
His eyes were wide open in a pool of blood, and when he saw that Cai Qing was going to shoot him, he had no intention of resisting him.
Jun Chen was involved like a gust of wind to stop Cai Qing from ordering her acupuncture points and throwing them to Ling Yan behind him.
Just outside the temple, he and Ouyang Junxian saw everything.
Ouyang Jun envy hurriedly ran before embrace MuJunZe head dragged him up in a hurry, "three elder brother! Third brother! "
"ah! A lot of blood! " Ouyang Jun envied a little face full of urgent colors, but she touched a mu Junze and got first-hand blood.
Mu Junze’s wounds are all cracked, and the blood can’t keep pouring out. Jia Caiqing just hit his heart with a slap, and although she was injured, she also tried.
He’s badly hurt, and now he’s going to faint in pain.
Qin toffee rushed to hug him and cried in panic.
Ouyang Jun envy also anxious to cry.
They are all so happy. He loves others so much that he cries.
But he saw that Cai Qing was left in his eyes. He clung to her regardless of whether she could speak. He asked her, "Do you love me? Chapter 348 Not the kui is his little bastard!
"Do you love me?"
In Cai Qing’s eyes, there is a figure of Mu Junze left in the scene of the north wind rolls the white grasses and breaks them.
He asked her if you love me?
She almost blurted out to answer I love you!
I have been afraid to admit that I love you!
But she failed to live up to their fate after all
Seeing Mu Junze being carried away, her acupuncture points don’t know when they will be solved.
No longer have the strength, she covered her heart limply, tearing at the pain and making her unable to breathe.
"Bitter to this point?"
A faint sound overhead, Cai Qing suddenly looked up and saw Jun Chen’s Shuang Yi eyes and corners of his mouth bent with a sad smile. "He is my enemy and I am his master, so the fate should be exhausted."
Fate is over?
What a ridiculous reason!
Cai Qing can have a good talk with Mu Junze. They can be together.
Does she really want revenge?
Can’t others see it? Can’t people around them see it?
If Cai Qing really wants to hurt Mu Junze, Jun Chen alone will never allow her!
What’s worse, the British government and the imperial concubine Qin
It’s Taifei Qin’s lift today …
"I don’t want my third brother to be distracted by you because of the recent turmoil in Chang ‘an. You have to stay in Shuntianfu for a while. You can only leave after Lin Yu takes care of things." Jun Chen’s tone is, as always, overbearing and does not give people room to refuse.
It’s said that Chang ‘an has been in turmoil recently, but it’s not the same. Mu Junze wants to keep her?
Mu Junze will probably be sad for a long time after he fainted today. It’s hard to imagine him if he doesn’t see Cai Qing again.
I know this brother Jun Chen well. He is cold and shows it to others. In fact, he is the most close person.
He has a kind heart and spares no effort to be his brother.
His mind is simple, and the throne is not rooted in his eyes, which helps him to destroy Mu Ninglang’s prestige.