Boss Ye smiled mysteriously and then got up.

In fact, boss Ye is also skeptical about this thing. After all, science and technology are developing with each passing day, and the first few ghost stories have been exposed.
His grandfather has told many stories, but this story is the most true. He has always been called Ye Crazy and has a long life.
Since boss Ye said so much about Ma Liang, he felt almost the same, and then he bought a beautifully carved God of Wealth, which was regarded as a thank-you when he answered and spent more than a hundred dollars. Ma Liang didn’t quite believe in this thing, but who can tell the fate?
As soon as I went out, Su Yuyao’s words rang and she took the words.
"You really don’t have that herb for the time being, and I finally got it from someone else. I’ll give you a message later and talk to him yourself. I’ll see how much it costs then."
"No problem, but I heard him say that he also found it from a dangerous place, which is very precious, mainly because it has good effect."
"All right, I’ll send it to you when I find the number."
"Good bye to me as soon as possible." Then she hung up, her eyes were a little lightly chastising, and she choked Ma Liangyi.
"Why pinch me?" Ma Liang wondered.
"It’s all your fault that you have to make this herb. My friend called me again and asked for it. I’ll give her your number and talk about it yourself. The more expensive the better, the better. Her family is also good. She works as an executive in a state-owned enterprise for one million a year," Su Yuyao said.
"What herb" Su Yuqi stopped looking at her mobile phone and asked.
"Don’t ask if you didn’t" Su Yuyao eyebrows a wrinkly angry way.
"I don’t want to know," Su Yuqi said with a stubborn head.
"Ma Liang, you should also be prepared. I will promote these things to my friends, and then I will leave you a message. Because I can’t talk about the price, you can talk about it conveniently. Then you can be cruel. They have never been stingy with a trip abroad, and there are often thousands of them." Su Yuyao sighed lightly. Now the key is to make Ma Liang have enough money
Then she quietly took him a few steps forward.
"This man said it was your pot" Su Yuyao asked.
"I think it was the time when the three of us came together and then you went home, so I went shopping with her. When I saw a small pot in his shop that was exactly like mine, I talked a few more words. I didn’t expect such a story," said Ma Liang, and Su Yuyao remembered that it was the time when she was struggling, and they were not sure.
"Then where did you sleep that day?" Su Yuyao immediately noted this question.
"She’s at her friend’s house" Ma Liang felt a chill and stumbled. Xiao Li remembered that unrestrained enthusiasm, and that was when she had a romantic relationship with Zhou Ruotong.
Su Yu Yao didn’t think much.
"If only that little pot were so magical," she also had curiosity in her eyes. After all, she has seen many people and always has special expectations for life. I don’t know how many people dream of prolonging life.
"If it is true, I will definitely let you" Ma Liang said seriously.
"I don’t want to live long enough to be an old woman who can’t walk. What’s the point? I want to grow old with someone I like and then leave this world." She is full of romantic fantasies.
"But the honey has a unique effect. Do you want to prepare more and keep it as a gift?" Su Yuyao charged.
"And you should sell the herbs slowly and try to make it as difficult as possible. It’s best to sell one plant at a time and get some beautiful packaging. You can get honey today, and the packaging is quite good." Su Yuyao also taught Ma Liang to make money
Just then, I suddenly heard a scream. Looking back, I found that Qin Ningxian and Su Yuqi were surrounded by several people. The original two people fell behind unconsciously.
Ma Liang then rushed over and stood in front of the two women, but she was also a little upset in her heart. Two beautiful little girls are always the focus and easy to get into trouble when they go there.
"What’s the matter?" Ma Liang looked at the men and asked, "It seems that these people are dressed very well, not those street hooligans. It seems that there is still some money."
"What’s the matter? This woman hit me and made me feel very uncomfortable." A round-faced man said with an arrogant expression.
"I-I didn’t accidentally bump into it on purpose," said Qin Ningxian, a little scared, because he had just bowed his head and played with his mobile phone and didn’t notice that someone had hit it in front.
"I apologized, but he said he didn’t want to lose money."
Su Yuqi stared at her beautiful eyes and said angrily, "He didn’t lose a piece of meat. Isn’t this a bully?"
"Bullies hit people, you still have reason." This man’s avenue is surrounded by natural bystanders.
"I’m telling you, if you don’t lose money today, you won’t want to leave me, but you are good friends with Boss Jin." The man said proudly, and Ma Liang was moved. Boss Jin was the one who squinted out.
Su Yu Yao also came along. This kind of thing is quite common. Some people deliberately find fault just to make a few money, but she is not worried that no matter who you are, you can be bigger than the county magistrate and mayor.
So she has called her father. After all, it’s not good for Qin Ningxian to talk about public affairs and private affairs when something happens in his place.
"Hospitals are very expensive these days. I don’t want too many just a few thousand dollars. Just give me seven thousand dollars." This man has a big tone.