"Do you dare to come to the meeting?" Shang Long directly asked

This question puzzled the mythical Lord Ulla for a long time and dared not give an answer.
"If you don’t even dare to come to the scene to talk about fighting side by side?" Shang long sneers.
Honestly, Ulla has her own worries.
He was afraid it was a trap.
What if Shang Long lured him to surround him in his name?
Is there such a possibility? Yes!
Is it possible that it is business sincerity?
Suowula will hesitate now!
Ulabai, this is the crossroads of his life!
Decide whether he is a man or a dog or a crossroads of life and death!
Shang Long is in no hurry, waiting quietly for Ulla to make a decision.
It took a long time for Ulla to say again, "I dare to go if Mr. Shang and Miss Erila personally promise to ensure my safety!"
What’s that?
Because in Ula’s view, Wei Bin, Augustus, Huang Gu and others actually have the attributes of politicians, and only Erela Shang Long is the real strong one!
The strong always keep their word!
"In the name of Vulcan Gevro, I promise that if you dare to come, you will be guaranteed to stand firm and you will be guaranteed to benefit!" Iresearch straightening interface
"If you dare to come and talk about it, I will guarantee your safety before you leave the neighboring star!" Shang Long also said
This Ula is completely relieved.
"By the way, Mr. Shang, I want to ask what identity I would be if you fought side by side. What identity will the myth be? "
Shang Long gave the answer that "Blue Star Myth Independent Special Operations Brigade must be commanded by the General Staff of Tongtianzhu Magic Corps in wartime".
It’s not that I’m told to retreat.
But in wartime, it was ordered by the staff Committee of the Tenchu Magic Corps.
This ulla is really relieved.
"Okay, I’ll go, but I’m taking someone!"
"It’s no problem for you to bring everyone," Shang Long said.
"Mr. Shang, I have another request. I wonder if I can promise?"
"Can I have the seal of Cadelon or Cadelon, who was captured before Xu retired?"
"Can I have some face? That’s my battle. I want to come and challenge you. If I win, you can have it!" Xu tui sneers.
Ulla looked at Shang Long.
"As you said, this is his advantage." Shang Long directly rejected Ula.